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Wedding Ideas

How To Prepare When Your Fiance Is Serving

  Photo by Vanessa K One of the best distractions for when your fiance is serving in the military is planning a wedding! It may be a little upsetting since he’s away during this magical process; however, there are some things that you can do on your own that are not only time consuming, but […]

Make An Impression At Your Wedding Party

Image If you are planning to throw a fun party this summer, you’ll be competing with a hell of a lot of people in your friend and family group. Summer is the perfect season to have a wedding party, and in the summer you will be able to make some amazing themes, entertainment and throw […]

Welcome Children!

Children are adorable! They’re at the age where they are curious, ambitious, joyful and high spirited. Many people see a wedding as a time of celebration and enthusiasm. A place where children are not allowed. Everyone has their own thoughts on the matter, but if you’re like me and love children, I’m sure that you’re […]

Give Your Wedding Day A Unique Touch With These Accessories

Your wedding day is one of the most serious days of your life. You’re making a huge commitment to the love of your life, and a commitment is a big deal. The vows that you exchange are a big deal. The way that you speak to the person that you love on this day is […]

Bride By Day, Waitress By Night!

How Can Waitressing Assist You On The Big Day? (This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.)   Waitressing is an underappreciated profession. Though it doesn’t require a college degree or specific skill set, it does require a […]

Top Wedding Trends for Summer 2018

Bright, bold and eye-catching: expect weddings this summer to embrace a fun and quirky aesthetic. From amusing food trucks to outdoor inspired venues, The Black Tux predicts wedding trends this summer to be more nontraditional and guest focused. Follow The Black Tux Groom’s Guide to make finding a quality suit or tuxedo for any wedding […]

Forget the Ceremony: The Wedding Is All About The Party

What makes a great wedding? Is it the ceremony, the food, or the party? While all three are important…it’s hard to look past the party. The ceremony is a necessity. The food can be a tad formal. But when it comes to the party, it’s full-steam ahead! This is where people really get to unwind […]

The Perfect Wedding For A Coffee Lover!

  Nowadays, themed weddings are the new craze and though many brides don’t like to admit it, they compete to be the most unique. There’s no need to be ashamed! We all love to feel appreciated and admired, and the one day where all the attention is focused on you is your wedding day. With […]

How To Have An Outdoor Wedding Right In Your Backyard!

Let’s be honest, renting a hall for your wedding can be pricey and limit you to being creative on your big day. Don’t want to be set back by rules and policies? Then why not throw a wedding in your own backyard! Just kick back, relax, and chill like a hammock expert because with these tips, […]

Bring Out Your Inner Child With A Disney Wedding!

“Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age & Dreams are forever.” ~Walt Disney. Since childhood, we’ve all imagined our wedding day to be a happily ever after with the one and only prince charming. No matter how old we grow in age, Walt Disney is an inspiration to many, bringing forth the inner child in […]

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