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Party Time: Making The Wedding Party As Memorable As The Service

Wedding Ideas

You’re getting married. It might be soon; it might still be some time away yet, but it is happening. Well done, by the way. You’ve managed to hit a super important milestone in life. You might look at it with a little anxiety at times, but it’s all worth it. To be stood up there…

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6 Wedding Venue Ideas For The Perfect Big Day

Wedding Venue Ideas

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels Choosing a venue for the wedding is the most important decision to make in planning your wedding. The venue that you decide on will become the foundation from which all of the other parts of your wedding; such as photo’s and videos, will be completed and put together. This is…

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The Secrets to a Super-Fun Wedding Reception

Fun Wedding Reception

The most important part of any wedding is the ceremony but often it is the reception afterward that takes most planning. You and your new spouse want everyone to have fun, but that includes yourself. You do not need to be worrying about people being happy at your reception as there are many things you…

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Choosing The Best Place To Tie The Knot

choosing the best place to tie the knot

When you were little and you thought about your wedding day, you probably thought about a load of different things every time the fantasy would enter your head. The theme. The ceremony. The person! It’s understandable that you wouldn’t run through hundreds of different scenarios in your head – it is a big deal, after…

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Top 7 Tips That Can Make Your Wedding Reception Outstanding

7 Tips That Can Make Your Wedding Reception Outstanding

A wedding cannot be really complete without having an awesome reception where the couple is given a chance to dance, to mingle with guests, to dine together, and give a vote of thanks to the attendees. This has been the tradition of any wedding and this has always been used as the climax of all…

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What Should You Look For In A Wedding Venue?

Things To Do Before Marrying Your Special Someone

Picture Credit When you think about the wedding day that you are planning, what do you think is the most important feature? I’m sure that most people will answer that it’s the wedding venue. After all, this is the space where you will host your guests and where your ceremony will take place. It needs…

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How To Choose A Wedding Venue

Image Credit Obviously your wedding day is one of the most memorable and special moments in your life. It is a day that you will cherish for an eternity. Thus, it is important that it is as perfect as can be; every little element needs to tie together in order to create a day of…

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How to Handle Private Restrooms for your Outside Wedding

Sanitation is probably the last thing a lot of people think about when organizing a wedding. But I can’t think of anything that would be more disastrous for an outside wedding then having no or insufficient restrooms for your guests. An otherwise perfect outside wedding could be ruined if your guests have nowhere to go…

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Make An Impression At Your Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Image If you are planning to throw a fun party this summer, you’ll be competing with a hell of a lot of people in your friend and family group. Summer is the perfect season to have a wedding party, and in the summer you will be able to make some amazing themes, entertainment and throw…

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How to Plan the Wedding Reception and Buy Men’s Wedding Bands

The Bling of Nature

Planning for your wedding event, especially the reception can often be a challenging endeavor. From deciding on the type of reception to scouting ideal locations for the event, it takes a lot of effort to manage the wedding reception. However, there is nothing to fear as this write-up has got you covered with all the…

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