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Wedding Ideas

Wedding Photography In Philadelphia

In the heart of Pennsylvania stands the city of Philadelphia, which is rich in culture and history. Well, not only does this city pride itself of housing the Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed), but it thrives in beautiful modern and rustic sceneries begging to act as backdrops for your […]

Emily Simms & Pierre Ghougassian

The Love Story: How Did You & Your Partner Meet? Pierre and I first met at Pontoon, a trendy bar on St Kilda beach (the old Riva). I went there with my friend Anna (one of my bridesmaids), and as soon as we walked in, she said, “oh there’s my friend Pierre at the bar!”. […]

Capture Your Memories The Perfect Way

With all the beautiful photos from your perfect day, I bet your wondering how to capture your memories the perfect way? ScrapBooks One of the most iconic ways to remembering the past is by scrapbooking! Let your creative side shine with stickers, ribbons, colors and vivid decoration! This hands on project is also a fun […]

Which is Truly the Most Important Photo on Your Wedding Day?

Take a moment, sit back, and picture your special day. I’m sure you’ve done it many times, but really go through the event in your mind. Now, here’s a question: what do you believe will be the most important photo on your wedding day? You might say couple portraits or the first kiss, maybe the […]

Romance Is Not Dead In This Inspirational Photo Shoot!

From Me To You, Aleczander Gamboa: Our team, along with our network of bridal industry specialists, brought a magical styled shoot to life by using a vibrant palette of blush pinks, pure white and rich greenery. The result was a French-European inspired feel that showcased the love between two people. The Theme: “Romance Is Not Dead” […]

Everything You Need To Know For Wedding Pictures You Want To Keep Forever

Your wedding photos are one of the absolute ‘musts’ when it comes to figuring out your wedding budget. They are one of the main things you should think about splurging on, as the pictures will last forever – unlike many other elements of the ceremony. They can help you to keep the day alive in […]

Say Cheese! Capturing Your Day The Right Way

Take a deep breath. We know you have a lot on your mind right now, and this is yet another thing you could do without. But, we urge you to take a moment to consider the style you’d like in your wedding photos. In truth, this isn’t an issue all brides think about. In fact, […]

Wedding Photo Booth

     When planning for your wedding reception activities, think of things to entertain your family and friends. One thing everyone will enjoy is a photo booth! Photo booths bring family and friends together by capturing moments with fun and silly photos.   Photo booths come in many different designs, from step & repeat (large enough for […]

Avoid the Biggest Wedding Regret

You spend months planning the biggest day of your life. Years of savings… yet after the wedding you don’t have much to remember it by, other than the photos. But photos don’t help you remember your first dance or capture the emotion in your spouse’s voice during the vows. You see it everywhere… “my biggest […]

Wedding of the Week: Julie & Don Martin

 Julie & Don 09.16.2017 Julie and Don met while living in San Diego. He was a bartender and she was the server at a new and popular restaurant. He gave her small compliments every day and it charmed her! He then started to show some of his bar flair, and caught a cherry that he threw two feet above his head […]

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