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Top 10 Most Forgotten Wedding Accessories!

With so much wedding planning to do it is easy to forget something along the way. The Wedding Outlet wants to make sure you don’t find yourself without important wedding accessories on your wedding day. Whether it’s your sand ceremony set or your toasting glasses, couple’s often forget key accessories for both the wedding ceremony […]

This will knock your socks…on? Bold Socks for you Groomsmen!

Traditional wedding attire, for the most part, tends to drive down the middle lane of the fashion interstate. A nice, steady, consistent speed…keeping up with traffic, and never veering too far out of it’s lane. And for good reason.  Groomsmen look great in tuxedos and suits.  (Did you ever think the groom’s best friend from […]

An invitation to learn about…invitations

Your wedding invitations are important.  But you know as much about wedding invitations as I know about having a dad bod.  (Okay, I know a LOT about having a dad bod….) You want your wedding invitations to be perfect.  But where do you start? Us Millennials are the electronic generation.  We spent our entire lives trying […]

The Highly Evolved Groomsmen Gift Ideas List

The world is in a constant state of evolution, the way humans think is constantly changing, so naturally, so is the world of groomsmen gifts.  As it comes to the Darwinism of gift giving, we like to think we are ahead of the evolutionary curve.  While groomsmen gifts may not rank quite as high on […]

Unity: Your Place of Miracles

by Michael Letney with Karen Hardin “Randy” and I have been friends for years. A successful business man, we have shared dreams and ideas and have encouraged each other in both the good times and bad. As he sat across from me in my office, I was in the process of writing “Four Secrets to […]

The Origins of Wedding Garters

All around the world, weddings are celebrations filled with centuries old traditions. Whilst modern brides often like to add their own unique touches to their weddings, the traditional aspects will often continue to play a big part in their big day. Wedding garters are actually one of the oldest wedding traditions in the English-speaking world, […]

Creative Ways to Incorporate Something Blue Into Your Bridal Look

You know the classic rhyme: “Something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue.” But do you know how you’re going to work the last line of this little poem into your bridal look? If a blue garter seems too cliché, try one of these creative ideas for adding something blue on your wedding day. Add […]

Real Wedding – Chicago, IL {Indian Wedding}

It was a stunning mid-autumn weekend for Spruha and Eric’s Indian wedding in Chicago. From the Mendhi party to the Ghanesh Puja to the decidedly Western reception, it was a lavish and extraordinary wedding event. The rehearsal dinner featured a thoughtful presentation of wedding traditions from around the world, and a dance performance that was […]

Real Wedding – Micheli & Paul – Montreal, Quebec

Highlights from a wedding a wedding at Chateau Vaudreuil in Montreal, by the wonderful Ella Photography. Photography by Ella Photography – Montreal, Quebec.

New Family Sand Ceremony

A memorable and meaningful way to include your children in your ceremony and to symbolize the blending of two families, this large capacity vase makes for a stunning presentation and a beautiful keepsake showpiece long after the big day. The set includes a 14.5″ tall clear vase jar with lid, and four 6.5″ pouring vases. […]

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