Say “I Do” to a Furry Friend!

Look at how far you have come! Working hard, planning a wedding, making all of these important decisions in which finally resulted in marrying the man of your dreams! How does it feel being called someones wife? This is an important mile stone in life. You’ve finally found a man to share your life with, and in reality your life has only just begun! There are so many adventures that await for you and your husband, but let me ask: Do you still feel like something is  missing?

Sometimes I like to refer to psychology. Today we’re going to talk about Abraham Maslow’s  theory of the “Hierarchy of Needs”.  Abraham Maslow was an American Psychologist whom in 1943 wrote a paper called : Theory of Human Motivation. To clarify, it’s a pyramid with 5 levels, the steps to reaching full satisfaction. It starts with basic needs, to safety, love, accomplishment, and then finally, self actualization. Self Actualization is basically when you realize what an amazing person you are. When you realize that you are a success and want to do more for the world and in your life. During this step, couples make life changing decisions like having kids, taking business risks, and adding new additions to their life. Some additions are major, others small, but either way an addition is an addition. Not many people are able to reach the top of Maslow’s pyramid. If you have any spare time, I highly suggest looking into his theory more. But anyways, lets get back to why this theory relates to the feeling that something is missing. What else is there to accomplish not that you have met all of your needs? Maybe it’s time to add a new addition? And what better addition to add to a growing family than a pet?

Steps of the Pyramid

Like Maslow’s pyramid for the Hierarchy of Needs, there is also a pyramid for when deciding on the right pet for your household. There are many things to consider when getting a pet, but for right now we’re going to focus on your home and backyard size, animal type, size capability, grooming, care, net income, work schedule and noise.

Animal Type

The first thing you and your husband should do is make a list of animals you wouldn’t mind having as a pet. Once you have your list down, then continue with the article to start the process of elimination.

Home & Backyard

Analyze your home and backyard size. Also, consider your homes location. If you live in an apartment with no backyard space, then maybe the perfect pet for you is something aquatic, a cat, bird, or maybe even a reptile. Your home and backyard space determines the type of animal you get, so make sure to talk with your husband and see which animals fit your living situation.

Size Capability

How much room do you have for your pet? Can you afford to have an animal wander around the home, or would you rather have it condensed to one area? Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of animal person are you? The best way to give an example is by relating size to dogs. Dogs come in many different sizes. Some people love big dogs and embrace them with open arms. Other people would refer smaller dogs because they feel less overwhelmed by the size.

Grooming & Care

Do you have time every week to groom and care for your pet? Are you willing to consistently clean a liter box, cage, and/or brush and bathe your pet? Also, shedding! Personally, I don’t mind a little shedding. But my mother absolutely can’t stand it! Make sure to do your research because even if you get a dog or a cat, not all breeds shed like crazy.

Net Income

Some animals come with a lot of care. For example: For a rabbit, you need a cage, bedding, water bottle, pellets, hay, toys, brush, clippers, etc. It’s a lot, even for a little pet such as a rabbit. Take your income into consider, and think about how much you are willing to spend on your pet monthly.

Work Schedule

Are you constantly working and never home? Then maybe get a pet that can be left alone for hours at a time. Take a look at your work schedule and approximate how often someone will be home to look after your pet.


Last but not least, noise! Lots of people overlook this step because they don’t even consider it until it’s too late. Can you handle a little noise? Every pet comes with its own package. Whether it’s a hamsters squeaking wheel at night, a fish tanks motor, a noisy dogs barking or a squawking bird, think about your noise capacity and how much you are able to handle.

Now that it’s all said and done, have you determined what pet is the right addition for your growing family?

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