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How To Choose Bridal Lingerie For A Fabulous Wedding Night

Choosing bridal lingerie is just like picking a wedding dress. This is not for your guests. It’s for the groom to appreciate after everyone has left and it’s just the two of you. Therefore, you have to make effort in choosing the right lingerie to spice up the moment. You can look prim and proper to onlooker during the wedding only to emerge wild and naughty with your sexy bridal lingerie. For a perfect moment filled with excitement given is how to choose bridal lingerie for a fabulous wedding night.

Bridal lingerie is trendier today with various designs and styles. It will not be hard to find sexy and sensual lingerie to suit your taste and spice up the moment with your loved one. You can choose from a range of soft and lacy lingerie to erotic see through. Luckily, you can purchase the perfect lingerie online without spending money on fuel. A reliable online supplier will have a range of pieces that will make you sexier.

What are the options for bridal lingerie?

You can find a range of lingerie versions for every one to wear on their wedding day. Quality bridal lingerie is designed to offer appropriate support to the heavy wedding dresses. However, this happens while the lingerie accentuates the bride’s curves. This is possible if you take time to choose the right bridal lingerie that matches your body and style.

For a sexier look

For a more daring look, a bridal corset is the best lingerie to emphasize your gorgeous figure. The corset is made to accentuate the waist while offering support to the breasts. This gives the bride an impression of having a full bosom. When planning to wear a corset on your wedding day, it’s very important to choose one that offers enough breathing space.

When you need great support, a bridal bustier is what you need. The bustier has a solid construction to define your figure and offer support to your heavy wedding gown. Likely, you can combine the bridal bustier with a cute white thong. You can enhance your sexy look with smooth and sexy stockings and lacy garters.

What colour to choose for bridal lingerie?

White is traditional colour for brides. However, smart brides today can opt for black get some contrast on their nice and pure image. Luckily, wedding gowns today are made that ensures that black lingerie won’t show from the layers of white fabric. This means you can rock black lingerie without worry about getting a wardrobe malfunction.

Other tips to choose the right bridal lingerie

To pick the right lingerie requires matching it with the wedding dress. Some dresses have to match with specific styles of lingerie for maximum support. Comfort is very important when shopping for bridal lingerie. This is to ensure that don’t feel awkward while moving around during the reception. The lingerie should not be constricting but to make you feel gorgeous.

Choosing bridal lingerie requires choosing a structured piece that matches with your dress. It should be beautiful but soft to make you feel desirable on the wedding night.

Seven Things to Keep in Mind When You Have a Groomswoman or Bridesman

Groomsgal, bride’s guy, groomswoman, bridesman… whatever you call them, they’re an integral part of your big day. In the world of modern weddings, there’s much less pressure on the bride and groom to assemble a cohort of neat-looking friends who follow a specific set of societal standards, and we are ever grateful. This means that if there’s a sibling, a cousin or a best friend who deserves to stand up next to you on your wedding day but who may not conform to the traditionally gendered bridal party rules, you’ll probably feel much less pressure to exclude them from the festivities than you once might have.

Bridesman or Groomswoman

With that being said, having a guy in your bridesmaid’s brigade or a gal in your groomsmen’s group can spur a few scenarios that you should be prepared to deal with. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re organizing a nontraditional bridal party your way.


  1. They Should Be Allowed to Be Excused — Say your fiancé has opted to have his sister join the groom’s crew instead of asking you — who may not be particularly close with her — to have her be a bridesmaid. In many ways, this makes more sense and feels more authentic, even if you both adore her equally. However, just because your future SIL stands next to your future hubby doesn’t mean she wants to be grouped in with the guys for everything. She may prefer to go to the bachelorette party over the bachelor party or to attend both or to get ready with the gals instead of the guys. Make sure that she’s allowed to attend or join in wherever she feels most comfortable.
  2. It Helps to Create Lots of Coed Events — With these new roles, it can be more difficult to forge bonds among the entire bridal party. Consider ditching many of the traditional, gendered events — the shower, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, for example — in favor of coed events that don’t cause divides. If you’d still like to have traditional girls- and guys-only events, no problem. Just make sure you also add a few co-ed bridal party bonding activities into the mix between the time you get engaged and the time you finally walk down the aisle.
  3. Their Wedding Day Look Takes Thought — The outfit planning is one of the most fun parts about being a groom’s gal or bridesman. Rather than putting her in the same bridesmaid dress as the rest of the gals, you could suggest that your groomswoman wear a bridesmaid dress that matches the groomsmen’s suits. She might also prefer to wear a bridesmaid jumpsuit or a tailored suit, depending on her personal style. The bride’s guy can take the same approach, either by wearing a suit in the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses or by matching the guys and signifying that he’s a member of the “bride’s side” with a color-coordinated tie or boutonniere.
  4. They Don’t Have to Pick a Side More than likely, if they’re on your side, they’ll be comfortable with you and your “traditional” bridal party members. However, many couples have one or two close couple friends who feel like they belong on both the bride’s side and the groom’s side. In these instances, don’t feel like you have to make them pick a side simply because you want to keep things even or adhere to a certain look. It’s perfectly OK to have a general bridal party — no groomsmen or bridesmaids, period — and just ask everyone to stand next to you both as a couple.

Bridesman or Groomswoman

  1. Pick Gender-Neutral Bridal Party Gifts — Many brides and grooms opt for themed gifts so that they don’t have to order individual gifts for each member of the bridal party, which can take a lot of time when you already have a lot going on in the wedding planning process. Make sure that you select bridal party gifts that appeal to both the guys and the gals so you don’t leave anyone out. Skip the makeup bags, beauty products or any apparel in favor of gifts that appeal to everyone, like personalized stationery, glassware or sunglasses.
  2. Ditch the Traditional Pairings — If you’ve ever been in a traditional wedding, you know that you’ll be “paired” with a member of the opposite sex when walking down the aisle or making your grand entrance to the reception. If this causes some confusion or discomfort among your bridal party members, know that you can tweak these traditions to suit your specific style. Maybe you have a group entrance with all the members of the bride’s tribe, all the members of the groom’s crew or everyone all together. Don’t get too caught up in the rules!
  3. People Will Have Things to Say — Anytime you do something that diverts slightly from tradition or cultural norms, you might elicit a reaction from old-school family members or friends. Know that you have to forge your own wedding day traditions and do only what makes the most sense to you, even if it’s a little bit unconventional. The best thing to do? Tell nay-sayers that it’s not their wedding, but they are welcome to make the decisions when they say, “I do.”

Bridesman or Groomswoman

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you include your closest friends and family members — the ones who mean the most to you, not the ones who look the best in your group wedding photos. But you have to remember that not everyone will feel comfortable bending gender rules or traditions, so it’s important that you approach every wedding custom with open dialogue to ensure everyone in the bridal party is totally comfortable. As long as your nearest and dearest are next to you on your big day and you stick to what you want to do, you can be sure you’ll have zero wedding regrets!   


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The Ultimate Animal-Friendly Wedding

Americans and Canadians are reportedly gaga over pets. In fact, 65% of households in the USA have a pet. More than half of dogs and cats are allowed to sleep in their owners’ beds. The majority of pet owners tend to actively look for pet-friendly holiday destinations and hotels – for dog owners; most cat owners look for a professional cattery instead of taking their cats on a trip.

So it can seem surprising that, for a nation of people who try to spend as much time as possible with our beloved pets, the idea of creating an animal-friendly wedding has not reached a high level of popularity. In fact, many brides are told that they shouldn’t try to invite their pets to the wedding. In reality, an animal-friendly wedding party is just as achievable as leading an animal-friendly lifestyle. If you’re ready to make the right sacrifices, you can make a great deal of difference – and celebrate your big day with Fido!

Pet Friendly Wedding

Make your dog the hero of your wedding day


Pick your menu carefully

Can you really call yourself an animal lover if you put meat on the menu? The debate is open, and it’s fair to say that a lot of couples opt in this instance for a vegetarian menu. Indeed, you can find that meat-free recipes can make sure that your menu fully supports your values. A simple plate of avocado and pomegranate crostini can bring a fresh taste to your champagne toast. Veg-only pizza is also a fantastic addition to your buffet – who doesn’t love pizza? Similarly, you can also choose to bring meat recipes from a Halal source, with a caterer such as Stamford Catering, for instance. You can, if you’re unsure how to proceed, run an open survey with your guests to figure out which alternative is preferred.


Invite your best friend too

More and more venues are open to welcoming well-behaved animals – dogs especially, but you can find places that are happy to invite a variety of emotional support pets too. Therefore, if you’re considering inviting your dog to the wedding, you will be able to find the right site. However, you need to consider the personality of your pet. If your dog is not used to being around many people, the wedding ceremony might be stressful. Additionally, you need to think of the needs of your pets – and maybe the other pets that are allowed to join the party: Plan for dog-friendly treats to distribute after the ceremony.


Wedding present with a difference

Last, but not least, more and more couples have chosen to live together before they get married. As a result, you might already have everything you need, which makes it difficult to prepare your wedding list. But you can ask your guests to donate and support a charity for the protection of animals – Just Giving provides a handy tutorial on how to set up a fundraising page – instead of buying a present you may not need. You can also get in touch with your local shelter to figure out which items would be helpful if you don’t want to ask for money.


Finally, there’s only one question you need to ask yourself when it comes to animals: How far are you ready to go to make animals the heroes of your wedding day?


A Man’s Guide to Wedding Attire

Alrighty ladies, here we go! It’s finally time to toss your mans ill-fitting, hole ridden, cargo shorts in the g-a-r-b-a-g-e because it’s wedding time, baby! What does this mean?  Proper attire for the men at your wedding! Let’s be honest, sometimes men need a little push in the right direction, especially when your fiance is taking charge of the attire on his part. So if your fiance and his groomsmen need some fashion blueprints, then this article is perfect for them! Now if your man is like me, he’d fancy himself not too shabby of a dresser. However, when presented with a specific dress code, menswear can become somewhat of a foreign language, and today I’m going to impart upon you all the skills you need to not only learn this language but become fluent in the art of menswear. Well, sort of. Obviously we can’t jump into the nitty-gritty of it all because nobody wants to, nor has the time to read a five-hundred page article, so we’re gonna keep it simple and stick to some fundamental principles of attire. So grab your man and pull up a chair, because here is a man’s guide to wedding attire. 

The Dress Code

Arguably one of the most anxiety-inducing parts of any social function is the dress code. Why? Because how YOU interpret that incredibly simple-worded thesis for clothing can be the difference between a dynamite first impression and social suicide. The best weapon you have against gross misinterpretation is, well, knowledge! So, without further adieu, our men’s dress code breakdown!

White Tie

Even uttering the words “White Tie” should make you sit a little straighter and push those shoulders pack a tad, as this is the highest level of dress code you’ll ever encounter. “Oh yeah bro, I’ve got this sweet button down and some cool new, bright yellow pant-” STOP! Absolutely not! This tier of attire is the opposite of normal dressing. What does this mean? For starters you’ll need a tailcoat. Yes, you read that right, you’ll be expected to sport a crisp, black, well-fitted tailcoat. Beneath this outer layer you’ll need a white dress shirt ( with, of course, paired studs and cufflinks), a lovely white bowtie, clean white gloves, a white waistcoat OR cummerbund (I must say I’m rather partial to the cummerbund), freshly pressed black dress pants, and of course shined-and-scuffless black, leather dress shoes. When going to a white tie event, no expense may be spared, as this is the epitome of social class and formal fashion.

Black Tie

While less terrifyingly strict than white tie, black tie is just a step behind; think more along the lines of a James Bond-esque tuxedo. You’ll encounter this code in formal social events or perhaps a high-class evening of drinks and artificial laughter. What does black tie entail? Well,

first and foremost a tuxedo coat – in black, which should match your, again, freshly-pressed, tailored black dress pants. Underneath your coat will be a white dress shirt, also complete with accompanying studs and cufflinks. And to finish off the look, a black bowtie and some mirror-like black, leather shoes. See? Much less intimidating than the penguin-like costume from above. And look at yourself! Not even four paragraphs in and you’re already a certified expert in two of the most important genres of dress codes according to men!

Woo Hoo, we’re almost finished! Now it’s time for some themes that you and I are a little more familiar with!


Think of semi-formal wear like that regular customer at the hypothetical coffee shop you work at (unless, like me, you really DO work at a coffee shop, then this is a very real analogy) who you’re comfortable around, yet who’s name you just can’t quite get right. What does that strangely specific, hypothetical situation have to do with menswear? Well, like that loyal coffee shop patron, semi-formal dress is something you’re probably accustomed to, just not completely perfect at, and that’s perfectly fine! In fact, it’s what gives your formal style that little twang that makes you you! However as I’ve come here to educate you on proper style, I’m going to go ahead and break this bad boy down. First of all, let’s start with the coat. A well-fitting, neutral toned suit jacket is all we ask. Underneath that all you’ll need is nicely-pairing dress shirt and accompanying necktie (please tell me you at least know how to tie a tie…). All you’ll really need to complete this look are some nice dress shoes and pants to match the coat. That’s it! You’re now well prepared to handle any business meeting that makes its way into your future.

Business Casual

Now THIS is where a clean-cut man will really hit his stride! Talk about comfort and style, business casual is a man’s best friend (well, at least top ten?). To lead your top-tier business casual ensemble will be your favorite sport-coat, beneath which will be a spiffy dress shirt. Oh! And leave that top button unbuttoned because the dreaded throat-belt we know and love from semi-formal is no longer! At the waist will sit some trustee trousers, and on your feet you can spice it up with anything from horsebit loafers to some double-monks!


Congratulations, you’ve made it all the way to our final stop on this tour of your theoretically flawless wardrobe! *deep breath* Now let’s finish this sucker! All you’re gonna need to pull off this iconic fashion moment is an immaculately fitting polo, some fresh, deep blue jeans, and of course a pair of classy and clean shoes (boat shoes work fine, otherwise, again, you can’t go wrong with some Salvatore Ferragamo loafers!). If you’re feeling frisky, perhaps a slick timepiece and you are set! Now you’re ready to go meet your buds for some much needed adult-beverages and hearty conversation!

Clothing, while seemingly insignificant, plays an immense role in the light other’s see you, and in today’s world, image is crucial! So when you send that gold bedazzled invite to your friend hoping he’ll join you as you “tie the knot,” you and him will know exactly what to pack, and can focus on dumbfounding the crowds with your absolutely *sensational* dance moves, instead of some gnarly fashion faux pas. Not only that, but you will also woo away the love of your life with your fancy new fashion sense! 

Love, is Breaking Stability

Whether we know it or not, what we all desire and crave in life is stability. Think about it: We want love, food on the table, a job with benefits, a nice house and a family to share it all with. Its like an organized mental list that we all wish to check off one day. I know that I’ve mentioned this is another article, but it all refers to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. There are 5 basic levels to his theory: Physiological Needs (eat, sleep, air, shelter, etc),  Safety, Love, Self Esteem & Self Actualization (fulfillment). These needs are the basic tools in life that we all wish to check off of our mental check list. But after everything has been checked off, whats next?

One of my favorite wedding quotes is from the movie “Bride Wars”.  Said by Marion St Claire, “A wedding marks the first day of the rest of your life. You have been dead until now. Were you aware of that?” In a sense, she’s right. When you get married, your life opens up a new chapter and your story takes a turn for the better or worse. So which will it be? Getting married almost feels like your coming out of a dream, and for the first time in your life your seeing with open eyes. Why is this? It’s because you’ve more than likely reached the top of the pyramid in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

For a little while everything is going to be amazing. You’ll have everything you’ve every wanted, and life will be stable. But were all human, and sooner or later you’re going to want more in life. Is this selfish? No, it’s not. It’s actually normal to feel this way, especially if you’ve reached the top of the pyramid. Stereotypical, if you were older in age people would call this a midlife crisis. But to be honest, you don’t have to be middle aged to feel this way. People have this experience when nearing the end of high school, when staying at a job to long, when talking to friends or even when thinking in-depth about life. It can happen at any age, at anytime time. What matters is, where will you let this thought process lead you?

We all want stability in life. We want a stable job, stable cash flow, a stable routine and well, stability in general. But eventually, stability turns into boredom, leading to a yearning for more in life. Your life is like a priceless artifact, so precious in value that it’s price cannot be determined. But price varies within the history behind each object. You have the power to decide: Will your life be consistent with the same routine and safe outline, or will you guide the course with change and memorable value?

There’s a reason why you married the man that you did. Is it because he motivates you to be better? Because he encourages you to do more and embrace the person that he fell in love with? Right now, life is different. You have a husband at your side that will be there for you for better or worse. If you need a change in your life, you need to take a risk and get out of your everyday routine. Don’t look at life as stability, look at it as an adventure. Love is an amazing motivator. Take advantage of the opportunity and live life lovingly and with the best intentions at heart.

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

The possibility of doing more is easier than one may think. Helping a stranger and not thinking twice about it, taking a walk around town rather than driving through it. Saying hello to the person standing in line next to you or doing what makes you happy rather than fearing the outcomes that”could be”. It’s the little things that create bigger outcomes. The random acts of kindness that trigger the ripple effect.

My tip of advice to you is don’t let the little things in life set you back. Don’t let stability rule your happiness. Allow love to motivate you and drive you to bigger things and remember that it only takes a small risk to differentiate the value of your life from affordable to priceless.

Thanks for reading, and remember that love is just one step of the pyramid, and grows with the risks that you take in life.



Music is Key

Love, Plus A Musically High

Every Thursday night, there is an Open Mic at the coffee shop I frequently visit on Chestnut and Pine street. I never really used to come here. It was more where I wanted to come, but I was either too shy to come in or never found the time to. But then one day I decided to walked in here to get a coffee and took a seat. It had only taken 5 minutes for someone to walk up to me and say “Hey, I’ve never seen you around here before, do you sing?” His name is Rick, he is an older man. A grandfather and he is the sweetest man I have ever met. In fact, because of him I am now considered a regular here.

He always tried to get me to perform, and it was aggravating to him that I would always write music, but never want to perform it. But then one night I decided to just take a risk. I sang a song I wrote about love, and performed it A cappella. A cappella is when a vocalist sings a song without instrumental accompaniment.

When I finished performing, I sat down and he told me that it sounded amazing, and told me there was no better feeling than the feeling of love and a musically high. And honestly, I couldn’t agree more with him.

If you are a musician and are in love, then I’m sure you can agree that love alone is the greatest motivator for writing music. Show your loved one how much you appreciate them by incorporating your own music in the wedding.


“Here Comes the Bride” has always been a traditional trademark during the wedding ceremony. But don’t let tradition hold you back! Even if you don’t write a song for the beginning of the ceremony, it is just as heartwarming walking down the aisle to a song that takes you and your fiances breathe away.


During the exchanging of vows, you and your fiance claim your love for each other and announce the promises you wish to keep. Why not take this time to surprise your fiance with a beautiful song you wrote for them. Another thing you can do is if you are BOTH musicians, then write a song together and show your guests how much you both love and cherish each other.


The reception is all about celebration and the excitement of becoming husband and wife. Rock the night away with a song or two, because their is nothing better than the feeling of love and a musical high. Another thing you can do if you don’t want to perform, is hire a live band to perform the love songs you wrote. This is a great personal touch to add to your wedding since it shows off your personality, talent and love all in one.

Why is Music Key?

A lot of musicians would agree that music is the key that unlocks many hearts, but why is that? Music isn’t just a bunch of random sounds playing in unison, hoping to pass or fail as a tune. No, music is more than that. Real music can’t be faked. You figure that out real fast when your at an open mic. You see, it doesn’t matter if a person has a beautiful voice or not, because you can hear the passion and soul behind it. And when there is passion and soul behind a voice, it becomes beautiful, just like that. Music is a language that speaks truth. A language that moves you without a physical grasp. Music can start a war or move a movement. It can trigger sadness and create joy. It can motivate, inspire, and even make two people fall in love. All of these emotions, locked away with only 1 key to unlock them. And that is music.

Love is Patient

Approximately five days out of the week, I come to this little coffee shop on Chestnut and Pine street to write blog articles. Normally it’s moderately busy, the place filled with older women spending time with friends, college students studying and business men and women working online. This morning, however, the place was busy! It was so busy that you couldn’t even tell where the line was to order a drink. After getting my Pumpkin Patch latte, I set up my work space at a table in the front of the shop. Where light streams in through the glass windows and I can write while watching the cars pass.

Something started to bother me though. I started to notice that people were looking through the glass windows and noticing how busy it was this morning. Others would walk in, see the line and then walk back out not giving it a second thought. Not many people have patience anymore. You see a long line and tell yourself that you can go somewhere else. That it’s not worth it to wait in line. But in reality, why do you think the place is busy? It’s busy because it’s worth being busy. Because there’s good coffee here, good people, good music and a good atmosphere.

It’s psychologically proven that humans look at the negatives before seeking out the positives. Yes, you can go anywhere to get your coffee. But by the time you go somewhere else, you probably would have already had your coffee right now if you would have stayed and follow through.

The moral in this lesson is that love does not happen right away. Love is patient. You can’t just walk in, see that there’s a lot going on and decide to go somewhere else. You see, like a coffee shop, you need to get in line wait. There’s no skipping, no easy way because in life there will always be lines.

She can be the most amazing person in the world. She can be the one to hold you up when your feeling down. The one to help you get through the cracks in the road and make you smile when smiling seems like the hardest task you can ever accomplish. But ask yourself: How will you ever know that unless you get in line, keep on taking a few steps forward until finally it is your turn to order a happily ever after with the girl that could be the one?

And finally, sure, you can walk out because “their will always be another coffee shop.” But by the time you finally find another place to go to, the one that was worth while could have already of been yours.

Ladies, this doesn’t only apply to men. We all have grown victim to negativity, hopelessness and thoughts of giving up. But the greatest things in life never come easily. It will always be an uphill battle, and there will always be tears to shed. But in the end, hurt is only temporary. And when you see it through with the one that makes you happy, then that is permanent.

In order to love, one must be patient. And when one is patient, then there will be love.

Now, look at the man/women you married. Aren’t you happy that you were patient?

Cold Weather Approaches!

Do you absolutely love the outdoors? Well then I can relate. I’ve always admired the fresh air, the sweet fall aromas, the soft breeze and the gorgeous scenery’s. However, with the dropping temperatures coming into play, I’m sure that your guests will not be sharing the same vision as you do on your wedding day. So how are you going to be able to get your dream outdoor wedding while also keeping your guests happy? By being considerate and finding the perfect balance between the two!


(This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.)


Consider only having an outdoor ceremony. The temperature drops as the sun starts to set. So consider having your ceremony during the beautiful sunset, and then move the party inside for the reception. The sunset will illuminate you and your husband perfectly, creating the perfect lighting for your wedding photos for you and your husband to look back on. To help ease your guests worries, offer blankets and warm refreshments as the guests walk into the ceremony area. This will make them feel warm and toasty during the ceremony, easing negative thoughts and replacing them with passionate and loving feelings towards the love you and your fiance share. Your guests are there to celebrate the love between you and your fiance, and would rather give their full attention to you rather than their cold hands.

Say No To Cold Hands

Why not offer your wedding favors early? An easy and creative way to make your wedding favors perfectly handy would be to offer gloves and hand warmers as people walk into the ceremony space. Gloves and hand warmers are fairly cheap, and getting gloves matching your wedding colors would fall perfectly with the theme you are going for.

Set a Reminder

Remind your guests in the wedding invitations, social media and in any other way of communication that you have chosen to have an outdoor ceremony. This gives them a heads up for whats happening during the wedding and gives them plenty of time to decide what to bring with them and time to check the weather for the night.

Warm & Toasty Beverages

Offer warm and toasty beverages before and after the ceremony. Some simple and classic beverages that would be perfect for this season is warm apple cider, coffee, hot cocoa, tea and eggnog.

Something fun that I have commonly heard of is having your table placement cards be small liquor bottles in perfect shot quantities. One couple I know of did this for their wedding as a joke to say “Thanks for freezing your butt off, you deserve a shot, it’s on us!”A lot of guests found this to be amusing, and almost immediately forgot that they were just outside in cold temperatures watching a forty minute ceremony.

Though you love the outdoors and can bear the temperatures for your perfect day, your guests may not be able too. So take their thoughts into consideration so their can be a balance between the two.

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