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How to Make Your Engagement or Wedding Ring More Meaningful

Engagement and wedding rings are automatically very meaningful by nature, but besides the fact that they are a gift centered around your marriage, they can be even more personal to you.

If you’re able to have a say in your engagement/wedding ring (meaning, it’s not a surprise), here’s a list that was put together by the wedding experts at Bliss in Los Angeles. This will give you some great ideas on how you can dig even deeper to make your ring more meaningful.


How to Make Your Engagement or Wedding Ring More Meaningful

Image source: Aprés Jewelry


Don’t be Swayed by Trends

When it comes to your engagement ring, it’s important to not get caught up in whatever the current trend is. Choose something that’s more of an “anchor” of your core style, something that’s classic and won’t look dated in fifteen years. Sure, you can always make changes to your ring, but it’s important to choose one that you feel is truly timeless.

How to Make Your Engagement or Wedding Ring More Meaningful

Image source: Aliza Rae Photography

Consider Different Inscriptions

Inscriptions are a great way to personalize a ring and make it meaningful and unique to you—and the options are countless. You can inscribe special dates, words, nicknames, poem lines, song lyrics, even your fingerprint or heartbeat. Anything that connects you to your partner is a great idea. Some couples even inscribe their rings with a phrase that is split between the two rings. Inscribing is a sweet, deeply personal touch to your engagement or wedding ring.


How to Make Your Engagement or Wedding Ring More Meaningful

Image source: Taylor & Heart


Gemstone on the Inside

For a subtle, secret addition to make your ring more meaningful, consider setting your partner’s birthstone on the inside of it. You can also use your own birthstone, of course, but many people like having their partner’s stone set to feel close to them at all times.


How to Make Your Engagement or Wedding Ring More Meaningful

Image source: Enso Rings

Consider Your Lifestyle

Are you outdoorsy? Do you play a lot of sports or swim? How about gardening? Does your career require you to use your hands in such a way that a ring would become a nuisance (like if you’re a chef), or could get easily damaged (like if you use a lot of chemicals)? Since you’ll probably be wearing your ring every day, it’s important that it easily fits your lifestyle. It should seamlessly become a part of your day-to-day. This is something that you should certainly consider, and even discuss with a jeweler if possible. They will know the type of ring that will best work for you.


How to Make Your Engagement or Wedding Ring More Meaningful

Image source: Victor Barboné

Remake Something Old

Whether you choose to accept a ring that has been in your family for years or you’re simply a vintage or antique lover with a great eye, sometimes the most perfect engagement ring is one that has been loved before. When you decide to buy a previously-owned ring or accept an heirloom that has been in the family, it’s extra special because you’re taking on a lot of love. You can also make the ring your own by making subtle changes to it such as inscribing and adding other details, changing the stone, or even just simply re-sizing it to fit you perfectly.


How to Make Your Engagement or Wedding Ring More Meaningful

Image source: Yoon Jungyun

Imprint Rings

Still a relatively new concept, imprint rings make a very fun, unique choice. The opposite of an inscription, an imprint is raised from the ring on the inside so that it leaves a “stamp” on your skin when the ring is removed. It’s like your ring has left behind a small, sweet footprint whenever you need to take it off. You can imprint messages or images—whatever is most personal to you.


Image source: Envero New York


Select a Truly Meaningful Stone

Sure, we all love sparkly diamonds, but they don’t have to be the automatic go-to when it comes to your ring. Maybe you’re more of an emerald lover, or perhaps a sapphire. It all comes down to taste. But if the traditional diamond isn’t for you, make your ring more personal by choosing your favorite precious stone. Here’s a quick rundown of a few other options.

  • Rubies, which represent tranquility and peace of mind.
  • Amethysts, known to bestow peace, stability, spirituality, contentment, and strength.
  • Emeralds, called the “stones of successful love”, are associated with rebirth and renewal.
  • Pearls, which represent wisdom through experience, purity, wealth, luck, and protection of children.
  • Opals, which represent self-esteem, creativity, and passion.
  • Sapphire, believed to banish negative thoughts and bring protection from illness and disharmony.


Which stone represents you the most?


How to Make Your Engagement or Wedding Ring More Meaningful

Image source: Purple Poem Craft


A Rough Diamond

Many women select a rough diamond because it can transform along with the marriage. Although it may not be as sparkly as a cut diamond in the beginning, as the marriage progresses, the ring should, too. For example, when the couple becomes pregnant with their first child, the rough diamond can be cut a little and re-set to mark the occasion. It can then be repeated when the next baby comes along…or a big move takes place, or anniversaries. The idea is that a rough, raw diamond reflects the rawness of a couple’s new life together—and as their life together shifts and changes, so does the diamond. This is a symbolic concept that will require a little commitment, but many find it to be worth it and very meaningful.


Hopefully this article has given you a bit of inspiration on how to make your engagement or wedding ring as personal and meaningful as possible. Remember, you’ll be wearing it forever, so make sure it says something important to you, and holds a special meaning.

Maid of Honor Responsibilities

What is the Maid of Honor?


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Terminology for the maid of honor has changed throughout time. However, overall the maid of honor represents the most important bridesmaid. She is the leader, the head of the bridesmaids and the guiding hand to the bride along her journey.

Each duty the maid of honor typically handles overlaps or references another topic. But here are some of the responsibilities to get you started:


The maid of honor must be very organized. It is her duty to keep the other bridesmaids well informed and aware of bridal events to come. With organization comes tidiness and assistance. It is the maid of honors responsibility to help and assist the bride in any way need be. Staying organized could mean managing a contacts book for all aspects of the wedding. Documenting decisions such as playlists, food choices, floral arrangements, hired professionals and more. Another way to stay organized is by keeping the bride on track. Wedding planning can be stressful on a bride, so by helping her meet deadlines, keep track of appointments and cross elements off the to-do list, it lifts a weight off her chest.


Typically, it is the maid of honors responsibility to plan the bridal and/or wedding shower and the bachelorette party. The bride already has so much on her plate. By taking these two parts off her hands, it gives her less to worry about and something to look forward too. This isn’t the maid of honors responsibility alone; however, it is her responsibility to rally up the rest of the bridesmaids so they can plan and engage as a team.


It’s understandable that availability could become scarce due to individual lives and factors such as family, careers and personal issues. But as the maid of honor it is your duty to find flexibility within your busy schedule. With difficulties faced in everyday life, a stressed out bride may become overwhelmed and depressed at one point in the wedding planning process. It is your responsibility to help her through emotional instability. To get her through the tough times and be there for her when help is needed. Remind her to take time for herself and get her to relax when she seems to be overly stressed.

There is a reason why she chose YOU to be her maid of honor. So prove her right and be the best bridesmaid a woman can be.

Shadowed Responsibilities

While some responsibilities are clearly in the light, there are some that are shadowed and not as obvious as others. Some of those responsibilities include: Signing the marriage license, preparing a bridal emergency kit, helping the bride get ready before the wedding, helping her into her gown, acting as a host, preparing a toast at the ceremony, accompanying and communicating with the best man, and much more.

Another shadowed responsibility is the fact that the maid of honor is similar to public relations. She should know all the facts, details, the in and out of the wedding. If any friends or family members have questions about the wedding and anything else overall, the maid of honor should be there to answer them.

The bride has a lot on her plate leading up to the big day. With the maid of honors help, not only will her wedding be a successful, but enjoyable as well.

Some women may not realize it, but most brides are so overwhelmed by the planning process that they look more forward to getting the day over with than marrying the love of their life. No bride should be so stressed that she just wants to fly by her wedding day. This is why the maid of honor is so important, and why you should feel honored that she chose you.

Good luck Maid of Honor, and hopefully this article was helpful for you!

Choosing Your Wedding Party

The Stress Behind Choosing Your Wedding Party

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Choosing your wedding party is going to be stressful, no doubt. When word goes out about your engagement, many women are going to be curious about whether or not they’ll be asked to be in your wedding. Yes, some women will be bummed if they don’t get that invitation. But in the end, you need to accept a few things. 1. That you can’t make everyone happy. 2. This is your wedding, so don’t focus all of your decisions on others feelings. 3. They will understand your decisions and ultimately care about your happiness on the big day.

Elimination Process

Like my mother, I have inherited the weird passion of making lists. No matter what I do and whenever I’m stressed I make a list to make things seem more clear and within reach. There are a few steps you can take. Step 1 of the elimination process is making a list of all the possible candidates that could be in your wedding party. Now ask yourself how many people you are willing to have in your wedding party.

Lets say that there are 10 people on your list of possible candidates, and you only want 8 people in your wedding. From 1-10, 1 being most important and 10 being least, who do you absolutely need in your wedding. Because you only need 8 people, the last 2 people, rating 9 an 10, are eliminated from your wedding party.

Rating Importance

Rating importance sounds a little cliche, like a popularity contest. But here is a different angle to change your perspective. When you think about importance, think about who has been there for you the most. Who has supported your relationship from day 1. Think about the person who is emotionally supportive and who you’re not afraid to go to for help. Importance doesn’t refer to a popularity contest. Your wedding party should be made up of those who have helped you be the person that you are today. Women who care more about your happiness than the dress they get to wear for being “chosen”.

The Maid of Honor

Choosing the maid of honor is another story. There are so many responsibilities behind the title, so many that another article is going be coming soon titled “Maid of Honor Responsibilities.” But for right now, how should she be chosen?  One way to choose your maid of honor is by looking at your “importance list” from before and choosing who’s on the very top. Another thing to consider is the responsibilities. It’s one thing to have a friend that’s always there for you. But it’s another thing to have a friend that is reliable, trusting and responsible. Being the Maid of Honor is a huge responsibility, for she assists the bride throughout the entirety of the wedding planning process. Not only that, but she needs to be organized, emotionally supportive for the bride, be informative to other bridesmaids and be made available whenever the bride needs her. When choosing your maid of honor, choose the woman that meets all the criteria and who you know will make your wedding planning experience less stressful in the long run.

Choosing your wedding party can be stressful, but in the end you need to accept a few things. 1. That you can’t make everyone happy. 2. This is your wedding, so don’t focus all of your decisions on others feelings. 3. They will understand your decisions and ultimately care about your happiness on the big day.

Thanks for reading, and remember to stay in the Wedding Vibe!

DEAL ALERT: Half of America Failed V-Day … redeem yourself with a weekend getaway

valentines day weekend

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  • Two-thirds of Americans are more likely to have sex on Valentine’s Day if their partner gave them an exciting gift
  • 77% of Americans would be more excited by a weekend getaway than a piece of jewelry or a watch
  • A third (33%) of men have admitted to giving a disappointing Valentine’s Day gift, compared to just 15% of women
  • 61% of single Americans would rather go on a weekend getaway with their friends, compared to just 39% who would prefer an extravagant date
  • Over 2 in 5 (41%) Americans have been given a disappointing Valentine’s Day gift

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Sharing the Love This Valentine’s Day

A Quick Note

Happy Valentine’s Day from Wedding Vibe to you! If it hadn’t been for our amazing brides and newlyweds, we wouldn’t be where we are today! Thank you for sharing your love, inspiring our amazing bloggers and for staying in the “wedding vibe” all these glorious years! With that being said, let’s kick off this lovely day with an article directed towards all of our readers. Whether you are a bride in the wedding planning process, a newly wed enjoying your marriage or a joy set couple looking for fun and exciting ideas, this article was meant for you. Here are some fun and exciting Valentine’s day ideas for you to enjoy!

(This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.)

Bake Your Heart Away

This recipe is perfect for a sweet treat at home or a delicious delicacy at your wedding. Do you enjoy lemon shortbread cookies? Well here’s a twist to this bittersweet delight. Take out your heart shaped cookie cutter and try it out on your favorite lemon shortbread recipe. Once the cookies come out of the oven, compliment them with a raspberry glaze. The 3 combinations of bitter, sour, and sweet create a perfect harmony of flavor that you and your guests will enjoy.

Cupids Poison

Sweet and innocent, with a deadly catch. This drink will knock you up in hysterical flash. A chocolate, covered strawberry in a liquid form, with a splash of coconut malibu to change it’s norm. Now enough with the poetry, here’s the recipe for this margarita I like to call Cupids Poison. In a blender you’re going to need:

5 strawberries

1/2 cup ice

3/4 cup of strawberry kiwi juice

1 banana

A pump of chocolate

1 shot of coconut Malibu

This seductive mixer is perfect as a signature drink to start the party at your wedding, or even to spice up your movie night with the husband! Test this recipe with the lemon raspberry shortbread cookies, a perfect combination for you to enjoy!

A Passion for Writing

They say that writing is the perfect way to let the heart flow and speak for itself. Write a love letter to your loved one and let them know how much you care and appreciate them. A way to preserve this precious moment is by framing both letters side by side; bringing light to the deeper, genuine love you two share.

A Rosy Essence

Take advantage of your Valentines day flowers before they wilt away! In a saucer pan filled with water, add a thick layer of rose petals (preferably red or pink) and place it on the stove set on high. When the color leaves the rose petals and they turn white, turn off the stove and let the water cool. Once the water cools, remove the rose petals and carefully pour your new, natural perfume into a reusable perfume bottle. This idea is perfect for those of you that love natural, floral scents without the overwhelming aura of store bought perfumes. Great for date nights, as a pillow perfume, a bride before “I Do” and as bridesmaids gifts!

Letting Love Grow

We’ve all heard, “If you love something, set it free,” but what about let it grow? Now a days succulents are trending, and it’s becoming popular as a wedding favor gift since they’re easy to grow and take care of. Normally, this is the idea most people picture by “Let Love Grow.” But here is a unique idea that I found interesting and worth recapturing. In 2012, Disney studios released a heart felt movie called “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.” The movie is about a couple who heavily want to bear a child. Unable to do so, they put in a box all of their wishes they hope for in a child and bury it in the garden. As if by magic, a child is born and his name is Timothy Green.

Putting a twist to this inspiring movie, here is an idea to let love grow. Write a letter, a promise to your loved one that your love towards them is genuine and infinite. Placing your letter/s and his in a box, bury it in the garden and let your plants flourish above. With each year that passes, your love will continue growing. A beautiful way to symbolize your love.

Who’s Craftier?

It was fun decorating Valentines day mailboxes for school when we were young. Getting cards from secret admirers  and candy from classmates. But now that we are adults, why must the arts and crafts end? Have a fun date night with your man and decorate your card box together for the wedding! If you both like to do your own thing and put your artistic abilities to the test, then draw a division line on the box and have your guests rate who’s more artistic, the bride or the groom?

This was fun, wouldn’t you say? It was a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. With crafts and roses, cookies and drinks. Try these ideas and your guests will like the way you think. Thank you for your support, and before we say goodbye. A happy Valentine’s day to all, and remember to stay in the Wedding Vibe!

Reasons To Have a Winter Wedding

Why Should I Have A Winter Wedding?

The real question is why SHOULDN’T a bride have a winter wedding? Sure it has it’s downs like the warm, summer heat and breathtaking wild flowers. But behind the chill of winter is a treasure chest worth exploring.

Here are a few of the top reasons why winter weddings are worth the planning:

They’re Budget Friendly In Many Ways!

With so many holidays shifting from in and out of season, prices get lowered and weddings become more affordable. Seasonal decorations hit the market in bulk, so once the holidays are over prices get lowered from 50% off to even 75-80% off.

Just because you’re having a winter wedding doesn’t mean that you have to have a “Christmas or Valentines Day” themed wedding. Take advantage of the color schemes, glits and glam, material, fabric, decorations and clothing attire! Here’s a little secret: Labeling is everything! For example, let’s say your wedding colors revolve around red. Christmas and Valentines day are most popular with that color. Fashion dresses come out and what do you know, they’re categorized as Christmas and Valentines day. Once the holidays are over stores can’t have out of season attire on the racks, so what do they do? Lower the prices dramatically! This is perfect for you because this is a great opportunity to shop for your bridesmaid dresses!

Going to a bridal boutique to shop for your bridesmaids dresses can be overwhelming, especially with the high prices. Take advantage of these deals and the time of the year because most brides aren’t able to score this lucky!

Wanting to have the perfect winter wonderland wedding? Then shop after Christmas and before the new year! This is the perfect opportunity to get your snowflakes, lights, glitter, crystals, vintage lace and much more at a decent price.


One of the biggest worries brides have to face is the weather! By having a winter wedding, for one you don’t have to worry about the darn heat and humidity! Unless you live in a warmer region, then I guess this part of the article won’t do you much good. But for the ladies dealing with mother nature and all of her mood swings, then here is some helpful advice. By having a winter wedding, for one it’ll be indoors. So no worrying about the humidity, hot weather, chance for showers, muddy heels, and anything else that could go wrong.

The Off-Season

The greatest thing about winter weddings is that it’s considered “the off season”.  The time of year when no one typically plans a wedding. In this case, you’re in lucky because:

1. It differentiates you as a bride.

2. Not many halls will be booked up during this time of year, so venue spots will be cheaper and you will have more dates to choose from.

3. Since most weddings happen during the summer, now your family and friends won’t need to feel overwhelmed and can focus all of there attention on you on your big day.


Some people may not think about it much, but why do you think it takes photographers so long to process and edit your wedding photos? It’s because they’re so busy with other brides and weddings during the summer time that it becomes time consuming. By having a winter wedding, photographers are more available, can focus more directly on you and get your wedding photos back to you faster than average.

Another plus to having a winter wedding are the beautiful photos in the glistening snow. Nothing is more mystical and magical than a photo beneath the falling snow.

Not many brides plan their wedding around the winter months. But why shouldn’t they when there are so many positives behind the bittersweet chills. Fall in love with the glistening snow, it may be more magically than one may know!

Love is Encouragement

The Four Obstacles

There will always be a factor that divides your path and challenges your future. There will be opportunities and disadvantages, but as a married couple you will have to learn how to conquer these ups and downs as a team.

There is a book that I often like to reflect upon called “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. It is a fictional story with realistic morals and life lessons about the four obstacles to fulfilling ones dream. The book itself is inspiring, with a deep, motivational drive. But it can also be in relation to a married couple, and how partners can actually drive each others ambitions and make their relationship stronger.

1. Realizing the Impossible is Possible

Within this article we are going to take a 180 from the original story when discussing the four obstacles to fulfilling ones dreams. The first obstacle is realizing the impossible is possible. Since childhood, parents and adults criticize dreams that seem foolish and out of reach. We grow up believing that dreams are nearly impossible to accomplish, locking away temptation and motivational drives. Before joined by marriage, surely you and your spouse spoke about dreams and future careers. In this moment ask yourself if you both truly are happy in your current positions. Are you both happy in your current employments and location? Communicate with one another and help each other realize whether or not this form of stability is heavenly, questionable or dreadful. Once realization is set into place, understand that following your dreams isn’t impossible. Motivate your spouse and be their strength, because you are the driving factor that will help them along this journey.

2. Love

It’s said that love is one of the biggest set backs from following your dreams; however, sometimes it may just be the biggest influence. Ones life could be going in one direction with a clear path and set up structure, love being the influence to a second path giving light. Though negativity is powerful and more brought up than the positive aspects, I am still faithful and a true believer that love is encouragement rather than defeat.

A true, motivational drive is by having support from a loved one. If your spouse is truly passionate about something in their life, encourage them to face their dreams head on. Be by their side through the ups and downs and lend a helping hand when things get tough.

3. Fear

In every point in someones life, fear is an obstacle that is hard to surpass. But with love at hand, it is possible to eliminate fear and bring one’s dream within grasp. When doubt is present, reassure your partner that it is okay to have fear; however in the end, it’s what we do with it and how we handle the fear we’re faced with. Challenge your partner to get out of their comfort zone. To step beyond what they think they are capable of. Show them that they are stronger than they may believe, giving them the confidence to continue this journey.

Fear of Accomplishment

Sometimes it isn’t fear, love or doubt that holds one back from accomplishing their dreams. In most cases its guilt. Guilt of accomplishing something that one can one imagine. Your spouse shouldn’t feel guilty for accomplishing their dreams. If this is the case, encourage them and let him/her know how proud you are of them. That they shouldn’t feel selfish for wanting to do more with their life. Give them that extra push needed, because you are the guiding figure that lights their way out of the darkness.

With 24 hours in a given day, there is so much that could be accomplished. Don’t let this ambition of yours go to waste. If you and your spouse work together and embark on this journey as a team, then you two truly will find the peak happiness and a new meaning to what true love stands for.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

How To Choose A Wedding Venue

choose a wedding venue

Image Credit

Obviously your wedding day is one of the most memorable and special moments in your life. It is a day that you will cherish for an eternity. Thus, it is important that it is as perfect as can be; every little element needs to tie together in order to create a day of sheer bliss. One of these elements, which is of the utmost importance, is the venue you choose for your reception.


It’s all about you… don’t forget that!


As your wedding day is all about you, it is crucial that you pick a reception venue which showcases who you are; your tastes and your personality. You need to feel at ease with your surroundings and this is achieved by picking somewhere and decorating it in everything which you love and find beautiful. The last thing you want to do is feel like an alien on your own wedding day, surrounded by foreign elements which may be perfect for someone else’s big day but certainly not yours.


Therefore, when it comes to the planning of what venue to go for and how to decorate it, you need to be as opinionated as necessary. Do not let anyone tell you what they think is best for you and do not worry about being deemed bossy, it’s your day – you are allowed.


Listen to your gut feeling


When it comes to choosing the venue you need to pick somewhere that instantly takes your breath away, you should have an instant gut feeling that this is the place for you. When it comes to the decorations, from the table centre pieces to the colour theme, every last aspect dictates the entire mood of the day and needs to fit together perfectly to give an overriding magical feeling.


Think about the photographs


One thing that eternalises your wedding and keeps those memories alive for years and years to come is the wedding photography. However, while your wedding photographer has the skills to capture the most precious moments, they can’t magically transform the backdrop into something else. This is why you need to consider the venue you select in terms of the photographs that can be taken too. You can even enquire about this or you can take a look online to see some photos from other brides and grooms that have had their wedding at the venue in question.


So when it comes to picking your reception venue, theme and decorations, let your true personality shine through. Whether you go for something traditional and classic or something contemporary and out of the box, it will look stunning if it comes from your heart.

Your Simplified Guide to Clean Gold Jewelry

Do you want to clean your gold jewelry? If yes, then read on this article till the end as you will love these awesome tips. With no doubt, we can say that gold jewelry is a woman’s ageless companion and an essential fashion statement. It is its strength, beauty as well as grandeur that makes it a superior choice in the ornamental kingdom.

Nowadays, there are many Celtic jewelry designs that beautifully depict a piece of Celtic art and history. For cleaning your gold jewelry, you do not need expensive jewelry cleaners to get your gold sparkling and shining. There are some simple household products that will do the trick. Let’s discover them.

1- Use Dishwashing Liquid

One of the universally tried and tested home remedy to clean and shine your gold jewelry is to use a dishwashing liquid. For this, first, take some warm water and pour it into a bowl. You can also use sodium-free seltzer water or club soda for better results. After that, add some dishwashing liquid to the water and mix well. After mixing, soak your gold jewelry in it for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can also use a small toothbrush to gently wipe off all the grime and dullness from it. The last step is to rinse in warm water and dry it off with a clean, soft cloth.

2- Use Ammonia

Ammonia is a powerful cleaner that is usually considered as a good candidate for occasional deep cleans. For this, first, add one part ammonia to six parts water and stir gently. Soak the jewelry in ammonia and water for no more than one minute. Put the jewelry out with the help of kitchen strainer. The last step is to gently dry the jewelry with a soft polishing cloth or towel.

3- Use toothpaste

On number 3, we have a common method of cleaning the gold jewelry, and that is using toothpaste. The first step is to squeeze some amount of toothpaste. You can use a bowl or a glass for this purpose. After that, pour a good amount of water into the bowl and mix it. This will make a paste of medium to thick density. Now, take a small toothbrush, soak it in the paste, apply the paste over the gold jewelry and gently scrub all over it. You can also use an eyebrow brush for this purpose. In the last step, rinse off with normal water and use a soft towel to dry it.

4- Use Baking Soda

The last method is to use a baking soda if you want to get the grime and dullness off your gold ornaments. For this, first, take a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and a little water. Mix it well to make a paste. After that, take a small toothbrush, dip it in the paste and clean your jewelry with it.

All the above-mentioned ways will work miracles for you so just follow them to keep your gold jewelry shining like new.

5 Ways to Pop Your Wedding With Color

Everyone wants their wedding to stand out from the crowd, but let’s be real for a second — this just isn’t popular. There will always be weddings that shine a little brighter than the others, so make sure yours is one of them! One of the best ways to do this is to literally make your wedding a little brighter by incorporating as much color as possible. Now, you might be wondering how possible this is when the woman is tied to a white wedding dress and the man a suit, but there are actually plenty of ways to add some color to your big day. We take a look at five ways below.

Pop your wedding with color



Balloons and Flowers


When it comes to decorating your reception area, make sure you have plenty of balloons and flowers dotted around the place. These both work effectively because they don’t draw the eye towards them, necessarily, but rather blend into the background – with all their color intact. They provide the mise-en-scene, if you will, a colorful look without being overbearing. In any case, you’re likely to have flowers at your wedding anyway, so you may as well make them colorful.


Clothing Additions


What everyone wears to your wedding is going to give the event it’s look, so spice things up a little by encouraging touches of color. Now, no-one wants (or should want) to get married in a red suit or anything other than a white dress, but there is still potential to add something bright and beautiful to your outfit. For the groom, it might be wearing socks with a funky color, or a bright flower on the breast. The bride might wear a flower in their hair. For your guests, you should mention in the invitation that the dress them is classy but colorful. The photos will be great.


Colorful Drinks


What’s behind the bar? The standard bottles of champagne will be there, but what about your cocktails? And not any old cocktails: brightly colored ones. Your party is going to be as bright as can be if everyone’s walking around with bright red and blue drinks in their hands.


Party Fun


You might have had a mostly serious and formal ceremony, but when it comes to the party, the gloves should be off. Now that the essentials of the day have been taken care of,  you’ll chance to overload your wedding with color. Confetti, for example, will shower your party with bright colors, while sparklers can literally brighten up proceedings. Get them from Direct Sparklers, and have them on the table for your guests to pick up. You can have your photographer and guests take long-exposure snaps of people writing with them in the air, ideally with heart shapes.


Decorations and Accents


Finally, think about your decorations and accents. Here you’ll have a lot of potential to mix in some color. Even things like your napkins and tablecloths can provide another opportunity to inject a bit of color into the day. Everyone opts for light colors – go bright!

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