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Wedding Ideas

This will knock your socks…on? Bold Socks for you Groomsmen!

Traditional wedding attire, for the most part, tends to drive down the middle lane of the fashion interstate. A nice, steady, consistent speed…keeping up with traffic, and never veering too far out of it’s lane. And for good reason.  Groomsmen look great in tuxedos and suits.  (Did you ever think the groom’s best friend from […]

That’s what friends are for….(telling you about the latest wedding trends and discounts!)

You and I are friends, right? Not in the Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston kinda way, but friends none the less. We message each other on social media, we laugh together…(hopefully with me,… not AT me, right? Because sometimes I feel like a baseball player hitting a sacrifice fly, and I’m putting myself out there). […]

Make your guests go bananas….and thank them a bunch. Thank you cards

I’d like to think you and I have good chemistry. I’m not afraid to use puns in my blog, because I know you’ll have a good reaction…. One thing that’s not a laughing matter however, is making sure you send your guests a proper thank you card in a timely fashion. You love (most of) […]