Engagement Ring Ideas: The Three Trends You Will Be Seeing in 2019

Choosing the perfect engagement ring might seem like an impossible mission. There are so many options to choose from, and each person’s style is unique. This puts a lot of pressure on you, not to mention that some styles are more fashionable than others, so on and so forth. And while it is true that diamonds will never go out of style, since they are a girl’s best friends, in order to get it right, you should do some research in advance.

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Vintage-Inspired Ring

To start with, it is difficult, if not impossible to go wrong with choosing a vintage-inspired wedding ring. This applies especially if your girlfriend is the romantic type. If she appreciates romantic, dainty jewelry, she will definitely like it too.
So, what characterizes vintage-inspired engagement rings? Most items incorporate a colored stone, which should represent the personality of your beloved. At the same time, note that each specific tone is usually associated with a given type of cut. In general, long shapes such as the emerald or the oval cut are compatible with the sapphire or aquamarine stone. On the other hand, the cushion cut is mostly used for ruby stones.
If your girlfriend has a thing for vintage jewelry, you might even attempt to purchase a vintage engagement ring. In this way, you can be 100 percent sure of its uniqueness.


Halo Engagement Ring

It can be difficult to follow trends, as trends are prone to go out of style when you least expect them to. And engagement rings should withstand the test of time; therefore, most people refer them in classic styles – this brings us to the halo engagement ring, which is one of the most classic takes on the engagement ring. This is a style that has endured for a reason, and it is likely to come back strong in the springtime, as well.
Typically, the halo detail is created by surrounding a central diamond with other diamonds, which are smaller. The focus is, of course, placed on the central diamond. For a more unique look, the middle stone might be substituted for another stone, just as in the case of Kate Middleton’s classic engagement ring.


Colored Gems

And the third trend we would like to talk about is the colored gem engagement ring trend. Once again, this trend aims at displaying the bride’s preference for a color that is representative to her. This preference has been on the growth in the last couple of years, and it is expected to become even more popular in the spring of 2019. The same could be said about wedding rings made from hair, which is a trend that has been gaining a lot of popularity. Heart in Diamond does this, if you want to find out more about the trend.

We hope that our suggestions have guided you in the right direction! On a final note, make sure you buy the engagement ring that feels right and is representative for your beloved. That’s all that matters at the end of the day, aside from trends that come and go.


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