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Dream Wedding on a Budget

Are you recently engaged? Are you constantly searching pinterest for wedding ideas? Do you have a vision flowing, but cringing at the thought of how much it will cost to bring your vision to life? Have you considered a destination wedding yet? You can have your dream wedding and save thousands of dollars!

SmallChapel SmallSSCReceptionBeach

Did you know Sandals and Beaches Destination weddings are FREE. That’s right, FREE! Just stay 3 nights or longer and you’re wedding is completely free! Along with the free wedding, you also get 3 free Wedding Planners! You have our help and expertise, a Sandals & Beaches pre-travel planner and on-resort wedding planner to help with all the wedding details! Is your wedding stress slowly lowering already?!

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Sandals and Beaches destination weddings are perfect for any couple. Choose to tie the knot on the beach, under a gazebo, or create the perfect backdrop. Sandals and Beaches weddings are so fun and stress free!  The weddings can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like and are fully customizable. So bring your vision to life – we will help make it happen!

You can have just the two of you tie the knot in paradise, or have your whole crew down to celebrate the nuptuials. WeddingVibe helps you plan the entire trip for you and your guests – we’ll take care of finding you the perfect honeymoon suite. We’ll also help with the travel planning for all of your guests! So you’re not trying to help everyone and be the middle man! We’re award winning travel specialists and have helped tons of couples plan the destination wedding of their dreams! We specialize in Sandals and Beaches resorts, so we have great relationships with the management, and know the resorts like the back of our hands.

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How To Create A Beautiful Wedding When You’re On A Tight Budget

Your special day should be just that, special. So, even if finances are tight, rest assured that you and your significant other will still be able to make your ‘big day’ perfect. With painless do-it-yourself projects and simple tips like reducing your guest list, saving thousands on your wedding day is relatively easy. Take a look at these suggestions — and discover that having a beautiful wedding while on a tight budget is easier than you think.


Pick a perfect outdoor location or borrow someone’s home for the ceremony.

Wedding on a Budget

Renting a wedding venue could end up being the most costly portion of your special day. Function halls, buildings, and restaurants for both the ceremony and reception can incur astronomical hourly rates. There are many options when it comes to outdoor ceremonies — public parks, nature reserves, even a friend or family member’s backyard. Outdoor areas can provide a picturesque setting and an affordable tent can be rented in the case of a rain emergency. Chances are you have a loved one who would be willing to host you and your friends and families in their home too if you want to stay indoors.


Narrow down the guest list.

So we all want to feel the love when we tie the knot but does this really mean inviting that friend from college that you only communicate with through the occasional Facebook ‘like’? Just try to consider that each additional person means an additional cost in terms of food, drink, seating, and others — not to mention all the obligations to talk to each and every person on the big day. Try creating a list of all the potential invites, then try to cross out half of them.


Consider cheaper options for catering.


Between all of the different dietary requirements and the desire to leave all of your guests feeling satisfied, catering can be quite expensive. See what you and your closest friends and families can take care of on your own — many people are happy to contribute a dish or a dozen delicious desserts. If you want nothing to do with the food preparation, a good idea is to seek out a local family-owned restaurant. They are generally willing to help make your wedding special, while staying within your budget.


Seek frugal flower ideas.


While beautiful and elegant, a room full of flowers is expensive and the benefits are short lived. It may be a good idea to still use flowers, but keep it simple. Perhaps a single rose instead of a bouquet for each bridesmaid and a small arrangement for the bride. If you know anyone with a luscious garden, why not see if they will donate some to your special occasion? Also, fake flowers generally receive very little criticism from guests and will save you time as you will be able to prepare the arrangements in advance.


Do the bridesmaids and groomsmen really need gifts?


Instead of buying ten ‘bridesmaid’ mugs that will just end up shoved in the back of a cupboard, consider alternatives to buying gifts for those in your wedding party. Many friends would be happy to receive a personal thank-you note to show your gratitude. As your closest friends they will understand and respect your wishes to have a wedding that fits into your budget.


Be your own bartender.


Alcohol is a component of most weddings and as such, is one of the major expenses. A full open bar can be costly, so try to stock it yourselves with just wine and beer, or perhaps bottles from a discount liquor store. It is cheaper to buy a keg, which allows you to overestimate and get more to prevent running out during the reception.


Consider used or homemade decorations.

Wedding on a Budget

A truly fun activity to bring the wedding party together before the big day could involve some good old arts and crafts. DIY decoration materials can be purchased at craft stores for a reduced cost and decorations from previous weddings can be found at thrift stores and online.


In lieu of a wedding gift, ask for wedding help instead.


On your registry, after your new toaster and frying pan, why not include a list of desired skills and trades as well? You may be surprised to find out that certain friends may have experience DJing or bartending, or may be skilled musicians or photographers. This will save you from having to hire someone — and it will save them from last minute wedding gift shopping.


With just a few changes or reconsiderations, your total wedding bill has the potential to drop quite a bit. Not only will you save money, but you will probably end up preventing a few headaches as well — and your wedding will just be just as beautiful.

Sophie Washington

Sophie Washington is a rising designer in fashion who dreams of becoming a jewelry and bridal fashion designer. She currently writes for and is working on finishing her studies. In her spare time she enjoys sewing, sketching new jewelry pieces, and looking through bridal magazines.

Top Wedding Color Trends of 2017

Can’t decide on what color scheme to go with for your big day?  Looking for some inspiration?  We have some of the top color trends of 2017 according to The Black Tux. It’s often hard to find a quality wedding suit and tuxedo rental that fits your budget and color scheme well, luckily The Black Tux has plenty of options that fit the most current color trends.

Go Green


Neutrals & Metallics


Blue & Blush

Wedding Color Trends 2017

Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal showers have evolved through the decades, and millennial showers have embraced an ‘anything goes’ approach.  Today’s bridesmaids may even host…a Spa Bridal Shower!

While spa parties are usually reserved for the bachelorette party (or “hen” party, if you’re a UK friend!), many brides and their friends are taking the once-conservative bridal shower to the massage table. These showers are all about pampering treatments, relaxation and time with the girls. And don’t forget the mimosas!

Bridal Shower Ideas

This isn’t your grandmother’s shower where the guest list included spanned generations…and seemingly every woman in the family secured an invite. While grandma should obviously be at the top of the guest list, all potential guests need to be aware that this shower won’t be the typical and traditional event where the ladies wear their Sunday best while drinking punch, eating cake and playing games. When taking the shower to the spa, here are five ways to plan in style…and without breaching any etiquette:


A spa shower isn’t cheap, and hosts must know their budget. Do not expect guests to pay for their treatments; a guest should not be expected to pick up part of the tab for a party. Work with the location to decide how each guest will be pampered…or provide guests with a menu of treatments from which they may choose.

Set the Guest List

Many brides have more than one shower. So friends or family members may still plan a true-to-tradition shower with the cake, punch and games. If the spa shower is a secondary party, limit the guests to a close group of girlfriends…and all the bridesmaids. Moms also should be included. If this is a surprise shower for the bride, speak with her mom or her group of close friends to map out the guest list. If the bride knows about the event, make sure she has a say in the guest list.

Be very clear on the invite about what this shower will entail. Make sure guests know to dress comfortably…and to be ready for pampering!

Room for Refreshments

Plan a spa bridal shower at a location that offers a room for guests to retreat for lunch or refreshments. The spa may even offer in-house catering to provide a luncheon for guest. Be sure to inquire what the spa may provide and also what hosts may bring to the location. When planning the menu, Beau Coup recommends healthier food choices like fruit salad, cheese and crackers and veggie trays. Dessert and sweets bars also provide an indulgent surprise for guests…and spa days are all about indulgence! Champagne may be available to all spa guests; or perhaps the bridal party needs to provide their own for mimosas.

A Gift Table

Unless hosts have strictly stated ‘no gifts please” on the invite, guests will arrive bearing presents. Ensure that there is a table where gifts may be placed, and decide if the bride is going to open gifts at the shower, of if she will open them privately with her fiancé. If the bride decides to unwrap gifts at the spa, make sure the time is scheduled into the itinerary and that guest know when to move to another location for lunch and/or presents.

The Spruce also recommends that guests can chip in for a spa gift certificate as a big present to the bride or theme gifts for the spa (creams, oils, luxurious robes, etc.).

Party Favors

Gift guests monogrammed flip flops (check out this easy DIY tutorial!) to wear while at the spa. On their way out, present them with a spa gift bag with scented lotions, nail polish and fun bath bombs.

A bridal shower hosted at the spa gives every guest a pampering treatment while showering the bride with well wishes. Guests can enjoy pedicures, manicures or massages while chatting and reveling in the relaxation. Spa Showers also take away the need for games and other activities to keep guests engaged; most women will prefer a pedicure to Bridal Bingo any day! And at a Spa Shower, all guests will leave relaxed…and blissful!

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Be A Radiant Bride With Flawless Skin

No bride wants to be photographed on her wedding day with pimples. Waking up and finding a big red bump on the nose, chin or forehead is every bride’s worst nightmare. Clear skin exudes wedding radiance. Unfortunately, not every woman can easily achieve glowing skin.

Some women are naturally prone to pimples, especially if their skin is more oily than dry. While not every pimple may be prevented, you can take measures to help nurture, nourish and protect delicate skin for a healthier complexion. Don’t think you can rush that bridal glow, though. Good skin is an investment…of time.  

Start pampering and treating skin a few months before the wedding to acclimate to new products or treatments. You’ll also be able to see how the skin reacts to new scrubs, masks or other products…and have plenty of time to heal skin if a reaction occurs.


Exfoliation sloughs off the dead skin cells to reveal a healthier complexion. Exfoliation is good for all skin types, but each type of skin needs its own unique exfoliating ingredients. For dryer skin, opt for an exfoliating scrub that also adds moisture. Look for honey or sugar as ingredients. Be cautious, though, when using sugar to exfoliate sensitive areas. Sugar grains may leave tears in skin, so it’s best to melt the sugar a bit in warm water. You want a nice paste…not too grainy, but not a true liquid, either.

Bridal Beauty

For oily skin, Glamour magazine suggests a scrub with charcoal, as it helps dry up excess oil.  And exfoliation should be a weekly ritual. According to Marie Claire, most dermatologists recommend exfoliating once or twice per week.


After exfoliating, use a good moisturizer. For dry skin, a richer moisturizer is recommended. Women with oily skin need to make sure their moisturizer is oil-free. For women with dry skin or normal skin, moisturizing with Argan oil or coconut oil provides great hydration and skin nourishment.

Treating Blemishes

Don’t pick or pop! Yes, we know it’s hard. The goal is to heal the clogged pore. Use tea tree oil to help combat bacteria and aid in healing. Some women have even used hemorrhoid cream to provide redness relief. For swelling and inflammation, you can also apply a cool compress. Or use moist heat to help a pimple drain.


Sometimes cosmetics can cause skin to become red and irritated. Switch products if you suspect a powder, foundation or blush may be leading to finicky skin. Another common problem is irritation caused by sleeping in last night’s make-up. Never sleep in makeup! Wash your face each night and make sure all products are removed. Otherwise, you could end up with clogged pores and acne!

Other irritations

Sometimes tweezing and shaving may lead to ingrown hairs. While these appear to be pimples, they are little hairs that have become trapped and infected within the follicle. Use tea tree oil to help heal. And shave with the hair instead of against the hair to prevent further issues.

Preserve and Protect

The best way to preserve your skin for your wedding is ensuring that you always protect with SPF. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that everyone use a waterproof sunscreen that offers a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 or higher that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Sunburn and sun damage are not pretty for a wedding day. If you really want a sun-kissed glow, opt for a sunless tanning lotion or bronzer.

Bridal Beauty Tips

Pamper skin months before the wedding to nourish and keep skin healthy. Exfoliate and moisturize regularly and always remove make-up before heading to bed. With proper care, you will have a healthy glowing complexion that radiates on your wedding day!


Things You Need To Do Before Popping the Question

Engagement Ring

The proposal―one of the most truly romantic moments in a person’s life as it clears the direction to which the relationship is headed: a life together. Now that you’ve found the right person to be with, it’s only natural to want to make this special. Before you go planning what you think would be the dream proposal, there are certain things you need to do that might not be on your list.

1.) Have you spoken with her family?

As old-fashioned as it may sound, it’s still a much-treasured act to ask for her family’s blessing. It would earn you the highest respects of the people who are trusting you with their family member’s happiness. Prioritize the parents, especially the dad. After all, they raised her and he’ll be giving her away to you on the special day if she agrees to marry you. Also talk to any sibling she’s close with, if any, and extended family like grandma and grandpa. One advantage is you could ask if there’s any family heirloom ring they would gladly pass down to the two of you. Getting a free ring is a given advantage but what makes this one special is the history and the love of previous couples in the family, and knowing that your story has now become part of this heart-melting chain.


2.) Did you allocate a budget?

We’re not just talking about ring budget. You’re planning forever together, remember? We’re talking about preparations for the proposal, the wedding, the honeymoon, your future home. People are more practical these days and the idea of spending months’ worth of your salary is beginning to lose hold on society. A lot of aspiring brides would prefer their partners buy less expensive engagement rings and put most of the hard-earned money into planning the honeymoon or the house.


3.) Are her interests and preferences your main criteria in the planning?

This includes the engagement ring too! Is she partial to an ostentatious piece of jewelry as they match her magnetic personality or something more classic and simple yet timeless? When planning the surprise proposal, think about what catches her attention and keeps it. This helps you think of unique and personalized ideas to make it more memorable for her. She’ll love you for it and would greatly enjoy retelling the story to everyone she knows who’d be asking once your engagement is announced.


4.) Keep the ring safe.

This is not a question meant to be asked but a must for every man when they plan to propose. Oddly, many men execute risky proposal ideas such as placing it in food and more only to lose the engagement ring in the garbage or have the dog swallow it by accident. Such a sentimental item should be guarded more closely. Engagements can still be romantic and unique without putting the ring in danger of getting lost. Tip: take extra caution when including animals in the plans but it would be best to steer clear of them.


5.) Relax.

If you get a positive response, the proposal is only the beginning of a period of hectic schedules, seemingly never-ending planning, and streams of relatives and friends you need to give your attention to. Relish this moment and allow her giggles and hysterical jumping to be embedded in your mind. You can’t recreate this moment so immerse yourself in it.

Wedding Planning Tips for The Introvert Bride

Wedding Planning Tips

Some brides dream about their perfect wedding day and love the attention of being in the spotlight. Other brides face the actual ceremony with absolute dread. While the picture may be perfect with every detail falling into place, introvert brides tend to clam up when the cameras—and the guests—place them at the center of all the attention.

For introverts, the realization that the engagement will lead—possibly—to a huge wedding in a ceremony filled with hundreds of guests leads to complete panic. Extroverts love attention, introverts loathe it. In fact, I almost had a panic attack before walking down the aisle. My hands trembled horribly during the ring exchange. Today, I would plan a different wedding. There wouldn’t be a huge guest list. I might even opt for a private beach wedding! I wouldn’t give into what the magazines told me I should do…because there is no single definition of the perfect wedding.

While the ceremony was tough, there were still aspects that captured my personal vision of the perfect wedding. And I can attest—from experience and from a few hindsight regrets—that quiet introverts deserve a dream wedding that captures pure perfection.

So for all of my fellow introverts, here are a few suggestions on how to plan (and survive) your dream wedding:


I planned my wedding from out of state during college. So my mom and dad actually met with many of the venues. When it was time to choose flowers or other details (like the cake), my fiancé was involved in meetings with a lot of the vendors (especially the taste testing). If he wasn’t there, my mom came along. I don’t know that I would have been happy or comfortable handling it all solo. If social situations make you anxious, have your mom, a friend or fiancé tag along and offer advice and feedback during vendor meetings. Since my parents paid, I also felt they had a right to know and approve expenses.

The Guest List

Our guest list numbered in the hundreds. While not everyone attended, the number of people at the ceremony still seemed intimidating to me when the church doors opened. As the bride, you will be the center of attention. It’s OK to limit your guest list to a number that makes you comfortable. While parents may often pay, you do have a voice. Speak up…because, trust me, your parents do not want you to panic before walking down the aisle. Talk to your fiancé and come up with a guest list that makes you both happy. If you need to cut guests, opt to cut work colleagues, extended family and distant friends. And, you know, eloping is always an option!


Don’t imbibe on your wedding day to loosen up. Yes, alcohol might be known as liquid courage, but drinking can backfire horribly. A vomiting bride does not photograph well. Too much alcohol, while lowering inhibitions…also may REALLY lower inhibitions. You might say something completely inappropriate to the wrong person…or you may end up stripping in the middle of the reception. Don’t chance the embarrassment and keep drinking to a minimum. Just remember, today everyone has a camera and a video recorder on their phone…you may go viral in all the wrong ways! You do not want your wedding hashtag associated with intoxicating pics!

Wedding Planning Tips

Receiving Lines

One of the most awkward experiences at my wedding was worrying about what to say to every guest. As the guests of honor, you have to make the rounds. We held a receiving line after the ceremony, which allowed us to greet and thank every guest. Receiving lines are great, because they keep moving and conversations must be quick. Prepare a few talking points ahead of time, so you don’t feel put on the spot.

Nix the Traditions You Don’t Like

We opted for the bouquet toss and the garter toss—two popular traditions. I hated the garter toss! While I’m not insanely modest, the garter toss just caused too much attention. If you don’t want the spotlight on you, drop those ‘center of attention’ moments. Most brides today have nixed the garter toss altogether…it is a little sexist!

Wedding Planning Tips

Introvert brides have more difficulty with wedding planning and the actual ceremony than their outgoing extrovert counterparts. Plan the perfect wedding for you and make sure those plans mesh with your personality and your social comfort zone. Your wedding should be a day you anticipate…not dread!

A Few Words From Your Wedding Coordinator

It all started with coffee…..
        Just another morning in the office, answering phones and building dream wedding packages for women I’ve never even met. Most of the business I do is honestly over the phone. Most of the Brides I work with I don’t even see face to face until the BIG DAY. It occurred to me that sometimes the process can feel rushed, and it sometimes loses the intimacy of having a coordinator. Some women often take their wedding in to their own hands to ensure TOTAL control. I was that Bride. When I planned my own wedding, it was terrifying. I was overwhelmed and exhausted. The amount of coffee I took in was startling. I know exactly how a Bride feels in the whole solo planning fiasco. Aside from family, I really didn’t have the help that I needed, and now that I am planning as my profession, I’ve realized that I wasn’t alone.
Things go wrong, and that’s okay…..
       Being a coordinator, I will tell you, your day will be perfect even if the florist sends the wrong flowers. It will be perfect if the cake didn’t have the right decoration. It will be perfect even if your bridesmaid wore the wrong dress because she hated the colors you chose. Do you know why it will be perfect? Here’s the secret. 10 years from now when you are still happily married, sharing your life with your best friend, you forget the bad things. You will forget that your Mother-in-law nagged you about how low-cut your dress is. You forget that the chicken was dry. The little things can sometimes go the wrong way, even if you have a BOMB coordinator. The things you remember are the big moments. I have been married for 5 years, and my biggest memory is how my husband looked at me. How he could barely stand there because he was just too excited. How he messed up a few words because his smile literally took over his face. How, for that short period, we were the only two in the room. How I fought back tears of joy when the officiant pronounced us man and wife. At that moment all of the little things disappeared. My world was at peace.
Building more than a package…..
         I have honestly made it my mission to put together a lot more than just wedding packages. It was a lot to take in when I first accepted this job. The realization that I would be responsible for YOUR biggest day was a lot of weight on my shoulders. However, when I started to think about the feelings I had while doing my own, it really made me think. I didn’t know any vendors before, and I certainly didn’t know where to begin. As a coordinator, I understand what runs through your head EXACTLY, which is why I have made myself available nearly 24/7, and usually work weekends. I also still drink a lot of coffee. We won’t go in to that. I spend my days taking all of the lessons I learned the hard way, and applying them to Brides, so they won’t have to worry about the little things. You shouldn’t have to. You should be finding the perfect dress and picking out color schemes. Also, I will add, you will probably want to make a list of songs for the DJ. We don’t want grandma out there dancing to “baby got back”. (Believe it or not, that is a true story.) You know, five years ago, I wished that I had put my trust in someone to help me with my big day. At this point I’m glad that I had the experience. It totally prepared me for anything and everything that could possibly go wrong. It also taught me what was most important, and it certainly wasn’t the flavor of the cake.
So back to the coffee…..
           I had this crazy idea. Wedding Expo. We could do one. We could invite everyone to meet the vendors we work with on a daily basis. You could see our Wedding Venue and tour the grounds. It started off small. Just a few vendors and a few guests. Then the word really got out. People are genuinely excited to meet the people that will be working behind the scenes for their big day. I understand that their are giant Expos that happen every year, but how confusing are they?? There is like a million tables, a million business cards, and a million questions to add to the other million you already had BEFORE going. My goal is to create a more intimate moment. You meet the people that are actually helping you. Taste-testings and door prizes. Even a Bridal Fashion show is in the works from a local Bridal Boutique. A Bridal Show that is solely focused on the Bride. NOT the Bride’s Wedding Budget. As a coordinator, it is so vital to understand who you are as a person in order to make your day 100% customized to YOU. This is not a cookie-cutter business, and I feel that if Brides could meet with the whole team, it will give you and me a better understanding of the Wedding you want. So we are doing this. August the 19th. It is even going to be set up and decorated like an actual wedding so you see the whole shebang! Am I crazy? Maybe. But I have a great feeling that this is going to be so beneficial to all of my Brides. “…sips coffee”.
Cristan Bolens
wedding planner and event coordinator
TollFree: 1(800)406-7404
Fax: 865-774-0868
Cristan is a Wedding Coordinator for Edencrest Weddings located in the beautiful Pigeon Forge,Tennessee. Happily married for five years, she understands how important it is to get your new life started with the perfect ceremony. It brings her absolute joy to witness the emotion, and the coming together of a new family. Her goal for your event is to use her creativity and open mind to bring your beautiful dreams in to reality.She prides herself on the fact that she created her own wedding, down to the last detail, and she cannot wait to help with your special day. She understands the skill it takes to make it perfect, and because this is your dream, every detail matters. Taking her on as your consultant will ensure that your event will be handled with the utmost care. Your only job is to have fun, and look beautiful!

Can You Go Wrong With A Wedding Present?

When planning to attend a wedding, you should take your time when planning for a gift. You cannot just wake up on the morning of the wedding without knowing what to get the couple. Here are some wedding gift ideas that you cannot go wrong with:


Glass And Barware

You cannot go wrong with glassware; you just have to choose sets that stand out from the rest. The best gifts include champagne flutes, ice buckets, wine glasses, and decanters. The reason why choosing this gift is always a good choice is because everyone uses glassware and barware at one point in their lives.


Bed Linen

Most wedding couple choose to include bed linen in the gift registry because every couple needs it, but buying it can be costly. You can choose anything from sheets and blankets to duvets and quilts and make them very happy..


Perhaps giving a gift of bed linen is a throwback to the marital bed idea, prised in many cultures past and presen. There is something intriguing about entering married life with new linen. The best linen you can get the couple is Egyptian cotton, because it is of high quality.


Dinner Sets

As traditional as it might seem, a dinner set of special-occasion china or of “everyday” dishes is a very popular gift. Perhaps most people remember wedding china from their childhood years and want to give away something similar yet modern. A dinner set makes a lovely wedding gift, especially if the couple that is getting married likes to throw huge holiday dinners or parties.


Hotel Stay

Hotel Stay

You cannot go wrong with this gift as most people like to get away on a special trip. However, you need to ask the couple if they can afford to take a few days off work to go on a trip.


You can get some great deals at Ocean City hotels. If you can afford it, you should book a 5-star hotel for the newlyweds and they will be eternally grateful. Many couples have honeymoon registries that allow you an easy way to contribute to their honeymoon.


Kitchen Appliances

A small kitchen appliance is a great wedding gift. Although most people who lived on their own have basic appliances, they still want the little things that make cooking more enjoyable. Appliances that most newlyweds receive include juicers, coffee machines, blenders, stand mixers.and slow cookers. You should consider choosing a unique appliance that the couple might not already have.


Cutlery Set

What would be the point of having a lovely dinner set without the cutlery to lay it out? When other guests have brought dinner sets, you cannot go wrong with a classic cutlery set. Such a set will last for a long time and still look good several years from now. Many couples have a silver pattern registered along with their china pattern and other requested items.



As weird as it might sound, giving the couple a portrait of themselves or their favorite pet is a unique idea. The newlyweds will love your creativity. The trick lies in finding the right pictures without giving your wedding gift idea away. Are you doing a dog portrait? You should know where to find pet portrait artist who knows his craft.


Towel Bundles

You can buy a bundle of soft fluffy towels for the newlyweds, because a coordinating range of beautiful towels is a welcome display in the bathroom. Just make sure that you select a range of bath towels, hand towels, bath sheets, and guest towels that are 100 percent cotton.



This is an ideal gift for newlyweds because they are about to embark on their honeymoon. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a brand new set of luggage for the lovely couple: suitcases and cabin bags. Is the couple very adventurous? You should consider buying backpacks or rucksacks for them.



Wedding Clothes

You can get a nice dress like a custom dress by azazie for the bride. Make sure that you choose a simple style that she can wear on her honeymoon.


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