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Wedding Decor: 7 Secrets To Designing A Luxury Wedding

Luxury Wedding

With the wedding being your big day, it is only natural that you want everything to be picture perfect. Everything has to be carefully curated – from the venue and food to music and photography – so you can organize an unforgettable event that you will cherish forever. Hence your panic about designing your wedding…

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8 Ideas For Wedding Ceremony Backdrops That Will Bring Pure Magic To Your Event

Gone are the days that you’ll see a simple piece of cloth as wedding ceremony backdrops. Today’s modern couples are elevating the wedding experience by flaunting their creativity and personalities throughout ALL of their wedding decors, starting with the ceremony backdrop.  Whether you’re saying “I Do” indoors or outdoors, a wedding ceremony backdrop simply elevates…

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3 Tips For Matching Wedding Decor With Your Attire

Wedding Decor

If you’re planning a wedding, you already know how every aspect is finely balanced. Even if something seems insignificant to others, you know that you can’t change the flower arrangement without first thinking how it will affect everything else, and that’s just one example. Another thing to consider when planning a wedding is how the…

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4 Tips to Choose the Right Wedding Arch

Wedding Arch

The wedding arch is the focal point for your wedding event. It features prominently in the pictures of your special day. Thus, it’s common to get anxious about choosing the perfect wedding arch to make sure that it really provides a picturesque view for the couple and a focal point for the event. After all,…

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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

How to Choose a Color Palette for Your Wedding Using a few Designers’ Tips, Tricks and Tools So, your planning your wedding and picking your colors, but maybe you are feeling a bit stuck! Choosing wedding colors can be challenging since there are so many options available, leading to indecision. It’s also not as easy…

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7 ways or ideas to pull off a white wedding theme with roses

The complete guide to using white roses for weddings White has been associated with weddings and funerals since time immemorial and the traditional hues are pretty much in demand even in the present scenario. The color has been preserved well through the ages for the most significant events and celebrations of a person’s life and…

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DIY Wedding Supplies

DIY Wedding supplies

You are a super creative person, and you’re getting married (congrats!)  You have sooooo many good ideas for cute, custom DIY projects for your wedding. How do you make all of those ideas that are running around in your head, transform into a tangible reality? With unique DIY wedding supplies like these examples here: So many things can…

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We hope this helps all of those doing your research on music for your wedding dance. Many of you will be taking dance lessons, but it seems like the big hold up has to do with music. You can’t seem to choose a song. It’s ok if you never had a song together. Maybe you met…

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Get with the (wedding) program!!


A wedding is a blended conglomeration of people.  Friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, etc. from two different walks of life. Some may know each other, others may not. If only there was a way to help all of these different guests get on the same page (awesome foreshadowing pun intended) and provide them information about the…

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5 Tasty Edible Favors Your Wedding Guests Will Love

Your wedding favors are a subtle, but important, part of your wedding. The wedding favor is something that your guests take with them; a tangible reminder of the night they had with you. It’s a token of your appreciation; a figurative pat on the back or hug, that says “thank you for coming, it means…

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