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Adding Your Own Personal Touch And Style To Your Wedding People say that getting married is among the best things that will happen in their entire life and that it takes second place behind the birth of their kids. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world and with good reason: you’re finally tying the knot with the person you love the most…

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On Trend 2019 : Your Wedding Dress Guide

Bridal Dresses

Your big day is approaching – are you excited? Nervous? A little bit of both? Still looking for the perfect dress? Whether you know the exact style you’re looking for, or you’re still exploring your options we’re here to help because we want you to feel excited and beautiful in the dress of your dreams!…

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Halloween Ideas for Newlyweds

Great Friends with Great Hair

Trick or treat? This article is no trick! We may not be handing out candy this Halloween, but let me tell you, these costume ideas for Newlyweds will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth! Do you love Halloween? Well then listen up ladies! Do you remember that beautiful wedding gown that you thought you were only…

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Let Your Wedding Dress Represent You!

Wedding dress 2

Beauty, glitter, tulle and satin. There are so many shapes and styles wedding dresses come in. However, they all have one similarity: expense. Ranging from $1,000 to way beyond your house mortgage, a wedding dress can be the guiltiest pleasure. But what if you could have your dream dress and not have to spend a…

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A Fool Proof Guide to Wedding Dress Alterations

Dress Alterations Wedding

The big day is fast approaching. There is a high chance that you have found your dress and you have signed on the dotted line to pay for it. This ultimately means that the dress is yours, but there may be some work that needs to be done in order to make it fit properly.…

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How to Dress Happy Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Dresses

You’re getting married and of course you want your best friends to be an important part of the big day. So far so good. But does that have to mean that your girlfriends should shell out a fortune for matching dresses that none of them will never wear again? Not at all! The kindest thing…

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Are You Ready For Your Alterations?

Did you know you had to prepare for your bridal gown alterations? Well, you do. Preparations are necessary to make sure your alterations proceed smoothly and efficiently. Just a few easy steps will get you ready to see your seamstress. Step 1- You need to have the shoes and undergarments that you plan to wear…

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This will knock your socks…on? Bold Socks for you Groomsmen!

Traditional wedding attire, for the most part, tends to drive down the middle lane of the fashion interstate. A nice, steady, consistent speed…keeping up with traffic, and never veering too far out of it’s lane. And for good reason.  Groomsmen look great in tuxedos and suits.  (Did you ever think the groom’s best friend from…

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Who to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s so exciting! Glitter and champagne and beautiful gowns are all around you but who do you want to have there by your side? While dress shopping is exciting and you definitely want to celebrate you also need to make sure you have just the right group to help you make that crucial decision. You…

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Wedding Dress- The Most Beautiful Thing You Will Ever Wear

From the time you were a little girl wrapping the bed covers over your head, you’ve already pictured what your dream wedding is going to be like. This magical event has been in the planning process for about two decades or so. Finally when the day arrives, all of this planning doesn’t seem to go…

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