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5 Wedding Sweepstakes You Don’t Want to Miss

Let’s be honest, weddings are not cheap! The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is now over $30,000!   Why not take a break from the stress of wedding expenses and take a crack at winning one of our exclusive giveaways! There’s no risk, no charges or additional purchases needed. Just simply click a button and you can be a winner! With that in mind, let me introduce you to 5 Wedding Sweepstakes You Don’t Want to Miss!

Men’s Wedding Band

Manly Bands

Let your fiance know “He’s the man” with a wedding band from Manly Bands. The perfect wedding band is just

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Free Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding Gown preservation

Why pay a professional when you can have it done for free! Gown preservation includes hand-cleaning and museum-quality storage materials. Win your Gown preservation!

Custom-Designed Party Favor Boxes

Distinct Packaging

Win over 100 free favor boxes! Personalize the boxes however you’d like. Whether as welcome gifts, party favors, or thank-yous, this is an exclusive you don’t want to miss! Enter to win these party favor boxes for your wedding.

Save The Date

Save the date

With over 200 different designs to choose from,  150 save the dates can be yours for free! Enter this wedding save the dates giveaway!

Cake Topper

Wedding Sweepstakes

Find the perfect cake topper for your dream wedding! Enter this Wedding Cake Topper Contest

Mount Lofty House Invites You for a Honeymoon


Weddings are wonderful, but the event and the preparations leading up to it are exhausting and stressful. Your honeymoon is an important time to recover from the wedding, enjoy time together and set the stage for this new phase in your lives.

With this in mind, we invite you to Mount Lofty House for the honeymoon that you are dreaming of – and desperately need! Mount Lofty House is a great place for a honeymoon, because while you are there, you can:

1. Relax and Recuperate

Planning a wedding involves guest lists, flowers, catering and more. Each of these aspects of the wedding has complicating factors, but once you are on your honeymoon, all of this is behind you. You can rest and regain your strength.

Mount Lofty House sprawls across acres of land in the scenic Piccadilly Valley of Southern Australia. The hotel’s unique blend of a stately old manor house with modern luxuries and the beauties of nature surrounding it make Mount Lofty House a wonderful place to relax and recuperate.

2. Re-establish your Relationship

Wedding stress takes its toll and causes us to become irritable, withdrawn and less affectionate. These unwanted, but inevitable changes in our outlook and behavior put a strain on personal relationships. Your honeymoon is a time to reconnect with each other and strengthen your relationship.

Spending time together doing something you enjoy is an important part of building relationships. Here in the middle of the Adelaide Hills, we guarantee that you will find an abundance of fun things to do together, whether it be browsing our library, relaxing in the pool, touring a vineyard or hiking in Cleland Wildlife Park.

3. Think and Talk

Developing good communication is vital if you want a strong marriage. Your relationship will broaden and deepen as you take time to express yourselves and understand each other better. A honeymoon is a great time to escape normal routines and talk about everything you have been through together and your plans for the future.

Many important conversations take place over a meal or drinks. While you are staying with us at Mount Lofty House, you will be able to take advantage of Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant and also the Arthur Waterhouse Lounge. Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant offers unforgettable fine dining, while the Arthur Waterhouse Lounge provides casual dining and drinks served in a relaxing atmosphere.

4. Make Memories

Good memories give us joy for a lifetime and when difficult times come, they often motivate us to continue pressing toward our goals. A honeymoon is a time to make such memories.
In 1952, Arthur and Martha Hardy built Mount Lofty House and filled it with memories of their own life and love. Since then, Mount Lofty House has provided the stage for many couples to make treasured memories in the luxurious manor itself, as well as in the breathtaking hills around it. When will you be coming to rest, renew your relationship and make memories?

Along with being the #1 Wedding & Honeymoon Destination in Southern Australia, Mount Lofty House offers venues for both weddings and receptions. We have excellent catering services and an experienced wedding team waiting to meet your needs and help you fulfill your dreams.

Summer Wedding DIY Flowers


An Original Post by Pilar of

If you select the summer season to hold your wedding, you’ll want to think about all the little things that you can do in order to carry the sincerest of feelings throughout the special day. The details of the bouquet and reception arrangements are an obvious aspect to reflect upon. Will you stud the flowers with accents such as pearls or shining stones? Will the table centerpieces be uniform or will you have smaller versions to fill the gaps between the large statement-pieces? Shall your wedding procession have two large arrangements to dress up the aisle lines? How will they be placed? On towering pillars? Tied to stands? Hanging from the the Church-doors?

You won’€™t want to neglect a single detail as it all plays a role. Pick up on the light-heartedness of the time and season and make sure to inject this mood wherever possible. You may want to focus on the flower girls, for example, the epitome of youthful brightness. A crown of flowers is a playful touch, remember how pretty the flower girls looked with their little accessories? Floral hair pieces mark the significance of the day, after all, how often do we get the chance to wear them? The girls will admire the bride, and such a detail will be a great source of pleasure not only to you and guests but to them, for they aspire to imitate the beautiful bride. Pink and yellow flowers go well to symbolize pure joyfulness and look great as bouquets or as stylish touches to the dress of those participating in the wedding.

Don’€™t pass up the chance to give your wedding that extra touch, in the end, it will all be worth it. It’s not just about the day, but the memory you carry with you. Global Rose will help you make all your dreams come to fruition.

A Beautiful Married Caught On Tape!

“We believe in love, we believe in color, we believe in using our imaginations and bringing the “La vie en Rose” out of YOU!” Love is a beautiful blessing, a cherishable moment that should be represented in the most romantic and memorable way!

Zella & Matt

Zella & MattShari Blackwell from La vie en Rose was hired as Matt & Zella’s wedding planner, coordinator, designer, decorator and florist! Matt & Zella just tied the knot on June 9th, 2018! They live in the Philippines, she is studying to become a Dr. and he is a teacher. Since they live outside of the country I was hired as their guide and helper throughout this magical process, leading towards their marriage! Matt & Zella love to travel so we had a travel theme going for this wedding. The escort cards were passports for each guest that I made by hand. The reception venue was the Redwood Barn located in Scott’s Valley, CA which is in the Santa Cruz mountains! Their photo booth was a vintage VW Bus called “Das Bus”. It was absolutely a gorgeous day.

Here is the video from their videographer! They had a great time and a sparkling send off!

Zella and Matt from MS Photo & Video on Vimeo.

What is Love? Story #1

Before Marriage There Was Love, And Before Love There Was A Story. 
First Love

Love is a mystery. To believe in loves origin, one would be false because love does not come from the heart. From a nerdy point of view, drawing a picture of a brain and telling your mom “I love you with all my brain” would actually be more accurate then saying “I love you with all my heart.” The feeling of emotion, your thoughts and behaviors all come from one place: Your brain. Yes, your brain, the control center of your body. But, why are we talking so much about the brain when that’s not the question being asked? Well, love is such a hard question to answer. It takes multiple studies, multiple viewpoints from scientists, psychologists and people themselves. It takes raw emotion, experience, and a series of stories to answer the hardest question of all. What is love?

(This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.)

(For the following readers convenience, the leading stories were written for your satisfaction) 

It Wasn’t Cinderella, But a Girl and The Joker

Since childhood, she had dreamt that one day her first love would be her happily ever after and a precious moment to remember; however, that’s not what happened. A year had passed since the break up, and still her heart ached from sorrow. “Cheer up.” said her friend, Kayla. “Listen, tonight we’re going to the Halloween dance and I want you too have fun. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone?” But that was the least of what Haven was thinking. It was 4 pm, and the only thing she wanted to do was put on her pajamas, make some popcorn and watch Criminal Minds til she passed out on the couch. But knowing her friend, she knew that that wasn’t going to happen. “Kayla, why don’t you go without me? I mean, you know that I hate doing those things. People acting stupid, being immature. Besides, I’m tired and it’s already getting late.” By the grin she was giving, Haven knew that she had gotten herself into trouble. “Haven, do you remember that time when we took stupid photos on my phone?” At that moment, her stomach felt like it had shrunk, and the butterflies fought to break free of it’s cage. “Kayla, you wouldn’t…” And that’s how Haven ended up at the Halloween dance.

Happy Halloween

A Special Halloween Night

The music was so loud that Haven could hardly hear herself think. Flashing lights, smoke hovering the floor; the smell of sweat and over perfumed teens. Enough with the third person narration, let’s have Haven tell the story . If you haven’t already guessed it, yes, I’m in highschool and yes, this is a highschool dance. What was I thinking, a happily ever after in a young love scenario when relationships are fragile and guys compare body counts. God, am I stupid? I mean, I know that I’m stupid, but can I really be that stupid? Ok, it’s 7pm and the dance ends at 11. I just need to fake having fun so Kayla can NOT feel sorry for me. But, at the same time I can’t help but wonder what Criminal Minds episodes I’m missing right now. Is Derek in the episodes right now? Why did they have to take him out, he was such a good character. But Luke is also a good replacement. Derek + Luke, hmm, I wonder… “Haven, are you listening to me?” Of course, I always zone out thinking about Criminal Minds.

Kayla had done my makeup that night. Looking in the bathroom mirror, I felt unrecognizable. Lips as purple as a plum, skin as white as snow, hair so curly that it rose to shoulder length and my face was so pale that I could literally be a ghost. My costume: a steampunk girl. Wearing that costume, I felt so confident, so bold, like a brick wall that couldn’t be knocked down. No one was going to catch me off guard, no one. But that was a lie.

The Joker

There were so many guys that dressed up like The Joker, especially since the movie “Suicide Squad” came out; however, no one could compare to him. It only took a second to catch his eye, but in all honesty his eyes were the most beautiful I had ever seen. It was like staring into the middle of the lake, the perfect mixture of blue surrounded by green, aquatic plants. His eyes resembled the stars shining in the night sky, reflecting off the surface of the lake. I felt like I could see through him, like I had known him all my life. Like he was my best friend, my future and my soulmate. At that moment, I was in love. I wanted to know everything about him: His name, age, family and friends, his hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. I just wanted to know him, wanted to be his and before I knew it, I was by his side, saying hello.

Heart pounding, mind racing, face warm and emotions mixed, I didn’t what the heck I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to be by him. Before I knew it, it was 10:45 pm and I still didn’t know his name. Kayla was getting anxious and didn’t want to face traffic, so we decided to leave early, and my heart began to sink. Walking towards the door, my breathe became short, lungs tightening, head heavy. But then, someone grabbed my arm and to my surprise, it was him. Our eyes met again, and my legs felt weak. I tightened my grip around his arms and realized the similarities: Lips as purple as a plum, skin as white as snow,  face so pale that we could both be a ghost. He was perfect, his eyes were perfect, and I even believed that him and I could be perfect, together. Our gaze broke when Kayla pulled me away. “Hey Flynn, this is my friend, not yours. But if you want her you can meet us at McDonalds.” And then we left.

Happily Ever After?

I bet you’re wondering, “Seriously, McDonalds?” Sorry to ruin the romance, but keep in mind that we are teenagers and most love stories aren’t like Lifetime or Hallmark. But, that doesn’t mean that there’s no such thing as happily ever after. Did he show up to McDonalds? No, he didn’t. Of course, I had gotten my hopes up. We waited for 2 hours, and my Joker never came. What was I thinking, I’m just a stranger and he doesn’t even know my name. But anyways, let’s just forget. That

After McDonalds, Kayla and I went back to my house. “Cheer up,” she said, it’s only a guy. After she said that, I felt my heart leap out of my chest. “Kayla, he wasn’t just a guy, he was my soulmate. I know it sounds stupid, but I’ve never felt that way in my entire life. Call me young, call me delusional, call me crazy and send me away. That guy, that so called random guy is no ordinary person. When I looked at him, I didn’t see him or myself, but a future, THE future. Kayla, I need to find him, I think… he’s the one.” Kayla never believed in love at first sight. “Well then, let him find you. If you two are soulmates, then he’ll find you.”

I sat there, lost in thought. “He’ll find me, huh” I said out loud. Then my phone vibrated, and my heart started to race. “Kayla, what was his name again?” Kayla looked at me with a puzzled look. “His names Flynn, why?” A smile spread across my face and I couldn’t believe what had happened. “He found me,” I told her, “He found me on facebook, and he texted me hello.”

Before there is a wedding, there is a love waiting to be found. And love is a mystery, waiting to be unsolved. With every mystery, comes a backstory. I may not have the exact answer as to what love is, but if this ain’t love, then I don’t know what is.

What is Love? To be continued… Thanks for reading!



How To Prepare When Your Fiance Is Serving


One of the best distractions for when your fiance is serving in the military is planning a wedding! It may be a little upsetting since he’s away during this magical process; however, there are some things that you can do on your own that are not only time consuming, but “love consuming” as well. Depending on what branch and division your fiance has joined, communication about the wedding may be struggle, but don’t worry because here are a few tips that will not only make your day, but will also remind you of the love you two share.

DIY Projects

Centerpieces, artistic decor, banners and more can not only fill up your time, but can also bring together family and friends to help along the journey. Most brides want to create so many things on their own; yet they fail to realize that DIY projects are time consuming. Before they know it, the wedding is right around the corner and they rush to get projects done, resulting in stress and feelings of anxiety. For you, however, time consuming projects are a positive because rather than your wedding coming right around the corner, it will be your soon to be husband. 🙂 Another plus to DIY projects is that it is an interesting topic to bring up to your fiance while he’s away. I know personally that whenever I start a project and tell my significant other about the plans, it’s make me feel warm inside knowing he’s proud and excited to see the results.


A cute thing to do while your fiance is away is make a scrapbook. Looking back at you and your fiances past dates, journeys and adventures will bring memories of happiness and early love, a realization of the love you have towards him. Putting together a scrapbook would be a great addition to the wedding so guests can have a glimpse at the love you two project, past and present. Also, testing your creativity with ribbons, stickers and colorful paper will not only show off your personality, but will shine some light to your day and be fun!

Wedding Dress

Look at your wedding dress as more than just an outfit. This dress is going to be more than what you marry your love in. Think of your fiance and the first time you two met. The love you feel for him is the love you should have towards this dress. I know that him being away is hard, but here’s another tip of advice: You are his drive. You are the one that keeps him motivated, gives him strength. You are the one that makes him happy even on the darkest of days. You keep his head up, keep his feet going, and keep him warm when the nights are cold. Because the love you have for him is an eternal heater, keeping him warm and embracive to the days that come. Because with each passing day, he is another day closer to having a wife.  Think of your dress as a “welcome home” gift. When he comes home, you will both be different, but your love will stronger. So when you wear your dress, ask yourself, “Does this dress represent my love for him?” The dress may be beautiful, but nothing will outshine the love you two share.

Get Organized

One of the easiest things you can do is be your own secretary. If you and your fiance are planning to do everything together, then why not get organized for when he arrives. Have a plan for what needs to be done, what you need his opinion on, and where attention needs to be directed. By doing this you’ll avoid stress and be nothing but joyful for when he arrives back home.

Having a loved one in the military doesn’t have to feel like a sluggish journey. Let this adventure be filled with love and thrill, because no matter how rocky the road may be, the destination itself will always be a result of beauty. Thanks for reading, and hopefully by being in the “WeddingVibe” your day has gotten brighter!




Are We Also Preparing for Our Marriage?

Romantic View

One of the questions that I often get from engaged couples is “how can premarital counseling benefit us and why should we do it?” Once you are engaged, there is a lot of focus on the “big day.” What will my dress look like? Where will we get married? Buffet or sit-down dinner? How many bridesmaids and groomsmen? Do I have to invite weird Uncle Tom? However, one of the most important questions should be, “while we are preparing for our wedding, are we also preparing for our marriage?”

Marriage is a life-long commitment, and lasts long after the last piece of cake and the last dance. And let’s be real, raw, and honest: marriage is hard. When things get hard, do you grow closer as a couple and overcome obstacles and difficulties, or do you shy away from conflict and struggle? How well do you really know your partner? Have you prepared yourself for both the joys and tough times that will inevitably come? Have you talked about marriage expectations, communication styles, how best to resolve conflict, your values about money and how finances will be managed, what type of parent you will be, and how to manage family and outside relationships?

Premarital counseling allows you a safe space, with a neutral third party, to have these conversations and prepare for potential challenges that may arise. It gives you a place to talk about values, what is most important to you both individually and as a couple, and to learn skills and tools to create a strong marriage. A successful marriage is the product of a strong foundation, which is created when you feel trust, safety, and security with your partner. The better you know your partner, the stronger your foundation will be.

At the end of my last PREPARE/ENRICH session with couples, I always ask for feedback in the form of “was this helpful and, if so, what did you find to be most helpful?” Each person to whom I have posed this question has answered in a similar way, that it allowed them to get to know and understand their partner on a deeper level, and to have conversations about things in a way they had not experienced before. In other words, it allowed them to not only prepare for the excitement of the big day, but to prepare for marriage and all of the joy and challenges their new union will bring long after their wedding day has passed.

Interested in learning more? I offer a complimentary 30-minute session to help couples decide if PREPARE/ENRICH premarital counseling is right for them. Contact me for more information!

How To Refurnish Your Assets After “I Do”

On your wedding day, having a budget is “cute” because money doesn’t even compare to your once in a lifetime, perfect wedding. Every couple sets a limit, but then you have to add this and that until eventually you have accidentally splurged over your own budget. Is this a bad thing? In most cases no, because who wouldn’t want to spoil themselves on their wedding day? But after all the fun and excitement is over, reality and regret starts to set in. How can you avoid these aftermath feelings? No couple should ever regret the choices and decisions made for their big day, so here’s a few tips on how to earn back cash and justify your budget:

Sell Your Decor

It’s good to keep an item or two from your wedding as a keepsake, but the rest has got to go. Rather than storing your decor in a bin to sit away in the attic for years upon years, why not sell it and make a profit? You could easily sell your centerpieces for 15-20$ ea, making back some money that you didn’t have beforehand.

Bike & Walk

Biking and walking rather than driving can easily save money and gas for your car. If you live near town, why not take a walk with your husband or bike to town for common items that you don’t need a car for. Using your car less would result in saving gas and because you wouldn’t need to get an oil change right away, you could also save money on that as well. On average, most people spend about $35 every 3 months for an oil change and $80 a month on gas alone. Now that you can sort of see a picture forming, lets move on:

Learn To Cut Hair

This may be a little bit of a stretch, but keep an open mind about it. On average, men spend about $15 a month on haircuts, and that’s not even including tip. Their hair grows so fast it’s unbelievable how many times their walking into a barber shop. By learning how to simply cut your mans hair, you can easily save yourself around $200 within a year.

Start A Garden

Why shop when you can grow it yourself?? Growing vegetables that can be incorporated into many dishes like cherry tomatoes can save you money. Another reason why you should start a garden is because it not only saves you money, but it’s a start to being healthy, adds a hobby to your list of interests, adds colors and beauty to your backyard and gets you outside to embrace the day. It also gives you a free tan. 🙂

Invest In A CD

Going to your bank an opening a Certificate of Deposit isn’t profitable right away, however, it is a better investment when you compare it to a savings account. Putting your money in a savings accounts gives you a small percentage of interest per month. Investing in a CD is exactly the same as a saving account, the only difference is that your making more money with a higher interest.

Garage Sale

De-clutter your home and turn it into something profitable! Take the day to clean your home with your husband and decide what your keeping and selling. Every time I decide to have a garage sale it’s normally a 3 day set up. However within those 3 days, I make between 200-500$ selling old belongings, crafts and sodas/water for $1 a drink.

Cut Out Spending

There are so many things you can do to cut out spending. For 1, make dinner at home rather than going out. Every time I go out to eat with a friend, the bill is between 25-40$ with every outing. You can also cut out cable, shop Great Value, cut out memberships and any other unnecessary expenses.

There are so many more things you can do to save money. But for now, here’s a few starter tips and congratulations on being happily ever married!


Ten Easy Ways to Customize Your Wedding Invitations

Customize Wedding Invitations

When you announce your special day to all your family and friends, the process then begins to make every detail of your wedding one that both of you and your guests will remember for years to come. In order to make that happen, there has to be attention to every detail, including your invitations.

The wedding invitation is not only an integral part of the celebration itself, but creating a paper invitation that everyone receives gives a special value to your important day that you and others can save and even frame for generations to come as a tangible symbol of your love for one another. They also set the theme for the wedding, so they not only tell your guests the time and place of the event, but they give them your vision of how you want to celebrate it.

Consider some of the following ways you can customize your paper wedding invitation to give it the unique qualities you are looking for.

Multiple-Patterned Design

Distinct envelope liners that display a trio of patterns in the same hue give a layered and unique look to any wedding invitation. It will also represent all the colors of your wedding if you decided on a variety of shades of the same color, then this customization will work for you.

Whimsical Symbols of Love

This type of design gives your wedding invitations a more contemporary feel, and it also says “We are really enjoying our moment to celebrate this love we have for each other.” An example would be the shape of red lips printed onto the envelope as if you personally kissed each invitation to seal it. Inside, the guest will find a full page of multicolored lips in a heart shape with your and your beloved’s name beneath this playful symbol of your love.

Confetti Pattern and Paper Accessories

This may be a common practice for many wedding invitations, but you can put an original twist on it with the actual confetti design printed on the invitations. This can then be accessorized with pieces of actual confetti in the envelopes that match the printed design.

Floral Matching

Your guests will appreciate your attention to detail if you choose an invitation that matches your choice of flowers for the ceremony, which also gives an elegant twist to the invitation theme. You can print singular flowers on each part of the invite and envelope, or you can create a bouquet that matches the one you will be carrying down the aisle.

Lace Fringing

Framing each invitation in delicate vintage lace tells your guests that this is an elegant event and that they should wear their very finest wardrobe to attend. You can opt to put the lace design in one of the colors you have chosen for the wedding, or you can go with a more traditional ivory or white embossed design over each part of your wedding invitation suite.

Wallpaper Design

Considering a bolder statement for your invitation, this design says that you truly want to stand out from all the other wedding invitations your guests will ever receive. You can create your own artistic interpretations and then have them transferred to the paper and then choose your color scheme for a definite wow factor.

Play with Fonts and Colors

You can create something that has a modern but playful feel to it with a mix of different colors as well as a variety of fonts. Change up the font and color with each component of the invitation, and keep the inside of the envelopes a consistent color. Add the vellum inserts so that the color displays are not hidden when you use a traditional tissue insert in order to get the full effect of every color and font.

Calligraphy with Wrap-Around Address Labels

Even though this form of wedding invitation can be fairly common, the inclusion of the unique wrap-around labels printed in a calligraphy design gives an added originality to a mostly traditional look. You can choose a neutral color for your envelope and wedding invite suite and then set it off with a more pastel-colored address label.

Photography Design

You can go very personal with your invitation and present yourself as a couple on the front of your invitation in a photographic display. Choose your engagement portrait, favorite vacation photo, or any other meaningful picture that can be displayed on the announcement portion of your wedding invitation. Then, you can complement it with the colors you have chosen for your wedding as well as accentuate it with any special theme or background.

Family Crests or Symbols

If you are looking for a design that best represents both you and your soon-to-be spouse, then you may want to consider a wedding invitation that includes your respective family crests or any other tasteful symbol of your family history and traditions. Both can be embossed on the major announcement portion of the wedding invitation suite and then intertwined symbolically on each of the other components, including the envelope.

Any of these customized designs should be considered with the addition of translucent vellum sheets that layer the look and lend an elegant accessory to each invitation no matter if you have chosen a vintage, whimsical, or contemporary design.

With this addition to each invitation, it serves not only to add a bit of tradition to an invitation, but it separates each component of your wedding invitation so that the person receiving it can literally see the content as it is meant to be read without removing tissue to separate each one, while always keeping wedding invitation etiquette in mind.

Considering any one of these designs and understanding all the elements that you need for your wedding invitation suite will create the most unique wedding invitation you can possibly envision to announce your wedding celebration.

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Make An Impression At Your Wedding Party

Wedding Party


If you are planning to throw a fun party this summer, you’ll be competing with a hell of a lot of people in your friend and family group. Summer is the perfect season to have a wedding party, and in the summer you will be able to make some amazing themes, entertainment and throw an unforgettable bash. Here are some of the ways you can make a huge impression at your next wedding party.

Awesome food

Food is always a huge part of any night, and especially for a wedding party! If you want to make a great impression with your guests this summer, one of the best things you can do is have a barbecue themed wedding bash outside and enjoy some grilled meats, vegetables and fruits. This will be an amazing way to celebrate with your family because you will be able to supply everyone with something they will love, and everyone can get up to get a burger and sausage when they are ready to.

Clever cocktails

If you want to take a summer wedding party to the next level, you need to bring some amazing cocktails into the mix. Cocktails are always a great wedding tradition because they are fun and can even suit those who don’t drink alcohol normally. You can make some fun concoctions with your friends and family or even hire a mobile cocktail bar to come and serve the drinks for you! No matter what, it will make a great impression and serve you an awesome selection of tipples.

Memory making

The most important thing about enjoying a wedding is making some great memories which you can keep for the rest of your life. Although stated photographs are always great for hanging on your wall, sometimes it is the candid and natural shots which steal the show. For a bit of fun you can hire Booth Boy Photo Booths and let everyone go in to take photos however they like with props, and you can also leave some digital cameras on the tables so that guests can spend the evening taking photographs.

Fun and games

The fun of a wedding or any party for that matter is the entertainment. If you are up for a laugh and the weather is great outside, you can get out into the garden or a large outdoor space and have a sports day! This will be a completely unique way to spend your wedding afternoon and it will be hilarious when everyone has had a couple of cocktails too. You can bring an obstacle course, egg and spoon race, sack race and everything else that you would have in a classic games.


Setting up the atmosphere for a wedding party is key. You will want to provide a place which feels fun, inviting and romantic. Adding in lots of colours, candles and fairy lights will make your wedding venue feel magical and stunning. Have some fun with the atmosphere and make sure that everyone feels happy and comfortable on your venue.

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