A Kick Start to a Winter Wedding!

Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter!

It’s the perfect time of year where every day feels like you are walking in a winter wonderland. The soft snowflakes fall mystically from the sky; delicately, beautifully and filled with happiness and joy. Christmas lights flicker from every house you walk by and the aroma of peppermint mocha is so strong that it’s hard to miss. Yes, December truly is one of the happiest times of the year. Unless your heart has shrunk two sizes too small like the classically despicable, unforgettable Grinch. Don’t fall into his trap and be lured by his disguise, but be captured by these winter wedding ceremony ideas and let them take hold of your eyes!

Tree Lighting Ceremony

I’m sure that many of you have heard of the traditional wedding ceremony’s many couples perform to symbolize “Unity”. Some families decide to perform the Sand Ceremony, the mixing of families and blending them as one. Another tradition would be the rock ceremony, in which represents the building of a foundation for the husband and wife to start their new life. But why not start a new tradition to get in the holiday spirit? Here is an idea that knocks two birds with one stone. As your guests enter the ceremony room, have a table with clear ornaments, sharpies, and anything else you would like your guests to decorate the ornaments with. Ask your guests to sign their names and decorate an ornament as your version of a guest book. Once they have done so, ask for them to place their ornament on the tree before the ceremony begins.

Once your ceremony reaches the bridge, perform a “Lighting of the Tree” ceremony. There is a lot of symbolize that stands behind this ceremony. Having your guests place the ornaments on the tree represents a few things. For one, it shows that they support you as husband and wife. Two, they embrace the growing, family tree. And finally, The tree itself represent you as a couple, and with each person that places their ornament on the tree, it shows that you’re never alone. Once the tree has been lit, it represents that you are shinning a light on a new chapter of your life. And the adventures await for you and your husband to explore.

Throw Sugar Instead of Rice

It has always been a tradition to throw rice as the newly weds leave the Church. Throwing rice is meant to symbolize rain, in which represents prosperity, fertility and good fortune. Though throwing sugar sounds a little skeptical, it may just be the perfect, winter touch you were looking for! Sugar is delicate and when captured by the light, it shines like a star in the night. Sugar also represents sweetness, happiness, good times and success. So as you throw the sugar as the newly weds leave the ceremony, not only does it represent the blessing of goodness but also resembles the falling snowflakes from the sky.

A Magical Carriage Ride

Not too long ago, there was an event held here in town called “Light Up The Night”. People walked around town shinning lights in the sky and there were magical carriage rides being given to the locals. Relocate to your reception in style! Feel the warmth of a hot drink and cover yourself with a soft blankets; hear the galloping of feet direct you towards a night of celebration and fun, and admire the change in your life as you went from fiance to wife.  It may be hard to find a carriage ride so an alternative idea would be to have some fun with a limo! Get some ideas at IL Party Bus Company.

Let these 3 winter wedding ideas be your kick start to the most wonderful time of the year. Thanks for reading!


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