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Wedding Ideas

How to Choose the Right Premarital Counseling for You

1. Religious Versus Nonreligious Do you want to do counseling through a religious institution or would you prefer counseling that is not pushing any religious agenda? Religious counseling tends to have the focus on how your relationship together is affected by your relationship with God and how you improve as a wife/husband in the eyes of […]

Stay Confident, Be Considerate

Stay Confident, Be Considerate Every girl looks forward to that one day when all the attention is focused on her. When everyone stares in admiration and is inspired by the person they see before them: You. You are the person that is going to shine most on your wedding day. Not the decorations, not the […]

Date Ideas For After The Wedding

No matter how many DIY projects you pull off for the wedding, in the end it’ll still be a bit expensive. It’s hard to be cheap and stay at your budget when your wedding day is one of the most magical days of your life. The night is full of laughter and fun, and in […]

How to Plan the Wedding Reception and Buy Men’s Wedding Bands

Planning for your wedding event, especially the reception can often be a challenging endeavor. From deciding on the type of reception to scouting ideal locations for the event, it takes a lot of effort to manage the wedding reception. However, there is nothing to fear as this write-up has got you covered with all the […]

Q&A With Emily & Jonathan

Emily & Jonathan’s Enchanting & Romantic Newton Hall Wedding Bride’s Maiden Name: Emily Partington Groom’s Full Name: Jonathan Sturgess Wedding Date: 20th May 2017 How many guests? 90   The Details:     How did you and your partner meet? Hilariously through my mother! She was a client of Jonathan’s business. How did he propose? It was incredibly […]

What’s Next After “I Do?”

Finally after all the planning and pre wedding stress, the day has finally come where you and your fiance make it official. From a couple, to engaged and finally husband and wife, a new chapter is now beginning in this story called life. Though planning a wedding is stressful and overwhelming, it must’ve been a […]

Saving Money On A Wedding Abroad

Image Source   Many couples dream of travelling afar for the ultimate wedding. Getting married abroad however can seem costly on the surface – not only do you have the usual wedding costs to cover, you also have travel costs to consider such as flights and accommodation. The truth is that whilst you do have […]

Welcome Children!

Children are adorable! They’re at the age where they are curious, ambitious, joyful and high spirited. Many people see a wedding as a time of celebration and enthusiasm. A place where children are not allowed. Everyone has their own thoughts on the matter, but if you’re like me and love children, I’m sure that you’re […]

How To Get Your Fiance Involved

During childhood it was fun to dress up and pretend like you were a princess getting married to your prince. Now as an adult, the real thing is finally happening and you want it to be the most magical night of your life. Many say that planning a wedding is the most stressful time of […]

Don’t Bite off More than you can Chew!

DIY in Moderation! Don’t Bite off More than you can Chew! I recently noticed a bride had requested input on social media from married friends about what they would have done differently during their wedding planning (great idea!) The overwhelming consensus of the responses was, “Don’t try to DIY everything!” I immediately related to that, […]

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