Your Post-Wedding To-Do List

When rings have been exchanged, a bouquet has been thrown, and the happy couple have embarked on the honeymoon of a lifetime, it may seem as if the tasks surrounding a wedding are complete. However, this isn’t quite the case – there are a few remaining things to attend to when you return home, as we have outlined in more detail below. 

#1 – Send thank you cards 

Thank you cards have been a post-wedding fixture for decades, and many couples find that they really enjoy the process of sending thanks to those who gave gifts and were able to join them to share in their big day. You may find that it’s best to write your cards in batches in order to help to prevent your hands from cramping up! 

#2 – Clean and preserve your wedding dress

clean dress

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For most women, their wedding dress is the most sentimentally-important item they will ever wear, so preserving it can be a lovely way of cherishing the memory. What’s more, if you intend to wear your dress again in future (some brides do so for specific parties; or their first anniversary), you’ll want to ensure it is in the best possible condition. You’ll therefore want to opt for professional wedding dress cleaning to remove any stains that might have been picked up on the day, and then ensure that the now-pristinely-clean dress is stored safely for the future. 

#3 – Deactivate your registry 

This is usually a simple task, especially if you registered online, so try to do it as soon as possible after your wedding date. You’ll also have the chance to go through the registry and take note of any gifts you wanted but did not receive; buying these items can be a great use of any cash gifts or vouchers that you received. 

#4 – Preserve your bouquet 

Preserve Wedding Bouquet

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There are actually a few different ways to preserve your bouquet yourself, ranging from hanging the flowers in a dry, well-ventilated environment (closets are usually best) until they are dry to using silica gel to speed up the process. Both methods can work well, so it’s largely a matter of choice as to which you use. When the flowers have been dried and preserved, you can either display them as-is in your home, or fill a photo frame with the petals to create a beautiful keepsake. 

#5 – Screenshot then remove your wedding website

Wedding websites have become hugely popular in recent years, and if you and your partner set up your own, you’ll undoubtedly want to preserve the memory of the site. However, continuing to pay for hosting on your wedding website is not necessarily an expense you’ll want to continue incurring after the big day. It’s therefore advisable to screenshot each page of the website, so you have the memory, but then deactivate the site and ensure the domain name or hosting will not renew automatically. 

In conclusion

Finding time for all of the above can be a great way to spend your first few weeks as a newlywed and really help to make the most of your memories and mementos from the day.

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