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The day you've always dreamed of has finally arrived.  The man of your dreams nervously awaits seeing you in your dress for the very first time.  Your bridesmaids all look beautiful and your flower girl looks absolutely adorable.  They've all walked down and now it's your turn.  The music changes and everyone stands up signaling that it's time, the time everyone has been waiting for. 

It is your day.

You walk out slowly in rhythm to the music as everyone's eyes look upon you.  Your dress fits perfectly and you look absolutely beautiful, even more, beautiful than you had anticipated.  The hard work you put in has finally paid off.  Your healthy nutrition has you looking vibrant and slim.  Your shoulders and arms look toned and fit as they proudly display your bouquet.

You hear the quiet click of the cameras, and even more subtle you overhear one of your guests whisper to her friend "wow, she looks amazing!"

And not only do you look amazing, you feel amazing.  You feel confident and strong, energetic, firm, slim, sexy and healthy.  It is the first day, of the rest of your life and you couldn't be happier.

That is what I offer.

Hi, my name is Eric.  I've got a personal training studio in Boonton where I help transform people into the best possible versions of themselves.  The person they were meant to be.

Now, I offer Amazing 12, the world's #1 body transformation program.  With it you'll get amazing results in terms of burning body fat, toning up your muscles and transforming your figure.  Simply check out the results it's gotten others.

The Amazing 12 program includes:

12 weeks of personal training, 5 days per week in the studio supervised and guided by me.
An effective 3 phase nutrition program to help you look and feel your best.
2 photoshoots with a professional photographer to document your progress and show you how far you came in just 12 weeks.

With this deal, it includes one month of personal training with me at no cost to get you ready for the Amazing 12 Program where we will take you to the next level.

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Expires: 03/25/2020

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