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Wedding Ideas

Love, is Breaking Stability

Whether we know it or not, what we all desire and crave in life is stability. Think about it: We want love, food on the table, a job with benefits, a nice house and a family to share it all with. Its like an organized mental list that we all wish to check off one […]

Love is Patient

Approximately five days out of the week, I come to this little coffee shop on Chestnut and Pine street to write blog articles. Normally it’s moderately busy, the place filled with older women spending time with friends, college students studying and business men and women working online. This morning, however, the place was busy! It […]

Say “I Do” to a Furry Friend!

Look at how far you have come! Working hard, planning a wedding, making all of these important decisions in which finally resulted in marrying the man of your dreams! How does it feel being called someones wife? This is an important mile stone in life. You’ve finally found a man to share your life with, […]