Love Isn’t Perfect

A Fact About True Love

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Love isn’t always going to be perfect. I mean, we can’t always expect it to be a Christmas Hallmark  special where everyone is happy and a perfect little angel. We’re all human with many different emotions, point of views and personalities. In the end, what comes into perspective is how we handle the downs of life and how to handle situations when love is questionable.

Now a days, I’ve seen too many people give up on love. There are fights and arguments and many see divorce as their only option. I’ll be honest, my relationship has hit it’s peak at certain points and starting over was a thought that lingered in my mind. But starting over is scary, especially when your heart is involved. I told myself that there was a reason why I fell in love with him in the first place. So I gave myself a little detox from his presence and took a journey back into the past.

When I struggled through the darkest of times, he was there to comfort me and help me back onto my feet. He has motivated me to do more with my life and has given me the opportunity to make memories that I never thought would ever happen to me. With him, my life has been an adventure and I have never met a man that has loved as much as he has.

Something that you need to tell yourself is that true love is never easy and you need to accept this. No man or women in this world is completely perfect, and when you marry them it means that you are accepting them as a whole, not just parts. When you’re questioning love and don’t know what to do, here are some things to consider before finalizing your mindset.

Are Your Happy?

When you wake up in the morning and look him in the eyes, ask yourself if he truly makes you happy. If he truly makes you feel loved and if not, don’t be afraid to tell him. Hiding your feelings increases the chances of you falling out of love. When you married him, you both became a team. Work through this rough patch together and remember that you shouldn’t be afraid to hide your feelings from him.

Walk Down Memory Road

Remember the times when you and him first started to fall in love with each other. Visit the places where you had your first dates and remember the little things that linger in your memory from when you first met. Is there a specific song that comes to mind? An action, quote, or goofy memory that makes you smile? Even scrolling through old photos from the past can trigger memories that can make you fall in love all over again.

For me, it’s “Thinking Out Loud By Ed Sheeran”. The first night that I met him it was at a Halloween dance back in high school. I wanted to ask him to dance and my friend made me leave early. Ironically, he found me on Facebook that night and told me that he wanted to ask me to dance too, but I disappeared. Now, whenever I hear that song I think about that night, and how when I first looked into his eyes I knew that he was the one for me.


There are two factors that come with recognition. Recognizing the problems that interfere with your love and recognizing the reasons why you fell in love. Sometimes it can be little problems like always being late and not taking things seriously. But when you notice those things you need to surface the problems with the opportunity to be fixed. Along with recognition comes understanding and appreciation. As hard as it is, and trust me because I’ve been there, sometimes the best thing to do is to just talk to him, display the problems and have a mutual understanding that your love isn’t perfect. Nothing in this world is perfect. But in the end, the fact is once you both can except that truth, you both are going to find a deeper appreciation for one another and the flaws that come with you both.

My relationship isn’t perfect. Sometimes I get upset easily and have anxiety for no reason and he is bad at time management and is childish sometimes. But after facing facts and talking to one another about our problems, I have realized that we both have grown and matured from the past. My personality has changed and I don’t let my anxiety take over as much as it used too and he has learned to be more of an adult. But none of this would have ever of happened without confrontation.


Confronting the person you love about your deeper emotions can be scary. But sometimes one just has to swallow the fear for the better or worse. Ask yourself, would you rather solve the problem now in hopes of a happier future? Or would you rather let the imperfections swallow you whole until there is a permanent tear in the relationship?

There is a reason why you fell in love with him in the first place, and overall love is never going to be easy. So understand this going in and be ready to face many challenges. Marriage is only the beginning to this wild adventure and true love is the narrator to your story in progress.

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