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Since 1997 Design Dimensions have been offering graceful and unique handmade stationery featuring India’s rich heritage as its inspiration. If you wish to make your handcrafted designs on card invitations really impress your guests on your big day, look no further than Design Dimensions. Led by truly talented artists, your wedding stationary is created to really mark the occasion of your wedding with true beauty.

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Design Dimensions is a graphic, wedding card design, interior and product Design Company based in South Delhi. Their tailor-made designs make a special combination of brilliant colour, fabrics with traditional art; they provide you with a one-of-a-kind approach for your wedding stationery.

They not only design and create unique pieces for weddings; Design Dimensions are well known and loved for other items such as the following:

  • ·         Print And Publication
  • ·         Web Design With Interactive Pages
  • ·         Company Branding
  • ·         Personalized Invitations
  • ·         Interior Styling And Design

Wedding Invite Card

At The Invite Shop, we tell stories of love. Texture mapping the eternal love stories of the past, each picture is meticulously traced from old paintings, murals and parchments. Folklore and patterns rendered in a riot of colours speak volumes of the vibrancy of a grand Indian wedding. Each card is handcrafted to illustrate the love, solemnity and grandeur of the occasion. 

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