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How To Organize The Best Wedding Reception Music in 3 Easy Steps

How To Organise The Best Wedding Reception Music

Whatever musical route you and your partner decide to head down for your wedding reception – be it a DJ, solo musician or wedding band – there are a few transferrable tips you can apply to your evening to ensure maximum entertainment levels. A dream wedding can soon dissolve into a logistical nightmare when you…

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Music is Key

Wheel of Love

Love, Plus A Musically High Every Thursday night, there is an Open Mic at the coffee shop I frequently visit on Chestnut and Pine street. I never really used to come here. It was more where I wanted to come, but I was either too shy to come in or never found the time to.…

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Top 5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Reception Playlist

Oftentimes, when people talk about how much fun they had at a wedding, what they’re really talking about is how much fun they had at the wedding reception. For many couples, the wedding reception is also one of the parts of their wedding they look forward to the most, as it finally feels like you’ve…

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Alternative Music for the Alternative Wedding

Wedding Music

These days, tying the knot in a church as part of a traditional white wedding is just one of many exciting options for you and your partner. What matters above all else is that you celebrate your love for each other with the friends and family you hold most dearly, and, as long as there’s an officiant present, this can happen almost anywhere…

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Tips To Choosing The Right Music


Finding it difficult to choose the music for your wedding? The right music can create the ideal atmosphere and act as the perfect beginning for any wedding ceremony. Here are some useful tips in picking the music for your wedding day. 1) Pick A Suitable Piece Of Music Of The Right Length For The Wedding…

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How To Get the Best Band For Your Wedding

You’re preparing to spent the rest of your life with the one person you cherish above all others. You’ve promised them the moon and the stars, and want nothing less for them. And on this day – the celebration where you declare your undying affection for them before all your family and friends – you…

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We hope this helps all of those doing your research on music for your wedding dance. Many of you will be taking dance lessons, but it seems like the big hold up has to do with music. You can’t seem to choose a song. It’s ok if you never had a song together. Maybe you met…

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20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding/Event DJ!

If you google “wedding DJ Austin,” you’ll get over 21 million results. You’ll probably check out page 1 and 2, maybe page 3, but how do you determine which DJ or DJ company will best suit your needs? A great way to do this is to narrow down your results and get at least 3-5…

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First Dance Tips for your Wedding

Here are some ideas on how to make your first wedding dance, well, maybe not perfect,  but pretty decent. First:  Give your self enough time to learn how to dance. Dancing isn’t something you can do in a crash course. It’s not a long list to memorize before the test in the morning.  If you…

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Let’s See a Kiss

Everyone knows the old standby of clinking a wine glass or water goblet to make the bride and groom kiss at a wedding reception. Today, many venues discourage the practice because the glass might break if it is banged too hard; however, there are better ways to do it. Read on for a few of…

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