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Bagpipes & Weddings

Bagpipes for your wedding

Have you ever wondered how you could give your wedding a unique musical flare? Maybe you are of Scottish or Irish decent and want to bring traditional Celtic melodies to your wedding ceremony. In my many years of experience, the bagpipes have always made weddings even more of a day to remember. Here are some…

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Ceremony Music Suggestions and Tips

ceremony music ideas

A brief discussion about ceremony music in general followed by a list of suggested songs. Music can be a beautiful and important part of your wedding ceremony. It’s a wonderful welcome as your guests arrive and find their seats and helps establish a joyous and reverent mood. Scroll down and click the player below to…

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20 Tips For a Successful Party at Your Wedding Reception

DJ Party Tips

This is a very general statement but I suggest dancing to start no later than 9:30pm at a wedding. Any later than this and it will be hard to keep your guests amused. They will start to get bored and be less interested in dancing by this point. Some will leave early or maybe even…

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Your DJ is the most important part of your wedding reception.

wedding dj

The most important part of your wedding only takes about 6 seconds… and that part is free! That’s when you say “I DO”! The most important part of your reception starts before you enter the reception venue,  and continues until the very end… that’s your DJ! DJs don’t just show up and play music for…

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How you can afford live music for your wedding.

Wedding Music

There is nothing more special than having musicians present to perform for your wedding and reception. Hiring musicians is not just about having wonderful music to accompany your wedding activities—it’s also about having a performance to watch. Your guests will certainly enjoy watching a musician performing rather than someone pushing the play button on an…

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“The I Do’s & I Don’t’s With iPods.” Hire a Professional DJ.

Wedding DJ

With many wedding details and budget constraints, many brides & grooms are tempted to use and iPod to answer their wedding music wishes. However, the DJ category encompasses more than your personal play list. Here is a summary of risky problems with an iPod Wedding and why you should hire a professional disc jockey. Reception…

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Something That Most DJs Won’t Tell You

DJ Intro for Reception

I am going to tell you something that no other DJ will probably tell you. After 20 years in the biz, a lot has changed in the DJ market. From heavy crates of records and multiple cases of cassette tapes to CDs and now mp3. From when you had to buy an album for one…

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DJ (canned) Vs. Band (live!) for your Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

Navigating through all the inherent details of planning a wedding reception event is a major undertaking. But even after all the meticulous effort, no matter how beautifully-adorned the Bride, or how lovely and fragrant the flower arrangements, ot how elegantly-decorated the hall, etc. – when all is said and done – your family members and…

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Does Your DJ Have A “PLAN B?”

Wedding DJ backup plan

Let’s face it, life happens. Things can go wrong and Murphy’s Law states that they will always go wrong at the worst possible moment! You would never see an athletic team take the field with only ONE play in their book! A mountain climber always has another route planned out in case their first plan…

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How to select your ceremony music

Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life.  This is your day to shine!  Great planning will help everything run smoothly and allow you and your guests to have a truly wonderful time. Choosing the right music to frame your wedding ceremony is an important part of your planning.  Hiring…

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