Love is Encouragement

The Four Obstacles

There will always be a factor that divides your path and challenges your future. There will be opportunities and disadvantages, but as a married couple you will have to learn how to conquer these ups and downs as a team.

There is a book that I often like to reflect upon called “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. It is a fictional story with realistic morals and life lessons about the four obstacles to fulfilling ones dream. The book itself is inspiring, with a deep, motivational drive. But it can also be in relation to a married couple, and how partners can actually drive each others ambitions and make their relationship stronger.

1. Realizing the Impossible is Possible

Within this article we are going to take a 180 from the original story when discussing the four obstacles to fulfilling ones dreams. The first obstacle is realizing the impossible is possible. Since childhood, parents and adults criticize dreams that seem foolish and out of reach. We grow up believing that dreams are nearly impossible to accomplish, locking away temptation and motivational drives. Before joined by marriage, surely you and your spouse spoke about dreams and future careers. In this moment ask yourself if you both truly are happy in your current positions. Are you both happy in your current employments and location? Communicate with one another and help each other realize whether or not this form of stability is heavenly, questionable or dreadful. Once realization is set into place, understand that following your dreams isn’t impossible. Motivate your spouse and be their strength, because you are the driving factor that will help them along this journey.

2. Love

It’s said that love is one of the biggest set backs from following your dreams; however, sometimes it may just be the biggest influence. Ones life could be going in one direction with a clear path and set up structure, love being the influence to a second path giving light. Though negativity is powerful and more brought up than the positive aspects, I am still faithful and a true believer that love is encouragement rather than defeat.

A true, motivational drive is by having support from a loved one. If your spouse is truly passionate about something in their life, encourage them to face their dreams head on. Be by their side through the ups and downs and lend a helping hand when things get tough.

3. Fear

In every point in someones life, fear is an obstacle that is hard to surpass. But with love at hand, it is possible to eliminate fear and bring one’s dream within grasp. When doubt is present, reassure your partner that it is okay to have fear; however in the end, it’s what we do with it and how we handle the fear we’re faced with. Challenge your partner to get out of their comfort zone. To step beyond what they think they are capable of. Show them that they are stronger than they may believe, giving them the confidence to continue this journey.

Fear of Accomplishment

Sometimes it isn’t fear, love or doubt that holds one back from accomplishing their dreams. In most cases its guilt. Guilt of accomplishing something that one can one imagine. Your spouse shouldn’t feel guilty for accomplishing their dreams. If this is the case, encourage them and let him/her know how proud you are of them. That they shouldn’t feel selfish for wanting to do more with their life. Give them that extra push needed, because you are the guiding figure that lights their way out of the darkness.

With 24 hours in a given day, there is so much that could be accomplished. Don’t let this ambition of yours go to waste. If you and your spouse work together and embark on this journey as a team, then you two truly will find the peak happiness and a new meaning to what true love stands for.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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