Fun & Unique Games For An Outdoor Wedding

Sure, having an outdoor wedding may be beautiful, but having fun and enjoyable games can make it even better!

There are so many ways to make your wedding fun and entertaining, and with these unique ideas your wedding will not only be memorable, but enjoyable as well.

Tic Tac Toe Wedding Favors

A fun a simple game your guests might enjoy is tic tac toe! Customizing a small tic tac toe game in a pouch will not only keep your guests entertained, but will be a cute way for them to remember your wedding. A simple way to do this is by using colored markers to match your wedding theme or customizing a small hard wood or cloth board with a picture of you and your husband.

Baggo With Customized Boards

Wedding Baggo

Another fun game, being one of my favorites, is Baggo/bean toss. Baggo is a fun outdoor game that is not only convenient, but is easy to play and allows your guests to challenge each other. There are so many things this game can offer, 1) you can customize the boards to match the wedding theme, 2) it’ll allow your guests to play against each other and have fun while doing so, 3) it’ll set the scene and get you and your husbands family talking. Along with customizing the boards not only will it match your wedding, but guests will be at awe with your extra, unique details. If you do choose to customise the boards, make sure to get bags that match as well; whether they’re the color scheme of the wedding, or have you and your husbands names on them.

Giant Jenga

Watch out for the tumbling tower! Try this risky, daring  version of jenga to spice up your wedding. Not only is this game unique, but it can be homemade, keeping your husband busy while you’re out making other wedding decisions. Make sure to inform your guests to wear close toed shoes while playing this game, because though it may be fun, the after results of a block hitting someones foot may not be. Unless it was caught on video, then maybe it might be.


Ladders is such a classic, and it can be easily incorporated with your outdoor wedding! This game is easy to set up, light weight, and can be simply changed to match your wedding venue.

There are so many games one can play at their wedding, but finding the right one can be tricky. Just ask yourself:
1) Which one would be right for the location?
2)Which one is easy to set up?
3) Will this game be the right fit?
4) Will I have fun playing it?
All that matters is the enjoyable of the game itself and the fun it’ll bring to your wedding.

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