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The Wedding Couples Give Gifts Too

Wedding Gift Ideas

It’s the most important day of your life. All of your people will be heading to your wedding.  And with this, you can expect to be gifted with many wedding presents. One of the best and most important features of weddings is the traditional exchange that occurs when it comes to gift giving. The joyous…

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4 Free Gift Card Sweepstakes for your Wedding

Bridal Tee's

Didn’t think Wedding Vibe could get any better? Check out these 4 gift card sweepstakes that’ll spice up your wedding fun! $300 Gift Certificate for Wholesale Flowers has partnered with us to give you the opportunity to win a $300 gift certificate on wholesale flowers! Flowers are one of the most expensive aspects of…

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Are Custom Wedding Vows Right for YOU?  


3 Things to Ask Yourself! In hopes of making the day as special as possible, you might be considering custom services for some aspects of your wedding. Custom wedding vows are a relatively new concept for weddings, and I feel very honored to currently contribute to people’s lives as a custom vow writer. However, is…

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The Top 5 Gifts Every Bridesmaid Needs

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

As your wedding day approaches and you’re checking things off of your to-do list, don’t forget to acknowledge the special ladies that make up your bridal party. Bridesmaids’ gifts don’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but they should be thoughtful, considerate, and personal. Shower your special ladies with gifts they can continue to use…

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5 Unique Gift Ideas You Just Can’t Miss!

5 Inique Wedding Gift Ideas

5 Unique Bridal Party Gift Ideas Let’s face it: planning a wedding can be stressful. There are so many decisions to make, so many people to coordinate with, and so little time to do it all! Thankfully, most engaged couples have their friends and family to help them through — especially the select few in…

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Do not TABLE this discussion….for a number of reasons! Table Numbers for Your Wedding

Wedding Ceremony Customizable Table Card

“Honey, did you get our place card?” “Where do we sit?” “What table are we at?” “Hurry up, you are holding up the line.” “But I don’t know where to sit?” “Just sit anywhere, I’m sure it’ll be fine…….” You’ve spent a year planning your wedding; making sure every detail is perfect. You made sure…

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Fall for it!….5 Fall Wedding Favors You’ll Love

Fall Wedding Favors Personalized Coffee Mug

Fall is the most beautiful time of the year in my opinion. For me, who’s skin is so pasty that it’s almost translucent (You need the Pokemon Go app to see me in direct sunlight) it’s never too early to start thinking about Fall. And for those that managed to get their men to agree to…

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Let’s talk dirty…..and how to clean it up…..

personalized wedding napkin

Anyone can have a wedding.  But to make it the most memorable and most fun, the devil is in the details. Small, inexpensive details can be the difference between a good wedding, and a great wedding. Not all weddings are the same, but there are things all weddings need.  For instance; the napkin. It sounds…

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Customize your free wedding website to work for you

free custom wedding website

“What time is the wedding?  Where are you registered?  How do I get to the bachelorette party?  What hotel are we staying at? How did you two meet?……” When it comes to planning a wedding, your guests will have more questions than a contestant on Jeopardy. As much as you love getting phone calls from…

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Finally, a truly unique wedding cake topper

Unique cake topper idea

“I’m so quirky and unique!”…..says every bride ever….. If you’re still reading, you understand and appreciate the irony of that first sentence. It’s not that brides don’t want their wedding to be unique and special….it’s just that there are a limited amount of truly unique elements that can be found. It’s a free market….there is…

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