Why Should I Have A Winter Wedding?

The real question is why SHOULDN’T a bride have a winter wedding? Sure it has it’s downs like the warm, summer heat and breathtaking wild flowers. But behind the chill of winter is a treasure chest worth exploring.

Here are a few of the top reasons why winter weddings are worth the planning:

They’re Budget Friendly In Many Ways!

With so many holidays shifting from in and out of season, prices get lowered and weddings become more affordable. Seasonal decorations hit the market in bulk, so once the holidays are over prices get lowered from 50% off to even 75-80% off.

Just because you’re having a winter wedding doesn’t mean that you have to have a “Christmas or Valentines Day” themed wedding. Take advantage of the color schemes, glits and glam, material, fabric, decorations and clothing attire! Here’s a little secret: Labeling is everything! For example, let’s say your wedding colors revolve around red. Christmas and Valentines day are most popular with that color. Fashion dresses come out and what do you know, they’re categorized as Christmas and Valentines day. Once the holidays are over stores can’t have out of season attire on the racks, so what do they do? Lower the prices dramatically! This is perfect for you because this is a great opportunity to shop for your bridesmaid dresses!

Going to a bridal boutique to shop for your bridesmaids dresses can be overwhelming, especially with the high prices. Take advantage of these deals and the time of the year because most brides aren’t able to score this lucky!

Wanting to have the perfect winter wonderland wedding? Then shop after Christmas and before the new year! This is the perfect opportunity to get your snowflakes, lights, glitter, crystals, vintage lace and much more at a decent price.


One of the biggest worries brides have to face is the weather! By having a winter wedding, for one you don’t have to worry about the darn heat and humidity! Unless you live in a warmer region, then I guess this part of the article won’t do you much good. But for the ladies dealing with mother nature and all of her mood swings, then here is some helpful advice. By having a winter wedding, for one it’ll be indoors. So no worrying about the humidity, hot weather, chance for showers, muddy heels, and anything else that could go wrong.

The Off-Season

The greatest thing about winter weddings is that it’s considered “the off season”.  The time of year when no one typically plans a wedding. In this case, you’re in lucky because:

1. It differentiates you as a bride.

2. Not many halls will be booked up during this time of year, so venue spots will be cheaper and you will have more dates to choose from.

3. Since most weddings happen during the summer, now your family and friends won’t need to feel overwhelmed and can focus all of there attention on you on your big day.

4. You may be able to negotiate prices better. Some wedding vendors offer discounted rates since it is not their busy season.  For example: renting a shuttle bus in Chicago could cost less in the winter than it does in the summer.


Some people may not think about it much, but why do you think it takes photographers so long to process and edit your wedding photos? It’s because they’re so busy with other brides and weddings during the summer time that it becomes time consuming. By having a winter wedding, photographers are more available, can focus more directly on you and get your wedding photos back to you faster than average.

Another plus to having a winter wedding are the beautiful photos in the glistening snow. Nothing is more mystical and magical than a photo beneath the falling snow. Then you can take your photos and get them printed on canvas for a beautiful piece of art for your home!

Not many brides plan their wedding around the winter months. But why shouldn’t they when there are so many positives behind the bittersweet chills. Fall in love with the glistening snow, it may be more magically than one may know!

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