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Sharing the Love This Valentine’s Day

Love is Key

A Quick Note Happy Valentine’s Day from Wedding Vibe to you! If it hadn’t been for our amazing brides and newlyweds, we wouldn’t be where we are today! Thank you for sharing your love, inspiring our amazing bloggers and for staying in the “wedding vibe” all these glorious years! With that being said, let’s kick…

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What to Do With Your Wedding Bouquet?

Pretty in Blue

Toss it or Savor it?   (This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.) Whether the flowers you choose to use are real or fake, your wedding bouquet will definitely be exquisite. Carrying a bridal bouquet down the…

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Remember Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Angelic Couple

To Those We Have Lost But Never Forgotten We all have loved ones that we have lost over the years. Some have lost grandparents, parents, cousins and even best friends. And though losing someone you love is sad, let there memory bring happiness on your big day. It is a blessing to see how far…

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6 Steps to Stress-Free Wedding Budgeting

An Open Field of Bliss

What is the price of happily ever-after?  The average amount people spend on a wedding in the United States ranges from $28,000 to $35,000.  However, the real cost varies widely depending on where you live. So, how do you know how much to budget?  Some people start with pricing their must-haves and then structure their…

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Fall Delicacies for an October Wedding

A Fun Couple

Can you believe that October is right around the corner? It’s time to put away the summer clothes and bring out the longs sleeves. It honestly amazes me how fast this year is going by. Now, I don’t know how many of you agree with me, but October is such a fun month! I mean,…

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Include Your Child in the Wedding Fun!

Children at the Wedding!

If you are a mother, then you know that your child is the light of your life. Children give you a purpose, and they will always look up to you no matter how old they get. Getting married is a moment in time that will always be remembered. It is so important and attentive that…

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10 Hilarious Bachelorette Party Games

This Bride ain't Solo

Bachelorette parties should be perfect fun with a little of the wacky, outrageous and hilarious blended in for variety. After all, who wants to play the same familiar, bordering-on-boring games everybody played at the last fashionable and risque-to-bawdy bash held in honor of the latest Bride-to-Be? Why not host a Hollywood-style, celebrity look-alike celebration, inviting…

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Fall Delicacies for a September Wedding

Vibrant Fall Love

Fall is right around the corner, which means that the season is taking a turn of events. The colors are changing, the aromas and the taste; once the summer comes to an end, fall is heading in with full impact. Embrace the change and celebrate fall by incorporating the best delicacies into your wedding! Fall…

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“Open When” Letter Ideas

A Llama Love

Aloha Newlyweds! Isn’t the married life amazing? Waking up every morning knowing that you are not his girlfriend, not his fiance, but his wife! Just the sound of being called “wifey” has this sweet sound to it, don’t you think? Anyways, lets get to the point. The magic of being married has gone and passed,…

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Don’t Bite off More than you can Chew!

Watch For The Bite!

DIY in Moderation! Don’t Bite off More than you can Chew! I recently noticed a bride had requested input on social media from married friends about what they would have done differently during their wedding planning (great idea!) The overwhelming consensus of the responses was, “Don’t try to DIY everything!” I immediately related to that,…

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