What to Do With Your Wedding Bouquet?

Toss it or Savor it?


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Whether the flowers you choose to use are real or fake, your wedding bouquet will definitely be exquisite. Carrying a bridal bouquet down the aisle has many different symbolic meanings to it’s background. In ancient Greece, it was believed that carrying a bridal bouquet symbolized new beginnings, fidelity and hope of fertility. However in the Middle Ages, bridal bouquets consisted of strong smelling herbs, in which was intended to ward off evil spirits, bad health and bad luck.

Carrying a bouquet didn’t become popular until the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria herself carried a beautiful bridal bouquet down the aisle with her to marry Prince Albert. During this time, each flower started to develop it’s own meaning, and the exchange of flowers symbolized different things depending upon the flowers chosen. But over all, the carrying of a bridal bouquet became the symbol for love and passion, and this tradition has carried on over the years into present time.

This exquisite arrangement is like an accent to your beauty, so why toss it out when you can savor the precious moments that illuminate from your bouquet?

Ideas For Fake Flowers

If you’ve decided to use fake flowers at your wedding, then here are a few ideas for you to use. For one, you can take the flowers apart and use them for a creative project. You can consider turning them into a string of flowers for a child’s room, making a DIY floral headband, or even gluing them to the boarder of a frame holding one of your wedding photos. The projects you can come up with are limitless! A couple of other small projects you can do with fake flowers is tape them to pens, make a floral garland and chandelier! Another thing is the floral centerpieces made for the wedding can be reused as a centerpiece in your own home! This beautiful arrangement can be centered on the kitchen counter, kitchen table, atop a shelf or even in the bathroom as decor.

Fake flowers can last a lifetime, so why not save them for when your daughter also begins her journey of wedding planning. If she decides to use your bouquet, then it will count as her “something old and something borrowed”.

Ideas For Real Flowers


There are a few creative ways that people preserve their wedding bouquets. One way that is most common for people to do is tightly sealing the flowers either in the original bouquet or in random order within a photo frame. Another thing people do is place the flowers in plastic or glass ornaments, glass mason jars or in glass figures so they can be incorporated into the homes decor.

There are so many tricks to preserving your wedding flowers and bouquet. Whether your flowers were real or fake, the love behind them share a story worth telling. So good luck finding creative ways on how to savor your bouquet, and hopefully you have fun during the process!

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