DJ (canned) Vs. Band (live!) for your Wedding Reception

Wedding ReceptionNavigating through all the inherent details of planning a wedding reception event is a major undertaking. But even after all the meticulous effort, no matter how beautifully-adorned the Bride, or how lovely and fragrant the flower arrangements, ot how elegantly-decorated the hall, etc. – when all is said and done – your family members and guests will remember 2 main aspects pertaining to your “Special Day” celebration: (1) Did all have a good meal?; and (2) Did all have a good time?

The good meal aspect is mainly the responsibility of the Caterer (and staff), and whose selection is usually made by the bridal couple after “sampling the wares” and evaluating the preparation, quality, and flavor of the food.

However, the good time aspect (which may last 2-3 times longer than the meal) should be a choice made more out of consideration for family members and guests, and not one just to satisfy the couple’s own personal preferences. “Sampling the wares” also includes the musical entertainment – in action, if possible – be it “canned” or live!

“Canned” is a musician’s term for D.J., which to some is the same as an attendant playing music on a push-button radio. Live!, however, is the term applied to 5 or more trained, professional musicians (Band) plying their craft by generating the essence of music for the listener’s pleasure and dancing enjoyment.

To assist the bridal couple in selecting the appropriate musical entertainment form for their specific needs, below is a “TOP 10” listing of criteria that may be used in evaluating the D.J. or Band under consideration.

1. Meet with the D.J. or Bandleader to discuss the wedding reception plans. Map out a
sequence/timetable to ensure that the desired activities or special musical requests
will be realized to your satisfaction.

2. Be sure that “Master of Ceremony” services are provided as part of the entertainment

3. A “Frontman” must set and maintain an appropriate upbeat atmosphere for the event
so that everyone knows what is happening and has fun.

4. A wide variety of musical styles, artists, and tempos are presented in relation to the
age and tastes of the family members and guests attending.

5. Dependability, on-time appearance/performance, reliable transportation, efficient
usage of set-up/tear-down time, other contractual obligations, etc. – all factors are
to be met within satisfactory guidelines.

6. High level of professionalism and appropriate event attire is mandatory. Quality of
P.A. equipment/instruments to be utilized is guaranteed. Loudness/softness issues
are addressed.

7. Level of experience. Letters of recommendation. Types of performances. Kinds of
event venues.

8. Meals and drinks status for performers is decided.

9. Budgetary considerations. Contract signing. Deposit paid. Balance payment schedule.

10. Feeling completely satisfied and comfortable with performer selected, and decisions
made are agreed upon and understood totally by all parties.

When you have narrowed your wedding reception musical entertainment decision down to 1 D.J. or 1 Band,
ask yourself this 1 question. To make your event a truly memorable occasion (for the right reasons) for your
family members, guests, and YOU, what would you rather do – Pay 1 person to push buttons on “Canned”
music – OR – Pay 10 people to knock themselves out performing the best Live! music that they can humanly

If you find yourself leaning toward the LIVE! music concept, please check us out.
***** “Our Sound Will Knock You Out!” *****

This article was written and submitted by Rich Miller, Bandleader of The BRASS KNUCKLES BAND.

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