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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Lounge Furniture

Organizing any event is a lot of work, but weddings require much more dedication and attention to detail. For the entire event to look perfect, you need the ideal furniture, and every bride at one point has to trust wedding lounge furniture rentals. Competent rentals help you find chairs, tables, napkins and make the entire process a lot easier.

More than just comfort though, wedding furniture rentals offer unique, theme-centric approaches when planning for your occasion. Their expertise in color coordinating furniture, accessories, accent pieces and high-end props can effortlessly turn your wedding into something right out of a dream.

Choosing the Best Wedding Lounge Furniture

A perfect wedding is everyone’s dream, and to make sure you have one too; we’ve compiled the top five tips.


  • Come Up With a Unique, Wedding Theme


You will forever be confused if you don’t have a solid idea about what your wedding should look like, you need to settle on a theme. You have many options; go gothic or go classic, it’s your wedding, own it. One add-on tip with this one is that whatever theme you come up with, it should suit your venue, budget, and style. Don’t get too rigid with your options, let your wedding aesthetic flow and find the wedding lounge furniture that resonates with you.


  • Value Your Surroundings


After you’ve finally decided your theme and style, turn your attention towards your venue. Any proper venue has attractive features such as accent walls, gardens, glass windows, light fixtures, and even ceiling beams. Look around your venue and decide on your wedding furniture which can highlight these features.  Take pictures of the place so that your chosen rentals can help bring your envisioned furniture ideas to real life.

Elegant Furniture


  • Hunt For The Perfect Fabric


You know you’ve invested in good quality furniture when they add a rich look to your event, which is why it is equally important to look for beautiful furniture fabric. It is important that you choose fabrics and colors which go with every other aspect of your wedding, but keep in mind that not every fabric suits every occasion. Glitter, chiffon, and Jacquard are just a few types of options, search for the ones that will offer comfort and glamour!


  • It’s All About Wedding Décor


By wedding décor, we mean beautiful accent pieces such as cushions, unique but comfortable seats and cocktail tables which make your wedding even more iconic. Let’s not forget it’s your wedding! Add your own personal touch to wedding decorations by incorporating nameplates, candles, and vases which effortlessly go with your wedding theme and furniture.


  • In The End, Go With Quality Wedding Lounge Furniture


Nothing says elegance more than sophisticated, high-quality upholstery!

When choosing the perfect furniture rental, go for services that aren’t just about affordability, but also offer quality. You might not realize it at first glance, but the quality is glaringly obvious. Good furniture is made of premium materials which provide robustness and comfort. Adding to that, materials such as linen and leather are luxuriously breathable, perfect for summer weddings.

We know you won’t compromise on every wedding detail; your rented furniture should not be an exception!

At the end of the day, your wedding is supposed to be a reflection of your style and what makes you happy. When you start planning for your wedding, it is essential to not take any detail for granted, because every little aspect can transform or dampen your entire event, and the same goes for the furniture you choose.

We hope these tips help you get an idea of how to deal with rentals and choose the best wedding lounge furniture available near you!


Make Up Tips For A Flawless Wedding

Every girl is beautiful in multiple ways. Whether it’s by voice, personality, judgement or thoughts, eyes, skin, movement or hair, one’s aura shines brightly with vivid colors of internal beauty. No matter what words are spoken, or the words written in temporary ink, beauty is not what others portray, but by the way you portray yourself.

Upon first meet, love is defined by natural appearance. He loves you for you. Not by your outfit or the mask many wear, but by the person you are truly and by the definition you have given yourself. No matter what, he will always love you. And his love is so strong that he wants to vow his eternal self to you. Though you know that he loves you for you, you still want him to look at you with a breathtaking stare as you walk down the aisle.

There is so much make up can do. It can turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece, a figment of imagination into reality. It’s amazing what people can do now a days with just a little bit of foundation and blush. But for those of you like me that want to change your appearance without looking “too glammed up,” where is there a middle? Where is there a balance between going natural and Hollywood? If you like simplicity, DIY projects and neat tricks, then keep on reading because this article is going to be perfect for you.

Aloe & Water Proof Mascara

As you walk down the aisle, your eyes will be the first thing your fiancé tries to catch before being embraced by your full beauty. A few weeks leading up to the wedding, take a mascara brush and have it ready for this DIY recipe. Take a fresh aloe leaf and add the gel to a small container. Next, add a tsp of Castor oil to the container and mix the 2 ingredients together. Lastly, apply this simple formula to your mascara brush and brush your eyelashes once a day. This formula will naturally increase the growth of your eyelashes, making them longer and thicker. Once you have a desirable outcome, decrease the use of your gel to 1-2 times a week. Lastly, on the day of the wedding, apply waterproof mascara rather than any other. This is your big day, and marrying the love of your life can be an emotional experience. No bride wants to have mascara running down her face in the wedding photos.

Rose Water Setting Spray

Need a setting spray, but don’t want the extra chemicals? Here’s a recipe to fix the problem. Take an old perfume bottle and wash out the excess liquids before use. If you don’t have a low or old perfect bottle, simply buying a cheap spray bottle will work as well. Take a saucer pan and fill it up with water until there is a centimeter gap between the rim of the water and the top. Then, turn the stove top on high. Once the water is boiling, add enough rose petals until the area is completely covered. When it comes to the roses, each rose has a different scent. It is better preferred that you use the same roses for this recipe. Boil the rose petals until the color is completely drained from the petal. Once the color is no longer there, dispose of the petal and let the water sit until cool. Once cool, pour the water into your spray bottle and there you go. Your very own, homemade setting spray. Not only is this spray good as a makeup finisher, but is also a nice face mist and natural perfume.

Lip Balm & Staining Lip Stick

This paragraph is kind of a no brainer. Imagine yourself on the day of your wedding. “I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.” You lean in for the kiss, the most magical kiss of your life but STOP! What is the outcome of kissing your now husband? Exactly, I think you get it. Though it would be a funny photo, let’s also remember that lip stick is messy. It gets in our teeth, it’s hard to eat and overall it’s like a road block to having fun. Let’s start at the basics. Before the wedding, make sure that your wearing chapstick or lip balm. You want your lips to be at their best on the day of the wedding. On the day of the wedding, apply a lip staining lip stick of your choice. It’s best to have this kind of lipstick because then after your first kiss as a married couple, your husband won’t be covered in bright red lip stick during the photos.

Whether some of these tips were new to you and others weren’t, it’s better to be sure and know that some information is repeated and confirmed. Make sure to try these simple and natural tips and remember, getting back to the basics is sometimes more breathtaking and easier than the masterpiece itself!

Tips For A Successful Wedding

I got married 10 years ago – on 6/7/08. In the years since my own wedding I’ve often though about how I’d do it differently, and I’ve also considered the things that worked for my wedding. Here are some things I’ve learned along the way, one tip for each year of my own marriage.
  1. Write your own vows.

While there is much to be said for the traditional, and using the vows that generations of people have used before you, writing your own vows allows you to make your own promises. Now is your chance to show your partner how you truly feel.

2. Be a team.

Don’t let wedding planning tear you apart. If you’re too stressed, take a break with the planning for a while or pass on the tasks to a willing parent or trusted best friend.

3. Buy the dress you can afford.

Wedding gowns can be really expensive. It might be a good idea to save some money on the gown that you can use for other aspects of the wedding. Labels like BLDHN and others have come out with phenomenal gowns for under $1000. Or check out other options: I got married in a gorgeous Stella McCartney cocktail dress that was 70% off.

4. Have a wedding that reflects who you are as a couple.

If you are into formal and fancy, then go for it. But if you and your future spouse are outdoorsy hikers, then get married in a field surrounded by wildflowers. This is your day!

5. Take time out to enjoy each other.

Weddings are big, social days and you might be tempted to go from person to person, checking on each of your guests, and forget why you’re really there. Take some time alone with your new spouse on your wedding day – step outside for some air, retreat to a private room, and just be together.

6. Don’t forget to eat.

The adrenaline will be high, but you need food! I know this from personal experience. Take time to eat breakfast, and lunch before the ceremony if you’re getting married in the afternoon. It’s something you can forget about in all the rush to get ready. You don’t want to get lightheaded in front of everyone as you say your vows!

7. Keep your wedding simple.

There are a lot of things you think you may want in your wedding, but when you’re up until midnight the day before filling mason jars with faux pearls, you might find yourself wishing you’d have gone for a simpler centerpiece option.

8. Do what makes you happy.

Invite who you want to be there, have the food you two enjoy the most, wear the suit or dress you feel best in. Sure you can let in others’ opinions, but the final choice is up to you and your partner. It is your wedding and nobody else’s.

9. Limit your choices.

Only check out a few caterers, or bakeries, or venues. Try on just a handful of dresses. Decision-making is stressful, so give yourself fewer decisions to make. I promise your wedding will be amazing no matter what.

10. Have fun.

I know, duh, right? But seriously, you might forget. This is a party all about you! You get to celebrate the fact that you found the one person out of 7 billion people that you want to spend your life with. That’s pretty incredible. Enjoy it!

7 ways or ideas to pull off a white wedding theme with roses

The complete guide to using white roses for weddings

White has been associated with weddings and funerals since time immemorial and the traditional hues are pretty much in demand even in the present scenario. The color has been preserved well through the ages for the most significant events and celebrations of a person’s life and never disappeared from the scene to its own credit. Right from the ancient Greece where brides used to wear white bridal dresses and carried white flowers (especially white rose petals) in their bouquets to the parts of China and Japan where it has always been a symbol of purity and innocence, to Africa where it used to be associated with deities and worship; white has been such a dominating traditional color everywhere.

Wedding Rose Petal Ideas

When you do walk into a floral shop for wedding décor, the sheer presence of white blossoms is nothing short of staggering and one of these include; the stunning white roses. The rose petals have always been favorites when you come to think of white weddings and due to popularity among brides, they are also known as bridal flowers. They were associated with Goddess Aphrodite in the Roman era and it is said that only when she pricked herself that the blood drop trickled down and made the petals red. In Christianity, they were associated with Virgin Mary (the Mystical Rose of Heaven). The flowers grew as a bridal trend when Queen Victoria carried them in her bridal bouquet in 1840 when she walked down the aisle.

They were also used to swear secrecy and played an integral part in the ‘War Of The Roses’; fought in the 15th century in England.  

The meaning:

The white roses represent the young and innocent love of a bride for her man that she is about to accept as a life partner. The color also shows her loyalty towards her special one by expressing purity in emotions. Brides all over the world love the feeling of having crisp white roses in their wedding bouquets.

The white rose petals are perfect to lay the foundation of a lifelong love and to share a bond that unites two souls in a wedding arrangement. For newly formed relationships, it also brings the values of eternity on the table to make it even more perfect when it comes to weddings. The flowers are also quite popular to be given away on Valentine’s Day to our beloved so as to convey them that you’re going to stand your ground and support them no matter what happens in life. They can also be given to mentors, parents, grandparents, and teachers who have always been supportive and guided you throughout your life.    

Rose Petal Ideas

Are you too planning a traditional white wedding and need some inspiration in terms of white roses? Well, here are 7 ideas that you can surely use to get started:

1) His and Her chair:

The gorgeous David Austen ‘Juliet Roses’ go perfectly with white spray roses along with some greenery to complete the look for ‘his and her chair’.  The light peach contrasts and textures perfectly with whites in decorating this arrangement which could be used for both outdoor garden weddings and even traditional ceremonies.

2) Escort card holders and seating arrangements:

The rose petals go perfectly with all sorts of wedding décor and floral arrangements and you can easily use them for showing the way around to your guests too. Decorate a garden themed wedding with extensive greens in between Garden Roses ‘Vitality’ and some candles to hold the cards showing the guests where they can be seated.


3) The Centerpieces

Use classic white roses and some cream accents with vintage stemware and gold vases or ornaments to make the perfect centerpieces for a white themed wedding. You can also add glass votives to the arrangement for maximum effect.


4) Staircase or ceremony décor:

The flowers can also be used to decorate ceremonies or even staircases (if your wedding venue has one). Use some greenery to accentuate the whole look and make the bride feel special or even surprise her when she walks down those stairs with the perfect traditional gown.


5) The boutonniere:

The crisp ‘White O’ Hara’ or ‘Cream Yves Piaget’ can adorn your buttonholes perfectly when and all you’re going to need is a single bloom to do the trick.


6) Wedding cakes décor:

The traditional white cakes are perfect for weddings but just for that extra touch that can be given by throwing a bunch of white roses in the mix. Wedding cakes do not have to be complicated but beautiful and tasty and the white rose petals perfectly fit the bill here.  


7) Bridal bouquets:

If you want a bridal bouquet full of white roses but do not like the heaviness that most of the rose varieties bring to the table, you can go with ‘Jeanne Moreau’ to have the perfect solution for the big day. The flowers are not only smaller but make lighter bouquets that are exceptionally simple and beautiful at the same time.  

White Rose Petal Ideas

White roses could also be used to decorate aisles in the form of petals, ceremony altars, arches, and backdrops. They can be used in wreaths, necklaces, crowns and all sorts of arrangements that you can possibly think of. Irrespective of the theme or wedding style, the petals feature extensively in all sorts of wedding décor and floral arrangements and that too in an affordable budget. If you’re wondering where can I buy roses (and that too especially if you don’t have any floral shops around your locality), there are plenty of options in terms of some reputed online floral services like to deliver them right at your doorstep.

Did you use the white roses in your wedding décor and floral arrangements or the other Best wholesale flowers worked better for you? What is your favorite wedding rose color? Please share your wedding story with us.

May the whites always be with you….   

10 Hilarious Bachelorette Party Games

This Bride ain't Solo

Bachelorette parties should be perfect fun with a little of the wacky, outrageous and hilarious blended in for variety. After all, who wants to play the same familiar, bordering-on-boring games everybody played at the last fashionable and risque-to-bawdy bash held in honor of the latest Bride-to-Be? Why not host a Hollywood-style, celebrity look-alike celebration, inviting your guests to arrive dressed as their favorite movie stars from the 1930s and 40s to the present? You, as the hostess, can supply everyone with the theatrical makeup and wigs, which the girls can make use of to finish their party-night get-ups after several drinks. When everyone is  completely outfitted and ready to Charleston, Lindy, Jitterbug, Hip-Hop, Rock-Out or simply Strut Their Stuff, the pure girls-only fun can finally begin.

Cheers to Good Times

When each of the guests replies to your bachelorette party invitation RSVP, request her to include a quirky or unusual habit of the Bride-to-Be. You can then launch your party with a game of Charades in which all the guests take turns acting out a specific habit. The winner who correctly guesses the most habitual actions of the bride gets a fresh drink of her choice, and everyone else gets half-a drink. At the end of the game, when all are limbered up, relaxed and with no inhibitions left to speak of, it’s time to really begin a night of frivolous fun and outrageous hilarity with a “City or Town Crawl.” For even more innovative fun and outrageous entertainment to follow this creative excursion, find more bachelorette party games on Weddingforward.


City or Town Crawl for Frivolous Improv, Heights of Hilarity and Harmless Bachelorette Fun!

Girls having a Good Time

After dividing up into two or more groups, depending on the number of guests attending the party, head out for a night or frivolity, hilarity and fun. Snap lots of photos or shoot short videos as the evidence of your tremendous success with the required antics at each stop along your party-crawling route.

Celebrity Mimic Improv. 

  • Each group goes to one of the popular local bars or clubs and enters the scene mimicking the celebs they are dressed as, becoming as outrageous and overt in their portrayals as necessary in order to elicit a passionate kiss and a free drink from the bartender. The group in which all members achieve this goal in the shortest amount of time wins this event. Another requirement for winning the top score is that someone at the bar must identify each celebrity imitated by name and be able to name at least one movie the star is known for.

Friends celebrating bachelorette party

Do a Sexy Dance in a Skimpy Lingerie Store. 

  • In a sexy lingerie shop, play-act a partial striptease dance as a Hollywood star chorus line until the bewitched owner or manager agrees to give each glamour-girl bachelorette a free item of sexy lingerie, or better yet, a complete outfit. If your group (or some members of it) are successful, be sure to don your new sexy items of under-attire over your costumes in ridiculous rock-star style to gain even more points for your team. By wearing your attention-getting undies as outer garments for the rest of this eye-popping night, you will most likely get additional notice and more of the coveted points that will get you closer to the prizes at the end of the night.

Decorate a Head with a Heart. 

  • Go to a fashionable club and dance away with a bald-headed man of your choice. Before the end of the dance, convince him to let you draw a large heart on his head with your lipstick as a souvenir. Autograph the drawing, of course, with your famous Hollywood name for the night. A distinct photo or video of this event and the finished, autographed drawing are essential to qualify to win in this category. Although you may think that this is a tough feat to accomplish, you may be surprised to discover just how many bald men will gladly comply with your request and enjoy this frivolous fun. After all, how many requests do they get to have their shiny pates decorated and photographed during a night out on your town or another attractive party venue?

Join an Unsuspecting Couple for Dinner. 

  • While at a respectable restaurant, join a couple having dinner as an unannounced and uninvited guest. Be as engaging and charming as your Hollywood persona will allow you to be, then hope for the best. The member (or members) of your team who last the longest or actually make it through the dinner without being asked to leave by the couple or the management wins top score for your competing bachelorette group. Never cease to flaunt your movie star name, personality and overbearing ambiance, and be sure to offer to autograph napkins, dinner checks and shirtsleeves in your attempt to stall for more time and larger point tallies before enjoying more party games for the night.

Solicit a Celebrity Piggy-Back Ride.

  • Charm a handsome dude into treating you to a relaxing, celebrity piggy-back ride at a busy intersection. If the timing is right, your good-looking steed may win celebrity notice and points for himself in the local paper, or at the very least among his fellow nightcrawlers. One of the other bachelorettes on your team will definitely need to catch a commemorative photo or video of this event for you, and other passersby may offer to email or text photos caught on their cell phones to you as well. Be sure to play the indulgent celeb, graciously accepting all photos and the points accrued, you’ll need them!

Take a Photo With Another Theatrical Performer of the Night. 

  • Pose for a comical photo with a professional stripper or female impersonator between their sets or performances. Ham it up a bit for the camera for a more dynamic, point-gaining photo session. After all, you never know when such antics may lead to a more serious stint at celebrity-mimicking than just one night out at a bachelorette party. You and your fellow fun-loving bachelorettes may enjoy your imitation-celeb night out so much that you may want to repeat it for future fun and frivolity. Or it may be a career-changing turn, for all you know – life does work in mysterious ways

Do an Impromptu Dance on a Bar Counter. 

Happy young people having fun to music

  • By performing an unexpected dance on the bar counter or tabletop at a classy club, you may be amazed at the positive response you receive. When dancing as a group, you and the other members of your bachelorette ensemble may bring the house down, or at least score some enthusiastic, encouraging shouts and remarks while racking up the points toward finishing the night’s competition as the winning team.

Get a Photo-Shoot with Another Bachelorette Group. 

  • Search for another merrymaking group of bachelorettes and pose for an all-inclusive group photo. Although this may require a bit of sleuthing, once sighted, these groups are never too difficult to recognize. Their fun-loving, ingenious and definitely out-of-the-ordinary antics and actions are easy to spot and join as they all attempt to win out over the other savvy female mischief-makers and evening entertainers in their respective team groups, which is basically the same that you’re attempting to achieve. Gaining impressive numbers of points is the name of the game, and comical competition is the format for a fun-filled frolic to celebrate and entertain the Bride-to-Be.

Return to the Home of Your Hostess for More Fun. 

  • After the multiple rounds of your citywide or around-town bachelorette antics and games, return to the home of your hostess for some final moments of celebratory fun with the Bride-to-Be, to cheer the winning team and to cheer up those who didn’t score enough points. After the team points are tallied up for a grand total by the hostess and her party service, the winning team is announced, and delicious party food and beverages are served. Winning bachelorettes get prizes ranging from gift certificates for their favorite stores to free tickets to concerts or shows to discounts on holiday weekend excursions. The Bride-to-Be opens all her fabulous gifts, and everyone continues to celebrate with glamorous movie star fashion and flair, or in any other manner that they see fit.


As the final event of the eventful evening, the last round or two of drinks are served, and then one more ultimate contest takes place. Whoever can successfully finish her last beverage and still walk a straight line across the room wearing 5-inch or higher heels wins the final guest prize. This treasured award may be anything from a day of luxurious leisure at an exclusive spa to a free flight to a distant and desirable vacation destination, according to the taste and preferences of the hostess. Whatever this exotic prize may be, its winner and the soon to be Bride will be cheered and showered with All Best Wishes as the bachelorettes make their stylish exits after an eventful night-staging of celebration and good fun. This is definitely a memorable way to prepare for one of the key events of your life, so don’t forego the chance to jumpstart the fun at your bachelorette party and make the best of it.

Top 5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Reception Playlist

Wedding Music

Oftentimes, when people talk about how much fun they had at a wedding, what they’re really talking about is how much fun they had at the wedding reception.

For many couples, the wedding reception is also one of the parts of their wedding they look forward to the most, as it finally feels like you’ve reached the point where you can kick back and relax.

A fun, memorable reception all starts with a killer wedding playlist.

Check out our top 5 tips for choosing an awesome wedding reception playlist.

1. Start Planning Early

A reception playlist really isn’t something you want to try and crank out at the last minute, as you will likely regret putting in certain songs and leaving out others.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to start curating your playlist about four to five months beforehand.

This should give you plenty of time to narrow down your choices and put them in an order that feels right. This way, you can also tinker with it sporadically and then come back to it with fresh ears to tweak later on.

2. Look at Your Existing Music Collection

Sometimes, when couples aren’t sure which songs to choose, they Google wedding playlists and use one of those.

While this can be a great idea for getting some songs, such as the Top 50 Father Daughter Dance Song Ideas, you don’t want to completely use someone else’s playlist.

It’s important to make a playlist that’s in line with your tastes and your personality. Therefore, there’s no better place to start than with your own music collection!

Just scroll through your Spotify, and choose songs that appeal to you.

And remember, not every song needs to have a special meaning. Really liking the song is enough reason to play it!

3. Choose the Right Amount of Songs

You don’t want to waste your time picking out a bunch of songs that aren’t going to get played. But, you also don’t want to make your guests listen to repeats.

You’ll want to choose about 15 songs for every hour of your reception. So, if your reception is 4 hours long, then you should have 60 songs chosen. You should separate the list into “Must Play” songs and “Play if Possible” songs. Also, make sure you leave about 20 songs for the DJ to choose on their own.

Just let your DJ know what genre you’d like to stick with, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Wedding Reception Music

4. Use Line Dances as Ice Breakers

Sometimes, it can feel like pulling teeth to get people out on the dance floor.

One great way to get those shy dancers out there is to start with some line dance songs that everyone can feel comfortable dancing to. Examples of these would be songs like Cupid Shuffle or Electric Slide.

Then, once there are some good numbers on the dance floor, the DJ can jump into songs that you really want to hear and that are more inline with your preferences.

5. Talk to Your DJ

Even though no one knows your musical tastes better than yourself, don’t hesitate to talk to the DJ for some help.

Remember, DJs are real pros who curate awesome playlists for a living. So, don’t be afraid to show them your playlist and ask for some honest feedback.

Also, the DJ is sort of in charge of the dance floor, so you’ll want to discuss with them your policy on guest requests, dance floor action, etc.

With these tips, you are sure to have an awesome playlist and reception!

13 of the Best 2018 Wedding Giveaways From Around the Web

2018 Wedding sweepstakes guide

WeddingVibe is your one-stop online destination for wedding ideas, deals on vendors, honeymoon planning and awesome giveaways. No matter whether you’re on the hunt for a dream dress, dream jewelry or that all-important dream honeymoon, WeddingVibe has ideas, deals and sweepstakes galore to help you plan your perfect day. Check out 14 of the best 2018 wedding and honeymoon giveaways we’ve curated from around the world wide web and, of course, yours truly!

1.  Wedding Vibe: Classic Photographers

Photo & Video for Your Wedding

wedding photography sweepstakes

You’re making priceless memories, and Wedding Vibe’s teamed up with to offer an all-inclusive giveaway for wedding photos and video worth up to $2895. The draw date is 9/10/18.

Enter here:

2.    Bridal Guide: The Confidante Miami Beach

Win a Honeymoon in Florida

florida honeymoon sweepstakes

If five nights beachside with an oceanfront room and VIP treatment sounds a little like heaven to you, enter to win this Florida honeymoon package at The Confidante in Miami Beach. The last day to enter is 9/17/18.

Enter here:

3.    Bridal Guide: Hawks Cay Resort

Win a Honeymoon in The Florida Keys

Free Florida Keys Honeymoon Sweepstakes

Looking for some post-wedding beachside bliss? Fill out a little survey about your honeymoon plans, and Bridal Guide will enter you for a chance to win a seven-night stay at the Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys – couples massage included. The last day to enter is 9/17/18.

Enter here:

4.    Lily and Lime

Wedding Photo & Video Package Giveaway

With a prize value over $3000, Lily and Lime is giving away a fantastic wedding package that includes photography and videography with digital negatives and a wedding video. Check the rules to make sure you live within a 45-mile radius of the numerous U.S. cities listed. The last day to enter is 9/30/2018.

Enter here:

5.    Martha Stewart Weddings

Dream Honeymoon Sweepstakes

Dream Honeymoon Sweepstakes from Martha Stewart Weddings

Want a little extra cash in your pocket to plan your perfect honeymoon? Martha Stewart Weddings is giving away $10,000 in cash to one very lucky couple. The last day to enter is 9/30/18.

Enter here:

6.    Blue Nile

Blue Nile Sweepstakes: $10,000 to Spend at Blue Nile

engagement ring sweepstakes - wedding ring sweepstakes

If you’re still searching for a ring that wows, Blue Nile is giving one lucky winner 10K to spend on jewelry. The last day to enter is 10/3/18.

Enter here:

7.    Wedding Vibe: Manly Bands

Men’s Ring of Your Choice

For the groom, Wedding Vibe has teamed up with Manly Bands for a wedding ring giveaway up to $500 in value. The draw date is 10/15/18.

Enter here:

8.    Wedding Vibe: Make it Formal

Make it Formal $500 Visa Giftcard

Here’s another for the lucky groom! Make it Formal is giving away a $500 Visa giftcard to one happy couple. Make it Formal specializes in classic suits and tuxedos to complement your wedding day. The draw date is 10/31/18.

Enter here:

9. Wedding Vibe: Moon Palace Jamaica

Win a Honeymoon at the All-inclusive Moon Palace Jamaica

moon palace jamaica honeymoon sweepstakes

Register for a free account on Wedding Vibe and you could win an all-inclusive, four-day, three-night stay for two at one of the top-ranked Jamaican resorts on TripAdvisor – the Moon Place in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The draw date is 11/13/18.   

Enter here:

10.  Brilliance

Ultimate Proposal Giveaway

ultimate proposal giveaway - proposal sweepstakes

If you haven’t popped the question yet, this might be the dream scenario for you. This giveaway, valued at $25,000, comes with roundtrip airfare to Miami, a four-night, three-day stay at the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, private dinner, photoshoot, couples massage and, last but definitely not least, a custom diamond engagement ring. The last day to enter is 12/31/18.

Enter here:

11.  Martha Stewart Weddings

Dream Wedding $10,000 Sweepstakes

You could really go a long way toward planning your perfect wedding with 10K in your pocket. The last day to enter is 1/4/2019.

Enter at:

12. Allure Bridals: Wilderly Bride

A Wilderly Year: Win Your Gown

Allure Bridals has partnered with Wilderly Bride to celebrate its launch by giving away a gown each month. Enter each month for a chance to win the featured gown.

Enter here:

13.  David’s Bridal

Win your Gown

David’s Bridal is also throwing a monthly sweepstakes and giving away $1000 for your wedding dress. Sign-up is required.

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10 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Want to have a bachelorette party to remember? Say no to the clichés and embrace one of these wild activities!


Take a cocktail class


If you plan to have a boozy night, why not start off the evening by making a few of your own cocktails? Many cocktail bars offer group lessons – this could be a fun and interactive way to start the night.


Go to a silent disco


Silent discos require everyone to wear headphones. There are usually a couple of channels so that you can decide which music to listen to and then work out who else is listening to that music. The beauty of silent discos is that they can often be hosted in wild locations that otherwise would be off-limits due to noise complaints. This could include historical buildings, beaches and parks.


Try an unusual spa treatment


A spa day might not be the most original idea for a bachelorette party, but you can put your own unique spin on it by looking for a more unusual spa option. There are places that offer weird and wacky treatments such as caviar massages, mud baths, hot cupping and even chocolate massages!


Take a pole dancing lesson


For a more active idea, why not try a pole dancing lesson? These aren’t as awkward as you may think – it can be physically challenging and a good laugh.


Bachelorette Party Ideas Paintball

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Go paintballing


Whilst it may be a popular bachelor party idea, there’s no reason why a group of girls can’t go paintballing too! This could be a wild activity to try before a night of drinking. You could even do it in old bridesmaids dresses.


Go camping


Similarly, if you prefer rough and ready activities, you could go on a camping trip. This could be a great bonding experience and could allow you to spend the night round a campfire drinking and playing games. The trip could even be combined with a few local outdoor activities.


Visit an escape room


An escape room could be another fun bachelorette party idea. These attractions require you to try and escape from a room by finding clues and solving puzzles within a tight time limit. They can be a great icebreaker by forcing people to work together.


Bachelorette Party Ideas Painting

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Do a live drawing class


You could also try putting your art skills to the test at a live drawing class. Some of these art classes even offer the option to hire a male nude model to draw to add a naughty twist!


Visit an adult indoor playzone


Remember those big indoor play areas you used to go to as a kid? Some of these indoor play areas have nights that are open to adults. This could be a great way to reconnect with your youth and have a bit of innocent fun.


Hire a party yacht


It’s possible to hire your own yacht for the day complete with a crew and turn it into a party boat. This could allow you to have a day of partying in a unique setting. Such events can also surprisingly affordable, especially if you’re willing to supply your own drinks.


Fall Delicacies for a September Wedding

Fall is right around the corner, which means that the season is taking a turn of events. The colors are changing, the aromas and the taste; once the summer comes to an end, fall is heading in with full impact. Embrace the change and celebrate fall by incorporating the best delicacies into your wedding!

Fall is spread out into 3 fabulous months: September, a beautiful month where schools open-heartedly take your children off your hands. October, the month that scary movie lovers, children, and dentist look forward too. Lastly, but certainly not least is November, where we are thankful for family, friends, and a table full of food that will eventually make you gain the weight you lost over the summer. Because fall is captured differently and uniquely within these 3 months, it is only fair that the delicacies I have prepared for you are spread out as well.  So forget about the full force fall have to offer, because within this article we are only going to focus on one month, one delicacy:….


This colorful, fiber-filled fruit can be made into MANY dishes for your wedding. Now before we continue, why apples? Well for one, September is the season of apple picking. It is so common that it would be odd to not feature apples as an image of September. If this information isn’t enough to change your thoughts, then let’s look at it in a different direction. School starts in September, and as children we are excited to start the school year fresh and new. We have new friends, new classes, and want to make a good impression on the new teachers. Stereo-typically, what do you give the teacher on the first day of school to symbolize the beginning of a good year? Did you picture an apple? Okay, enough about school, it’s time to focus on your wedding!

Is your wedding outdoors, with a chilly breezy as the sun starts to set? Well don’t be alarmed, because your guests will survive the night with a warm glass of apple cider! It’s different, it’s unique, and it’s definitely seasonal. Your guests will love this touch you incorporated because they will be able to stay warm during the ceremony with this enjoyable delicacy. Now, I have a question for you: Do you like aromatherapy? By adding a cinnamon stick to the apple cider, the combination of the 2 scents stimulate a sense of relaxation throughout ones mind and body. This drink not only warms the body physically, but also warms the mind with a fixated sense and imagery of home. The scent also produces the mood of good feeling and positive energy, which will be transferred on to a good wedding experience.

What if your wedding is indoors and you still want warm and delicious apple cider? Apple cider is perfect whether your wedding is indoors or out, but also consider turning this innocent and homey delicacy into a signature mixed drink. Having a mixed drink will show off your personality, keep the seasonal vibe and differentiate your wedding from many others.

Enough about Drinks, Now to Food

Not an apple cider lover? Well then spice up your cocktail hour with mini apple turn overs. These finger foods are perfect for your guest to nibble on before the dinner while also keeping the theme of fall lively. Another idea you could incorporate are mini apple pies that could be made using a cupcake pan. Like my grandma always says: Once a women owns a cupcake pan, the possibles are endless and the creations are quite interesting!

Want to be creative with a desert station? We’ve all heard of a create-your-own s’more station and a nacho bar, but what about a caramel apple station? Have a station where guests can dip apple slices into caramel, marshmallow or chocolate. Also provide fall sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips and anything else your heart desires. Children will love this creative touch and guests will go home remembering the unique desert station you had at your wedding!

Table Food

Think about it: How many weddings have you been to that have had food already at your table before dinner was served? Want to be the bride that is set to impress? Here’s a simple way to get the job done: Homemade Apple Chips!  Firstly, preheat your oven to 225 degrees F. Cut an apple into slices and lay them flat onto a metal baking sheet. Then, sprinkle sugar and cinnamon over the apple slices, giving them a little magic touch. Lastly, bake for an hour or until the edges of the slices curly. Presto! Now you have a seasonal table food your guests will enjoy!

We have covered drinks, cocktail hour, desert and even table food. Now it’s time to be a mama bird and push the kiddos out of the nest, allowing them to spread their wings and fly into the world on their own. You’ve got the list, and September is rolling around the corner. So make sure to let this blog be your support for your fall wedding. Let your personality and creativity shine with these September delicacies, and don’t worry. October and November has it’s own fall delicacies, so stay tuned for the recipes that are yet to come!

“Open When” Letter Ideas

Aloha Newlyweds! Isn’t the married life amazing? Waking up every morning knowing that you are not his girlfriend, not his fiance, but his wife! Just the sound of being called “wifey” has this sweet sound to it, don’t you think? Anyways, lets get to the point. The magic of being married has gone and passed, so how do you keep the light glowing bright after saying I Do?

Every couple loves to filled with love and joy. And all throughout life every couple has their ups and downs. Changes and unexpectedness happens within the snap of ones fingers, so how do you prepare for all of life’s precious moments?

Open When Letters

An “Open When” Letter is like a little surprise waiting to happen. Through the good and bad, your partner has written a letter to help you through it all. But, when would be the appropriate time and moment to write a letter?

Take a night to plan out all the moments and life changes you want to prepare your partner for, for when the time comes. Then, begin to write what you want your partner to read for when the time comes. This is perfect to start just before the marriage, an Open When letter for the time right before you say I Do. If your starting your letters as newly weds, then here are a few example letters to write to your spouse:

Open When: We’re 1 Year Married

Celebrating 1 year of marriage is a beautiful moment. To read a letter from the year before when you and your husband were first marriage will bring back memories of that wonderful day, refreshing the mind of the love you two share.

Open When: We’re Pregnant!

It is psychologically proven that if a women looks up to her father, then she will search for similar qualities in a future husband. When she looks at the man she loves, she wants to see a future father to her child. Let him know what an amazing parent he will be, and how proud you are to be sharing this moment and starting a family with this miraculous man.

Open When: We’ve Had Our First Fight

Not every letter is going to be directed towards an amazing life moment. Sometimes fights happen and couples don’t see eye to eye. But if the fight is too big for barriers, then it could mean an ending to a great fairy tale. Remind your partner why you both fell in love with each other, and how even though things have gone south in this particular moment, your love with shine through and help you both make it through this bump in the road.

Open When: I’ve Been Gone For Too Long

Sometimes our career gets the best of us. You never know when your job requires for your to travel or when a business trip takes longer than expected. Write a letter to your loved one about how much you miss them, and how before they know it you’ll be back in their arms, feeling the warmth from their body warm your own.

Open When: I’m Driving You Crazy

Ladies, let’s admit it. Sometimes we get too clingy and our men need their space. We’re so filled with love and joy that sometimes it’s overwhelming. Give him his space, but give him a letter letting him know that you understand and that it’s okay. That you love and that you’ll be waiting for him once he’s had his guys night out.

P.S. It’s not a bad thing when this happens! Every couple needs their space and a friend night out is most definitely required for both parties. But remember, by the end of the night, he’ll probably feel bad because he needed space and will be falling into your arms once he walks through that front door.

Open When: Your Stressed About Money

Finances is one of the biggest enemies of relationships. Most likely when a relationship ends, it has to do with money and the stress that comes with it. Through better or worse, your love will shine through. You don’t need to be living in a mansion in order to live a long and happy life. Tell your partner that money isn’t everything, and let him know that as long as you both are happy with what you have, then money isn’t everything the world has to offer. Stability is great, happiness is forever, and love is the balance beam keeping both parties on the same level.

“Open When’s” can mean many different situations, but here are a few to get you started. Hopefully you enjoyed this interested article. Thanks for reading!

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