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Wedding Ideas

Shortening Your Guest List

The Truth Behind Guest Lists   (This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.) Your wedding day is one of the most celebrated days of your life. Once he pops the question I’m sure that everyone is going […]

Benefits of Going Digital for your Wedding Invitations

Sending invitations for your wedding is one of the most exciting tasks throughout the wedding planning process. It’s the moment when all the planning and preparation becomes real. But the cost of paper invitations can add up quickly, and the process of designing and sending them out can be timely. So why not consider going […]

Ten Easy Ways to Customize Your Wedding Invitations

When you announce your special day to all your family and friends, the process then begins to make every detail of your wedding one that both of you and your guests will remember for years to come. In order to make that happen, there has to be attention to every detail, including your invitations. The […]

5 Ways to Save at Minted for Black Friday

1) Up to 20% OFF Holiday Card orders with code BF2017 There is no better way to correspond with your friends and loved ones than a holiday card from Minted. Find the perfect holiday card for your style and budget, with luxe paper and printing across Minted’s range of formats. 2) 25% OFF Save the Dates with code BFWED2017 […]

How to Write a Thoughtful Wedding Card

When you RSVP to a wedding, there are a few tasks necessary to attend. First, you need to choose a wedding outfit, arrange travel plans, and purchase a gift and card for the happy couple. While you may have found the perfect card, knowing what to add inside the card can be a bit more […]

Make your guests go bananas….and thank them a bunch. Thank you cards

I’d like to think you and I have good chemistry. I’m not afraid to use puns in my blog, because I know you’ll have a good reaction…. One thing that’s not a laughing matter however, is making sure you send your guests a proper thank you card in a timely fashion. You love (most of) […]

Do not TABLE this discussion….for a number of reasons! Table Numbers for Your Wedding

“Honey, did you get our place card?” “Where do we sit?” “What table are we at?” “Hurry up, you are holding up the line.” “But I don’t know where to sit?” “Just sit anywhere, I’m sure it’ll be fine…….” You’ve spent a year planning your wedding; making sure every detail is perfect. You made sure […]

Get with the (wedding) program!!

A wedding is a blended conglomeration of people.  Friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, etc. from two different walks of life. Some may know each other, others may not. If only there was a way to help all of these different guests get on the same page (awesome foreshadowing pun intended) and provide them information about the […]

An invitation to learn about…invitations

Your wedding invitations are important.  But you know as much about wedding invitations as I know about having a dad bod.  (Okay, I know a LOT about having a dad bod….) You want your wedding invitations to be perfect.  But where do you start? Us Millennials are the electronic generation.  We spent our entire lives trying […]

Animated Wedding Invitations – A unique way to invite guests to your wedding.

Are you looking for a unique way to invite your guests to your wedding? Do you want to tell the story of how you met, but don’t know how to do it with a traditional invitation? You can do both of these things,  PLUS save money by using Your wedding guests will love it! makes […]

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