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Does Your DJ Have A “PLAN B?”

Wedding DJ backup plan

Let’s face it, life happens. Things can go wrong and Murphy’s Law states that they will always go wrong at the worst possible moment! You would never see an athletic team take the field with only ONE play in their book! A mountain climber always has another route planned out in case their first plan…

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Have Your Wedding Dress Preserved

Wedding Gown Preservation

After you ask these 5 questions you’ll know how to get the best wedding gown preservation available. Your wedding dress is too precious to just have it preserved in any old  place. So let’s ask some questions. #1. How much do you charge to preserve my wedding gown? You’ll find prices  vary  partly based on…

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“Why should I hire a wedding planner?”

why hire a wedding planner

The answer is simple, really. Do you want to enjoy your wedding day or spend all your time worrying about orchestrating your big day? I thought so! So here are some ‘iron-clad’ reasons why you want to hire a wedding planner. Save Time. On average it takes approximately 250 hours to plan a wedding. If…

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Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors

Whether your wedding is considered traditional or modern, wedding favors are a nice touch to let your guests know you are thinking of them as they spend time to share your wedding moments. These items are usually small tokens or gifts presented by the bride and groom to all guests who attend your wedding. They…

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“Candids Tell Your Wedding Day Story”

Wedding Photography Candids

To preserve the true emotions of your wedding day, your photographer should capture an abundance of candids. Your father seeing you in your wedding dress for the first time, the tear your mother wipes away as you say “I Do”, the look on your groom’s face as you walk through the doors into the church,…

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Win a FREE name change kit from

Online Name Change

CLICK HERE to enter our FREE name change kit giveaway! Are you hyphenating, taking his name or something in-between? is your easy online name change solution. Founded in 2006, we have helped over 70,000 brides simplify their transition from Miss to Mrs. We’d love to help you too! is teaming up with…

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Travel Agent vs Online Booking Engines

Travel Agent

With the recent demise of three airlines, it has been challenging trying to rebook or obtain refunds.  This being said, having a travel agent who gets this information first hand, able to negotiate on your behalf and having the ability and contacts to get this done quickly are a huge relief. I have spent most…

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How To Have Your Dream Reception

Wedding Reception

A Wedding Reception should be a fun event for everyone.  It’s important for the guests to enjoy themselves.  As you are planning the reception, think in terms of “What would the guests expect?”.  Of course your budget will determine the type of services you include in the reception.  Many wedding venues provide a number of…

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How to select your ceremony music

Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life.  This is your day to shine!  Great planning will help everything run smoothly and allow you and your guests to have a truly wonderful time. Choosing the right music to frame your wedding ceremony is an important part of your planning.  Hiring…

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A Few Tips from a Professional Photographer

Wedding Photographer Tips

Engagement Session Make sure to have an engagement picture session.  This will allow you to get to know your photographer, and more importantly for your photographer to know you.  Photographers like to know if you are sensitive to light, blink a lot, have a favorite side or a favorite smile.  Your photographer could get some background information on…

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