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10 Affordable Yet Bright Reception Décor Ideas for College Weddings

10 affordable Reception ideas for college wedding

Everyone wants to remember the day when the princess becomes a queen, or a prince becomes a king with their loved ones. Your college love story deserves a stellar party celebrating your first step to the new life episode. Plus, many aesthetical photos are a MUST! And do not fear the budget challenges! Various details…

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Brilliant Ways to Choose the Right Decorations for Your Wedding 2021

Wedding Decorations

Image Credit  You cannot underestimate the importance of weddings. It is a ceremony in which you mark crucial love changes in your life. While some may opt to renew their vows, the first ceremony is always the most vital. For this reason, you may find newly engaged couples planning their wedding for months, if not…

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5 Things That You Can Do With Your Centerpieces After The Wedding

Wedding Centerpieces

Photo Courtesy of You invest so much time and effort into planning every detail of your wedding that you don’t give much thought to what comes after. Most couples opt for some form of the traditional table centerpieces to decorate their reception. But, what happens to all those beautiful flowers once the party is…

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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

How to Choose a Color Palette for Your Wedding Using a few Designers’ Tips, Tricks and Tools So, your planning your wedding and picking your colors, but maybe you are feeling a bit stuck! Choosing wedding colors can be challenging since there are so many options available, leading to indecision. It’s also not as easy…

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DIY Mr. and Mrs. Sign

Do it Yourself Mr and Mrs signs

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Sign By Liya Bulanov Every wedding has a ‘Mr. and Mrs.” sign, wether it’s hanging off the back of the bride and groom’s chairs or displayed somewhere on a table. It’s a signature statement piece that celebrates two singles becoming a husband and wife. These wedding signs often have a lot of variety. They…

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How to Plan the Wedding Reception and Buy Men’s Wedding Bands

The Bling of Nature

Planning for your wedding event, especially the reception can often be a challenging endeavor. From deciding on the type of reception to scouting ideal locations for the event, it takes a lot of effort to manage the wedding reception. However, there is nothing to fear as this write-up has got you covered with all the…

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Top Wedding Trends for Summer 2018

Bright, bold and eye-catching: expect weddings this summer to embrace a fun and quirky aesthetic. From amusing food trucks to outdoor inspired venues, The Black Tux predicts wedding trends this summer to be more nontraditional and guest focused. Follow The Black Tux Groom’s Guide to make finding a quality suit or tuxedo for any wedding…

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The Wedding Flower and Beyond


True love is the delicate and rare blossom of life. A gift to be blessed with, and something that requires upkeep to be maintained, to thrive and grow. Is it any surprise that we commemorate this rarity with flowers? The rich and beauteous gift of nature, an aesthetic wonder. The promise of what can come…

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What’s The Right Style For Your Wedding?   There are a lot of aspects of your wedding where it’s a good idea to follow people’s advice and do things in a traditional way. However, if you do that for your entire wedding, then it’s just going to end up being kind of generic and uninteresting. If you really want a wedding…

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Do not TABLE this discussion….for a number of reasons! Table Numbers for Your Wedding

Wedding Ceremony Customizable Table Card

“Honey, did you get our place card?” “Where do we sit?” “What table are we at?” “Hurry up, you are holding up the line.” “But I don’t know where to sit?” “Just sit anywhere, I’m sure it’ll be fine…….” You’ve spent a year planning your wedding; making sure every detail is perfect. You made sure…

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