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Adventures In Paradise: Why A Costa Rica Honeymoon Is A Great Choice

When it comes to choosing your honeymoon destination, you’ll want to think about what you and your partner like to do on vacation, etc. – to help you decide how you’d like to spend this special time. If you’re the type of couple who likes a bit of adventure as well as the chance to relax on the beach, then look no further than Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Destination Wedding

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Often overlooked as a honeymoon destination, Costa Rica offers newlyweds some incredible experiences to form the perfect start of married life. A beautiful destination that offers more than meets the eye, here are some of the reasons why a Costa Rica honeymoon is a great choice.

The climate

If sunshine and warm temperatures are a must for your honeymoon, then you won’t be disappointed with Costa Rica’s pleasing climate. While the dry season takes place from December to April, temperatures are pleasant all year round.


If you want to avoid the rain and the humidity, choose where you stay carefully. The Caribbean side of Costa Rica experiences more rainfall than the rest, while the humidity tends to be higher around the coast.

The landscape

The rainforest landscapes of Costa Rica are a sight worth seeing. The country has seen many efforts in recent years to protect its landscape, after once being threatened by deforestation. Because of this, Costa Rica is much less commercialized than other destinations, and while you’ll find some upmarket hotels based there – many visitors prefer to stay in the heart of the rainforest and enjoying a romantic hideaway in a cottage or bungalow.


When looking at Costa Rica holidays, discuss the different accommodation options with your agent. It’s easy to get a lot for your money to be able to enjoy a romantic, luxury honeymoon retreat.


If it’s an action-packed honeymoon you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer in Costa Rica. The great landscape means that there is a lot of choice of activities, featuring everything from bungee jumping to deep sea diving.


Some of the best things to do in Costa Rica include exploring the Arenal Volcano and the Hanging Bridges, while there are some great adventure parks located near San Jose and other locations. A great idea for a wedding gift is to have people pay for you to do certain activities on your honeymoon, so if you have some things in mind that you’d like to do during your stay, make sure you add them to your wedding list.

A haven for coffee lovers

A trip to Costa Rica wouldn’t be complete without sampling its famous coffee. Costa Ricans are known to drink a lot of coffee throughout the day, and coffee lovers won’t be disappointed with the choice that’s on offer. You can even enjoy a coffee tour during your stay to give you more insight into how your favorite brew is made.


Choosing the right honeymoon can be difficult, but as far as cool honeymoon destinations go – Costa Rica is ideal. With opportunities to relax and unwind as well as enjoy some incredible activities, it’s the ideal place for adventurers to start their new lives together.

Fun & Unique Games For An Outdoor Wedding

Sure, having an outdoor wedding may be beautiful, but having fun and enjoyable games can make it even better!

There are so many ways to make your wedding fun and entertaining, and with these unique ideas your wedding will not only be memorable, but enjoyable as well.

Tic Tac Toe Wedding Favors

A fun a simple game your guests might enjoy is tic tac toe! Customizing a small tic tac toe game in a pouch will not only keep your guests entertained, but will be a cute way for them to remember your wedding. A simple way to do this is by using colored markers to match your wedding theme or customizing a small hard wood or cloth board with a picture of you and your husband.

Baggo With Customized Boards

Wedding Baggo

Another fun game, being one of my favorites, is Baggo/bean toss. Baggo is a fun outdoor game that is not only convenient, but is easy to play and allows your guests to challenge each other. There are so many things this game can offer, 1) you can customize the boards to match the wedding theme, 2) it’ll allow your guests to play against each other and have fun while doing so, 3) it’ll set the scene and get you and your husbands family talking. Along with customizing the boards not only will it match your wedding, but guests will be at awe with your extra, unique details. If you do choose to customise the boards, make sure to get bags that match as well; whether they’re the color scheme of the wedding, or have you and your husbands names on them.

Giant Jenga

Watch out for the tumbling tower! Try this risky, daring  version of jenga to spice up your wedding. Not only is this game unique, but it can be homemade, keeping your husband busy while you’re out making other wedding decisions. Make sure to inform your guests to wear close toed shoes while playing this game, because though it may be fun, the after results of a block hitting someones foot may not be. Unless it was caught on video, then maybe it might be.


Ladders is such a classic, and it can be easily incorporated with your outdoor wedding! This game is easy to set up, light weight, and can be simply changed to match your wedding venue.

There are so many games one can play at their wedding, but finding the right one can be tricky. Just ask yourself:
1) Which one would be right for the location?
2)Which one is easy to set up?
3) Will this game be the right fit?
4) Will I have fun playing it?
All that matters is the enjoyable of the game itself and the fun it’ll bring to your wedding.

Are Custom Wedding Vows Right for YOU?  

3 Things to Ask Yourself!

Wedding Ceremony

In hopes of making the day as special as possible, you might be considering custom services for some aspects of your wedding. Custom wedding vows are a relatively new concept for weddings, and I feel very honored to currently contribute to people’s lives as a custom vow writer. However, is this  service right for you? Here are 3 things to ask yourself:

First thing To Ask:

Does sharing unique promises, custom written from my love story resonate strongly with me?

Check in with yourself about this. If you feel excited and happy inside when you think about exchanging that One of a Kind of Moment for everyone to experience and remember, then you might want to consider a custom option for your wedding vows. If #Notyourbasicbride and #Uniquebride are your battle cries, then you might want to consider a custom option for your wedding vows. At, answering 10 easy and fun questions about your love story is all you need to begin the creation of unique, very memorable and special promises for your ceremony. Listen to your heart, what are your top passions, desires and hopes for your wedding day? Maybe you want to have the most amazing food, or a rockin’ band or the best possible venue? Maybe you are fortunate enough to have it all! Only you and your soon to be spouse know the answers!

If Unique Vows feel right to you, then the next thing to ask yourself is:

Is this something I want to create myself, or do I want the peace of mind of a professional service?

Are you the type of person that loves creating, planning and making things when it comes to celebrations? Or would you rather just pay someone else so you don’t have to worry about it or put time and energy into the creative process? Most likely, there are aspects of your wedding that you will want to have complete control over and other aspects that you will be more than happy to hand over to a trusted friend, planner or other professional. At, after sharing your love story with me, you are guaranteed to be overjoyed and thrilled with your wedding vows! My custom wedding vow package includes: 350 words of original content created from your love story, just answer 10 fun and simple questions! You choose the tone of the vows: Almost Traditional, Nature Lover, Spiritually Minded, Hopeless Romantic, Poetic, Humorous or Story. Also included is an optional 30-minute phone call (in case there are details you need to discuss) and two revisions after receiving your feedback, making sure you are very happy and excited about your vows!

 Considering Custom Vow’s Is A Huge Relief In The Mind, But Can You Afford Them? Lastly, Ask Yourself:

Is there room in my budget for custom vow services?

As you probably know by now, sometimes it can be extremely hard to stay within a budget while planning your wedding. I believe that your money will naturally gravitate towards what is personally most important to you. There are no right or wrong choices (Again, listen to your heart!). At, I am excited to offer custom wedding vows for you, BECAUSE you deserve to have a unique and memorable experience and BECAUSE this custom option is actually very affordable! HOW? By keeping my expenses low by being a digital-only company (I don’t even have business cards!). Why? BECAUSE I want to contribute to YOUR life in a positive way without affecting our physical environment (or your pocket book) in a negative way. You may also want to know, that I am An One Woman Show, meaning when you reserve a custom vow package with me, I will be the one creating, communicating and writing with and for YOU!

It gets better, though. At, I have created another way to offer truly unique vows to YOU but without the custom price tag! Click here, to see sample content of my unique, ready to use vows that you can easily personalize yourself. With 3 different themes to choose from and offered at half the price of custom vows, even a small wedding budget can accommodate this option!

I really hope these questions help you to create a perfect and special day! May it be blessed with pure joy, sincere promises, gratitude, beauty and forever love!

Brigitte McBride

Writer of vows at  

Photos by: Christine G at

Creating A Sight To Behold At Your Wedding

Wedding Ideas

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Making an impact with your wedding is something a lot of people want. You have already worked hard to arrange the perfect venue, invite the right guests, and sort out all of the little things which will need to come with it, leaving you with little else to do but wait. Of course, though, there are always more jobs around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about the displays you have on the big day. To help you out with this, this post will be going through four creative ways to create a spectacle at your wedding.


Flowers: Starting with something nice and traditional, flowers have long been one of the most popular ways to decorate a wedding. Of course, though, just because this is already trendy, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow the same route which everyone else will be going down. Getting your hands on some wholesale roses for weddings will give you the chance to be very liberal with their placement. To help with this, it could be worth hiring a professional flower artist to make sure that they are arranged properly.


3D Video: Over the last few years, public entertainment technology has entered new realms of possibility, and 3D video is starting to hit the scene. With loads of guides around the web to help you to make this sort of tool, it should be nice and easy to equip your wedding with technology which will leave your wedding on people’s minds. Of course, along with this, you will also need to create some videos to be played through it.


Water: Like spinning LEDs, flowing water can be used to create the illusion of shapes and 3D objects. Using a special electronic waterfall, you can build a display which will be unique, while also being very easy to get set up and ready to use. Of course, you won’t be able to make something like this from home, but you can still look into the idea of borrowing someone else’s. This will ensure that you have the very best experience with these tools.


Sound: Finally, as the last area to consider, not all wedding displays have to be physical. In fact, when used correctly, sound can have more of an impression than the things you hear. To help you out with this, hiring a professional DJ or musician for your big day could be a great idea. For those looking for something a little different, though, you could think about using sounds other than music to add something to your special event.


Hopefully, with all of this in mind, you will be feeling inspired to start working harder on the time you put into your wedding day displays. This sort of pursuit is usually done as a way to show your guests just how strong your relationship is. It doesn’t have to be something big or grand, and most people find that the smaller ideas often have the most impact. Of course, though, whatever you choose, it has to be unique to you.

How To Start And Manage A Side-Gig To Save Money For Your Wedding

Chill Couple

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Planning a wedding is a huge job, and it’s one that can bring a lot of stress and anxiety, especially if you and your partner are doing everything yourselves. From booking the venue to saving money for the big day, there’s a lot to think about, and when it becomes overwhelming, it can put a strain on your relationship and can even take some of the joy out of what should be a very happy occasion.


One great way to reduce stress and ensure that your wedding day is as perfect as you want it to be is to take on a side-gig that will allow you to earn extra money. While adding to your schedule may not sound appealing now, it can actually be beneficial in several ways, including giving you the opportunity to test the waters with a new career.


Here are a few of the best tips on starting and managing a side-gig.


Start your own business

While the months leading up to your wedding may not seem like the ideal time to start a business, it can actually be very manageable. If you’re creative and enjoy making things like jewelry, clothing, accessories, or artwork, you can start selling items online; you can also offer your services to others by doing freelance photography or calligraphy for weddings, which will give you the chance to scope out some nuptials before your own big day.


For many of these businesses, you may need to purchase materials and equipment, which can be pricey. But, don’t panic! There are various business loans specifically for female entrepreneurs (including SBA Loans, Term Loans, Business Lines of Credit and Short-Term Loans). Start by reading up on each loan type available, so that you can feel confident you’re making an educated decision on the best loan for your needs. Knowledge is power, and it can make a world of difference when securing a business loan.


Personal assistant

There may be several people in your area who could use an extra hand, whether it’s help with coordinating a schedule or running errands. Look online for tips on where to get started, or download an app such as Taskrabbit that will hook you up with people in need. The key with these kinds of jobs is to make sure you stay organized and maintain communication with your clients at all times.


Teach a class

Knowledgeable about art, yoga, or history? Look into part-time teaching jobs with local high schools, colleges, and gyms where you can share your knowledge and earn some extra bucks at the same time. There are different guidelines for different states, so make sure you do some research into what kind of credentials you need.


Sell Your Stuff

Becoming a verified seller on Amazon or with a fashion app like Poshmark or Vinted can help you earn money selling things you have sitting unused in your home, or if you love shopping at thrift and antique stores, you can make a business of finding the right buyer for certain items. The key to making this a success is taking great photos of your items and maximizing their potential so the buyer can see immediately that they can’t live without it.


Start A Blog

If you have something interesting to say, consider starting a blog, which will allow you to gather followers and monetize using ad space. The most important thing to consider here is how to garner readers who will keep coming back, so make your content funny, heartfelt, relatable, and knowledgeable and maintain it each week.


Starting and managing a side-gig will not only help you earn extra money for your big day, it could put you on a new career path if you decide you enjoy it enough. Do some research before making any decisions, and talk to your partner about how he or she can help during this time to reduce stress and worry.

Everything You Need To Know For Wedding Pictures You Want To Keep Forever

Your wedding photos are one of the absolute ‘musts’ when it comes to figuring out your wedding budget. They are one of the main things you should think about splurging on, as the pictures will last forever – unlike many other elements of the ceremony. They can help you to keep the day alive in your mind whenever you look at them, and bring a smile to your face and that of your family’s. The wedding pictures are about the bride and groom, yes, but they are also about capturing pictures of your friends and family to treasure forever, too. How often is it that all of the people you love the most will be in one place together? It’s probably very rare, but these photographs can help you to capture some of the most precious moments in time.


But how can you be sure that you’re going to end up with wedding pictures that you want to keep forever and ever? This guide is going to help you. Read on if you want to make sure you wouldn’t change a single thing:

Wedding Photo Tips



Find A Wedding Photographer That Suits You As A Couple

Here’s a shocking fact for you: not all wedding photographers are created equal. They all have their own unique eye and style, so it’s imperative you check out their portfolios and find a style that suits you best. Some photos will be very modern and colorful, while others may be simplistic. With the right artistic wedding photographer you’ll get some quality shots that you’ll want to cherish for the rest of your life. Take your time to find the one that’s right for you!


Don’t forget either, that wonderful photographers can often book up a year in advance. If you find one you like, book them ASAP to make sure you get the pictures of your dreams.


Make Sure You Finalize Your Wedding Day Schedule

You want to make sure your pictures are taken in natural light, so make sure you discuss with your photographer your wedding day schedule so they know the best time to take your pictures. You don’t want to lose the best lighting in the day, or get half hearted pictures because your photographer has had to rush to get the shots you want. Make sure you discuss with them what you plan on doing but stay flexible incase they know a way to make your pictures even better.


Explain How You Like To Look In Photos

Wedding photos are subjective. A photographer may think that you look beautiful in a shot, while you think you look like Shrek’s third cousin. It’s a good idea to explain how you want to look in the pictures to your photographer beforehand. In fact, show them a picture that you really like of yourself, and a picture that you don’t. This should give them a better idea and a handy guide they can use to capture the pictures that you really want. You could even give the photographer a list of pictures that you don’t want them to take. For example, you might not want pictures where you and your partner aren’t smiling, or you might want to avoid wide angle shots. Telling them this on the day can throw them off, so tell them in advance!


Get Some Candid Shots

A great photographer will get some candid shots of you and your loved ones, making the pictures all the more special. Sure, posing for pictures can be great, but don’t underestimate how awesome candid pictures can turn out if captured at the right time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a picture of you and your parents laughing, with none of you even aware that a photo is being taken? These magical moments are ones you will treasure. The best photographer will be able to take awesome shots while minimizing time away from your family and friends.

Wedding Photo Tips



Let Go Of Perfect

It can be so hard to let go of the idea that your wedding day must be ‘perfect’. However, if something doesn’t quite go as planned and you’re not happy about it, you’re not going to end up with amazing shots where you show what a great time you’re having. Why would you want a picture of you looking like you hate the person you just married in your photo album? Let go of perfect and do your best to enjoy the day, whatever happens.


Do The First Look Before The Ceremony

Tradition says that you can’t see your partner before the ceremony, but this is total rubbish. Instead, arrange to see your partner when all of the guests are in the church, so you have a quiet 5 minutes to yourself before the chaos ensues. You should also get a wonderful ‘first look’ shot!


Relax And Act Naturally

You might know your angles, but trying too hard to pose is going to make your pictures look stiff and unnatural. Listen to your photographer, and do your best to relax and act as naturally as you can.


Get A Professional To Help With Your Makeup

There’s a reason natural wedding makeup often wins over heavier wedding makeup. Wearing heavy liner and shadow on your big day can actually drown out your eyes – so they won’t show up in pictures, and you can actually begin to look quite scary! If you intend on wearing false tan, then make sure you’re even all over and you use bronzer to your advantage. The editing process can be made difficult for photographers when your chest and face are different colors.


Don’t Ask To See The Pictures While Your Photographer Is Working

The pictures you see on a camera on the day are going to be different to the pictures your photographer will send to you once edited. Asking your photographer to see the pictures while they are working is annoying, and can throw them off. Let them work and look forward to seeing the pictures once edited and ready!

Say Cheese! Capturing Your Day The Right Way

Take a deep breath. We know you have a lot on your mind right now, and this is yet another thing you could do without. But, we urge you to take a moment to consider the style you’d like in your wedding photos. In truth, this isn’t an issue all brides think about. In fact, even if you don’t consider it, your photographer will probably have a few style ideas.

The issue with that, of course, is that they don’t know you. It’s likely they’ll only meet the pair of you once or twice before the big day. Can you trust them to capture things the way you want? What’s more, knowing the style you’re after can help you select a photographer to match your needs. If you haven’t given any thought to what you want, how can you even start to make the right choice? You don’t have to spend hours planning this. It should be relatively easy to consider your options. And, to get you off on the right footing, let’s look at three of the most popular wedding photo setups.

The traditional option

Wedding Photography Tips

Flickr Image


If you and your man are going for a traditional wedding, it makes sense to get traditional photographs. You know the style; group portraits of everyone on a lawn with nice backing. One or two pictures of you and your man standing close and smiling into the camera. These options have been prerequisites since before most of us remember. And, there’s a good reason why they’ve stood the test of time. These are an easy but efficient way to capture your day, and everyone you shared it with. If you’re all about keeping it classic, this is a must for you.


A candid shot

Wedding Photography

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Many couples are deciding to stray from tradition, and a lot of them are doing it by opting for candid shots. In many ways, these can be more meaningful because they’re unplanned. What better way to capture a realistic and lasting image of how your day progressed? In fact, many of the most romantic wedding portraits out there are of the candid variety. What’s more, you could get some fantastic shots of your loved ones enjoying themselves this way. The compromise? You will have to accept that this could be a mixed bag. The nature of candid shots is that there’s no telling how they’ll come out. You may get pictures which don’t quite work. But, you can be sure there will be a fair few gems in there if you take this risk.

Getting artistic

Wedding Photography Ideas

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There’s also plenty of call for more artistic photographs. These are ideal for creative couples who want to frame their wedding shots as prints in the future. These could include anything from soft focus, off-center shots, to pictures of you and your man staring into the distance. Silhouetted options are also popular, and can look stunning when done well. If you fancy getting creative with your capturing, then, this is the one for you.


Dress Your Wedding Table Too!

So, you’ve got the perfect dress for your wedding day. You’ve even joined a fitness boot camp to tone your body and look amazing in pictures on the big day. You should be proud of yourself: Choosing your bridal dress is a fantastic achievement in your wedding plans. For a lot of brides, finding the perfect wedding dress can take several months, and it’s often a hectic and stressful process. First of all, most brides have been dreaming of the perfect dress, either inspired by their favorite films or the fashion display of celebrities. We all know that when you close your eyes, you imagine yourself either wearing a tight mermaid dress or a Disney princess skirt. These designs are the most popular bridal selections, but they are not right for every woman. That’s why it’s so difficult to find the perfect dress for you. But don’t think your dress duties end now. You also need to think of how to dress the table!

Dress Your Wedding Table

A nature-inspired wedding table


Plan your tables

The worst thing you could do to your guests is to forget – intentionally or not – to give them directions. Guests who can’t find the venue might turn up late, or not at all, for instance. And guests who can’t find their table may cause delay or mayhem, or simply spoil the mood. You can’t let your guests decide where to sit, as this will lead to a lot of problems, such as some people becoming isolated from the rest of the party, tables being too loud, or even people arguing. You need to plan your table carefully, making sure that you put together guests who either know each other or have a lot in common. Provide a clear plan in the program and at the entrance of the room so that everybody knows where they sit.


Get practical yet inventive

You may not be offering a three-star catering option, but your guests still expect the tables to be dressed appropriately. In other words, it doesn’t matter how casual you want your wedding party to be: You need to get the details rights. For your special day, you to surprise your guests with custom-made napkins, for instance – as these can take time to design, you might want to buy wedding napkins today. Additionally, if you’re offering a choice of dishes – such as a buffet option for example – it’s best to find ways of displaying the cutlery for guests to find what they need. Using flowerpots to hold your cutlery gives an amusing throwback feel.


Maintain your theme

Your tables are part of your venue decor. Consequently, if you’ve chosen a theme, you need to make sure that it’s reflected in the way you dress the table. A Greek theme can mean adding statues as a centerpiece, or even using Greek names instead of table numbers. Who wouldn’t want to sit at Aphrodite’s table? If you just want something simple and a little rustic for your wedding, a hessian table runner can evoke the simple natural style you’re after. You can add fresh seasonal flowers in jam jars to give a charming cottage feel to the whole scene too.


Your tables will be the center of the attention during an important part of the wedding party. Most guests eat, socialize and chat at the tables than they dance!

How To Make Your Wedding Eco Friendly

Marrying the love of your life is truly the greatest gift of all. But why not turn your special day into something more? Are you the type of person that enjoys helping and saving the environment? We’ll then you’ll enjoy what you’re about the read. Making a difference doesn’t mean you have to ask your guest to donate money or do anything out of the ordinary. Just read these simple ways to make your wedding eco friendly and it will not only make your wedding unique, but will also make a small difference as well.



bottle vases

One simple thing a bride can do is have a “green wedding”. Having a green wedding doesn’t mean you have to decorate everything green and put recycling labels all over. By upcycling wedding decor, it not only makes your wedding unique but also inspires others to reuse their own items at home. Upcycling decor could mean using wine bottles as vases, wheel barrels as coolers, photo frames as guest directories and much more! Some individuals have even used their artistic and creative minds to make newspaper flowers, reused wood pallets as tables and have made homemade candles in a teacup.

Composting & Recycling

At a wedding, trash can pile up too quickly once dinner time comes. Having designated trash cans for specific items may seem a little naive, however, by doing this not only will you be helping the environment but could also give yourself a little discount on your wedding. Labeling specific trash cans for glass, papers and food can do 3 helpful things. 1) The food your guests are willing to throw away can be made into compost, food you can then share with your garden friends! 2) After the wedding, going to your local dumpster and turning in your collected items may not give you much cash back, however, every penny counts and it’s better in your pocket than wasted. 3) Asking your guest to recycle items gives them the impression that you’re a caring person. So not only will they be more than willing to cooperate, but it will make your wedding more eco friendly as well.

Lose The Rice & Confetti!

Though throwing rice and confetti is a tradition, it doesn’t do much but make a mess. Besides rice, paper confetti is an equivalent to throwing paper on the ground and leaving it to the wind to carry the paper away. A safe and clever alternative to the traditional rice and confetti (just give it some thought) would be grass seeds! Throwing grass seeds instead of rice or confetti is not only safe and keeps the grass growing, but is a symbolic representation of the love that remained at that special place, for when the seeds were thrown, a new life with your love had begun.

Plants As Wedding Favors

Another way to keep the love alive is by giving plants as your wedding favors. Some brides offer small trees to their guests, others succulents. Personally, my favorite wedding favor would be wildflower seeds. Every flower, animal, color and object has multiple meanings. However, the wildflower is my favorite. Wildflowers don’t get a choice as to where they grow. They follow the wind and end up where they do. They survive through the harshest of weathers, seasons, disasters and times. And yet, they still live on.

Love is never easy, it is a challenge of what could be with dedication and hard work.  In the end those who truly love are the ones who marry. They are the ones who have families and continue loving until old age. They are the ones who survived through the harshest of fights, the temptation of desertion and the beauty of happiness. They are the wildflowers, because they are survivors. And love was the drive that kept them moving forward.  Personally, my favorite wedding favor would be wildflower seeds. However, every bride has a unique personality with it’s own style. So if you choose to incorporate plants as your wedding favor, make sure to find the right one for you.


Marrying the love of your life is truly the greatest gift of all. But why not turn your special day into something more? Making your wedding eco friendly not only helps the environment, but adds a unique twist as well. Make sure to embrace your style and remember that this is your wedding. So have fun and be confident with whatever your theme may be!

Thanks for reading & make sure to stay in the Wedding Vibe!

Photos by Danielle S  &  Michelle E

Unique Weddings: The Best Venues And Ideas For Your Special Day

Unique Bride

Photo via Pixabay by Vutrongtien


Unless you are a traditional bride-to-be, you likely want a wedding as unique as you and your partner. That can be difficult these days with more brides going the non-traditional route for their nuptials, but fortunately, there are still some great ideas out there that haven’t been done a million times.


The key to having your dream wedding is to make sure the day reflects what you and your partner are all about. Don’t cater it to the tastes of your family members or according to what your friends think is most beautiful. Instead, make it as unique as you and the one you love. Add in elements that show off both your tastes and don’t be afraid to be a little quirky. After all, this day is a celebration of your love and commitment to one another, so why make it about anyone else?


Here are a few tips on how to have a unique wedding day that doesn’t leave you stressed or broke.


Take It Outside


Outdoor weddings are always gorgeous, and depending on where you live, you may be able to pull one off no matter what time of year you want to get married. A good plan will help you ensure that the day is a success, so begin by figuring out the location. Do you want to head out to the woods? The beach? Or, your own backyard, maybe? Any of these places will be perfect for an arbor or pergola, which will act as the centerpiece of your ceremony. Since you’ll be saving money on the venue, you can splurge a bit on the structure. The national average cost to build a pergola is $3,501, which is totally doable on most budgets. Click here for more information on pricing.

Make It About The Reception


It’s possible to have a simple wedding ceremony and go all out for the reception while sticking to a budget. Create a fun rest area just off the dance floor that will give your guests a beautiful place to relax by adding plush couches, fun lighting and curtains all around to give the entire area an air of exclusivity. This is a great idea for a vineyard wedding, where you can set up various areas for guests to mingle and enjoy their food and drink.


Set A Theme


Choosing a general theme that shows off your personalities will help make the day as unique as you. Think about your passions, your hobbies, the things you can’t live without. If you’re both big readers, consider looking for a historic library that will host the ceremony and center the theme around books. There are tons of cute reception ideas you can base on this theme; go here for a few.


Go Modern


If you’re looking to get away from “traditional,” go modern instead. There are plenty of venues you can host a wedding in that will showcase your contemporary style while still giving the guests a bit of fun, such as the New Children’s Museum in San Diego, California, or the Blacksmith Shop At the Yards in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These bright, open spaces offer something different while giving you a chance to show off your style.


Creating your ideal wedding doesn’t have to be a stressful or overwhelming experience. Think about the best ways to make the day entirely your own and talk to your partner so you can collaborate on ideas and themes. Communicate with your friends and family about how they can help you turn your big day into a huge success, and don’t forget to take care of yourself to keep stress and anxiety at bay.


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