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Wedding Invitation Dos and Don’ts

Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding takes much focus, time, energy, money, and commitment. As such, it’s easy for tasks to get missed or for decisions to get made in a hurry.  While this is understandable, if you want the wedding of your dreams, it pays to be as organized as possible and to enlist help where needed…

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Building The Picture Perfect Wedding In 5 Easy Steps

Perfect Wedding

 All happy couples dream of the perfect wedding day, and knowing that your big day will produce the best shots is a key feature. After all, those photographs will keep the magical memories clear and fresh in your memories. They’ll probably become your favorite home decorations too.  Every wedding is beautiful. Still, these five tips…

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The Point of No Return: How to Finally Understand That You Need to File for Divorce?

Wedding Ideas Blog

Everyone who has been married at least once has thought that it is time to end this relationship. But not everyone can come to such a decision instantly. Not a month or even a year can pass before everything reaches the courtroom. But if such thoughts appeared, then you need to clearly understand why this…

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Apart from the love of your life turning up, there isn’t much more important in the whole process of organizing a wedding than the venue itself. Where do you want to have that first dance? To cut the cake? To enjoy champagne with all your friends and family? Finding the perfect place is not easy,…

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When Diamonds Aren’t Forever: The Secret To Wedding Bands That Really Do Last Until Death Do You Part

Wedding Bands

Diamonds are forever apparently, but as many married couples are now finding, this sentiment is often lost with wedding bands. While tradition once dictated that switching rings was acceptable around 25-30 years after the big event, many couples now consider changing their wedding rings after just 5-10 years.  It’s shocking, we know, but, in some…

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7 Often Overlooked Things When Planning for a Wedding

Planning a Wedding

Planning your dream wedding is exciting. Finally, you get to choose the wedding gown, the color palette, and the flowers the entourage will get. You may think it’s easy, but in reality, it is very difficult to conceptualize the moving parts of your event. For example, if you’re going to send out invitations to your…

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Does a Wedding Planner Really Make a Difference?

Wedding Planner

In order to save money on a wedding, a lot of people will naturally gravitate towards the idea of skipping out on a wedding planner. This can work for some people that have excellent organisational skills, but it’s not always the best option even if you think you’ve got everything covered. The fact is, a…

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Tasteful Wedding Music to Complement Your Wedding Breakfast

Tasteful Wedding Music to Complement Your Wedding Breakfast The part of your big day that everyone’s been looking forward to the most (apart from welling up when you both say ‘I do’, of course!) is tucking into a tasty meal and having a good catch up with the friends and family they’re sharing a table…

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The Aspects Of A Wedding That You Need To Get Right


A wedding is more than just the beginning of a marriage. It’s a celebration of your love and commitment to another person. It’s a day that you’ll remember for years and years to come for more than just the beginning of a marriage. It’s a day that’ll be truly special in itself. Of course, you…

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How to Look for a Great Beach Wedding Location

Beach Wedding Location

A beach wedding should be a magical experience for the bride, groom and guests. It’s an unconventional venue for tying the knot, but it’s also one that evokes a lot of passion and sentimentality, especially if it’s somewhere that’s mutually meaningful for the couple. But just like preparing for a conventional wedding, organizing a ceremony…

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