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10 Hilarious Bachelorette Party Games

This Bride ain't Solo

Bachelorette parties should be perfect fun with a little of the wacky, outrageous and hilarious blended in for variety. After all, who wants to play the same familiar, bordering-on-boring games everybody played at the last fashionable and risque-to-bawdy bash held in honor of the latest Bride-to-Be? Why not host a Hollywood-style, celebrity look-alike celebration, inviting…

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Fun & Unique Games For An Outdoor Wedding

Sure, having an outdoor wedding may be beautiful, but having fun and enjoyable games can make it even better! There are so many ways to make your wedding fun and entertaining, and with these unique ideas your wedding will not only be memorable, but enjoyable as well. Tic Tac Toe Wedding Favors A fun a…

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I Spy Wedding Reception Game

Are you looking for a fun and new idea for your wedding guests to partake in?  How about an I Spy wedding game?  Place a card on each dinner table with various different pictures you’d like your guests to capture.  They can find the pictures on their own or work in cohoots with the rest…

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De-stress! Play FUN & FREE Wedding Games online!

wedding games

Before you cross the threshold, there’s the planning and the worrying and the budgeting… Address the stress, and bliss, by playing FUN & FREE Wedding DiscoveryGames on Tokii. Look out! Bridezilla!!! It’s no secret that weddings cause future brides a tremendous amount of stress.  For some, it’s bearing a much larger portion of the planning…

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