Unforgettable Wedding Gifts: Elevating The Big Moment With Experiences

In a world where being a consumer is becoming easier, most people literally have everything they could need. As a matter of fact, most people – couples, to be specific are actually looking to get rid of some stuff so they can merge homes without being consumed by possessions! So instead of going for the typical microwave or glass set, how about you explore amazing gift experiences for couples?

Here is everything you need to know about experience-based gifts, from what they are all about to some ideas to get your gears churning!

Experience Gifts: What Are They?

Do you want to think out of the box and give the newlyweds something offbeat? Something that speaks volumes about the couple, their love story, and interests. You want a thoughtful present that shows exactly how attentive you are to little things, and make them feel extra special on their big day.

You’re in the right place! This guide is going to help you find the perfect gift that is going to exceed their expectations and leave them with a wonderful memory to start their marriage together with! If you’re looking for something sweet and intimate, or maybe a tad bit adventurous and practical, you’ve come to the right place.

Experience gifts are exactly like how they sound: You are giving an experience instead of an item as a gift: instead of tea towels, get the happy couple tickets to say the Jimmy Kimel show if that is their thing! And that right there is an experience gift.

Why Experience-Based Gifts Are Perfect For Couples

Let’s get one thing straight: experience gifts are great for any occasion. Gift experiences for couples are top-tier, and this is why:

  • From Frazzled to Fabulous

Planning a wedding can be quite the event. From getting the right wedding planner to trying to cut costs and family drama, all this can be quite stressful. So imagine giving the couple a fun experience during this process, like a spa day or going to Martha’s Vineyard for wine tasting.

  • The Perfect Send Off: Plan a Honeymoon to Remember

If you know that the couple does not have a honeymoon destination or they have a place they want to go to and maybe can’t afford it, how about playing their fairy godparent and giving them the honeymoon of their dreams?

  • Partner Up for a Memorable Present

How about pooling together with the whole bridal team to get the soon-to-be wedded couple the perfect gift experience instead of a bunch of little gifts? This might just have the added bonus of saving money and allowing you to give the best and most well-thought-out gift!

  • Nature’s Gift: No Wrapping Required

If you know that your favorite couple is all about the environment, then getting an experience-based gift is a surefire for making them happy! There is no wrapping paper, plastic, or anything that might turn into waste material later. Give the couple an experience gift that will have the planet jumping for joy!

  • The Inside Out Effect

Lastly, and certainly, the best part of an experience gift is allowing the couple to create a core memory at the beginning of their journey of a lifetime! Gifts can be forgotten, especially if they are the fifth set of glasses, but if it is an experience, it will be branded in their memories and in their hearts!

The Ultimate List Of Experience-Based Gifts

There’s something for everyone when it comes to experience-based gifts, and there are options like Giftory that are masters at creating memories with experiences. As promised, here are some experience-based gift ideas for that special couple!

1. For The Adrenaline Junkies

If the couple in your life is essentially that cross-fitting couple stereotype to the tee, then this daredevil experience is for them! Give them the adrenaline shot and quite possibly help them overcome fear while ticking off a bucket list item.

Skydiving and bungee jumping hot air balloons all have something in common and that is the sky. If you know the couple loves heights, adrenaline, or simply want to try these stunts out then these can be experiences they will absolutely die for!

If they love water, beaches, and doing some crazy stuff, then parasailing, paragliding, or jet skis may be the thing to go for. Maybe you could take it a step further by gifting them something that involves snorkeling or shark diving!

Amusement parks are known for one thing: insane rides! So, if they love screaming and being exhilarated, then get them a ride on some of the scariest rides. Say they are honeymooning in Nepal – why not get them a ride on the Ferris wheel? This is surely something they will love.

If the couple you know is like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, then you’ll find some fun ways to test their competitive spirits. For instance, send them go-karting, or for an afternoon at an arcade, or challenge them to an escape room – these activities would be a hit with their competitive nature.

2. Relaxation and pampering experiences 

We kind of mentioned this before. But calling wedding planning stressful feels like the understatement of the century. That’s why finding ways to decompress during and after the process is highly recommended – it’s essential for maintaining your sanity and overall well-being.

After the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon, many couples may be due for a well-deserved break from the chaos of daily life. Get them some gift vouchers for a luxurious spa with mud baths, facials, scrubs, and so much more!

Maybe your friends are all about yoga. Treat them to a yoga retreat with like-minded people, or maybe get them an all-access pass to a place where they can do yoga with goats. Yes, it’s a thing!

If they are always into new and exciting spiritual experiences, then maybe sending them to temples of all kinds would be the way to go. They could also try ayahuasca if that is something that tickles their fancy!

3. A Table For Two

Everyone loves to eat! So this is one of the best and easiest gift experiences to give any couple! Eating can be romantic, especially if the backdrop is fancy, the food is exciting, and the company is great!

If they love wine or want to explore something more interesting, treating them to wine tasting at a beautiful vineyard will be a treat!

Restaurants have elevated food to an art form! From how artistic they can make it look to smoke shows and fancy science experiments. Give the couple an opportunity to go to Michelin Star restaurants like the ones you might find on the Vegas Strip!

Maybe they love making stuff like their own cheese or prosecco. Then get them their very own make-your-own food kits!

How about taking them on daring food experiences? Take them to some Mexican places where they can try tripe on tacos or maybe Cuban places in Florida where crocodile meat is commonplace.

Cooking classes are a great way to celebrate your soon-to-be-married or newlywed friends. Cooking can be an incredible bonding experience and a skill they can use for a lifetime!

4. Unique and memorable experiences

Now we know getting a gift is all about the recipient, but between you and us, gifts can also make you a forever favorite and set you above the rest of your friends. How can you do that, you ask? By giving an experience that is tailor-made for your friends.

If you know what your friends are into, you can give them personalized experience gifts. Say they love arts and crafts; send them to a place where they can make their own pottery. A Grinch-tastic honeymoon awaits! Since their special day falls during the festive season, they’ll get to experience the grumpiest of holidays in a whole new way at Universal Studios. If they are giant nerds and cosplayers; get them some Comicon tickets!

Get crafty and give your favorite couple a delightfully different experience! Maybe they long to create those TikTok carpets at a crafting studio where they’ll learn cool new things about crafting and keep what they make. Or maybe they can add on to their Disney travel adventures and take a one-of-a-kind “insider’s tour” with character visits at the happiest place on earth. If they are sports fans, then season tickets are the perfect gift.

Show the couple you both know and love them by getting them a gift experience that is uniquely them!

5. Cultural Experiences

Maybe this couple is a version of Zac and Bliss from Love is Blind, minus the cameras and drama–they have a favorite song! Then, get them a ticket to watch that musician play. Are they part of the beehive? Get them a ticket to the Beyonce tour. Maybe they love Usher? Then give them the gift of catching his residency performances in Vegas!

Say they are all cultured and fancy and love their gifts to come with a little bit of education. Why not bless them with access to museum exhibits or historical tours? Not to mention, aquariums and zoos are amazing places for couples who love animals and a bit of knowledge.

6. The Great Outdoors

You know, that couple that is always hiking, taking part in crazy sporting events, and camping every chance they get. The kind of couple that would sell everything they owned, grab a camper, and go wherever the road led them. This couple always looks super tanned and fit because they are always doing something sporty and outdoorsy!

If this couple is getting married, then maybe send them camping if they don’t mind roughing it or glamping if they prefer a fancier version of camping!

Consider subverting expectations and gift experiences that are sure to wow the couple that you love. You can get them a gift experience that will create a core memory, solidifying your title as the ultimate gift-giver.

Start their journey off on the right foot by giving them an experience that’s the icing on the wedding cake – the cherry on top of the sundae!

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