Love is Patient

Approximately five days out of the week, I come to this little coffee shop on Chestnut and Pine street to write blog articles. Normally it’s moderately busy, the place filled with older women spending time with friends, college students studying and business men and women working online. This morning, however, the place was busy! It was so busy that you couldn’t even tell where the line was to order a drink. After getting my Pumpkin Patch latte, I set up my work space at a table in the front of the shop. Where light streams in through the glass windows and I can write while watching the cars pass.

Something started to bother me though. I started to notice that people were looking through the glass windows and noticing how busy it was this morning. Others would walk in, see the line and then walk back out not giving it a second thought. Not many people have patience anymore. You see a long line and tell yourself that you can go somewhere else. That it’s not worth it to wait in line. But in reality, why do you think the place is busy? It’s busy because it’s worth being busy. Because there’s good coffee here, good people, good music and a good atmosphere.

It’s psychologically proven that humans look at the negatives before seeking out the positives. Yes, you can go anywhere to get your coffee. But by the time you go somewhere else, you probably would have already had your coffee right now if you would have stayed and follow through.

The moral in this lesson is that love does not happen right away. Love is patient. You can’t just walk in, see that there’s a lot going on and decide to go somewhere else. You see, like a coffee shop, you need to get in line wait. There’s no skipping, no easy way because in life there will always be lines.

She can be the most amazing person in the world. She can be the one to hold you up when your feeling down. The one to help you get through the cracks in the road and make you smile when smiling seems like the hardest task you can ever accomplish. But ask yourself: How will you ever know that unless you get in line, keep on taking a few steps forward until finally it is your turn to order a happily ever after with the girl that could be the one?

And finally, sure, you can walk out because “their will always be another coffee shop.” But by the time you finally find another place to go to, the one that was worth while could have already of been yours.

Ladies, this doesn’t only apply to men. We all have grown victim to negativity, hopelessness and thoughts of giving up. But the greatest things in life never come easily. It will always be an uphill battle, and there will always be tears to shed. But in the end, hurt is only temporary. And when you see it through with the one that makes you happy, then that is permanent.

In order to love, one must be patient. And when one is patient, then there will be love.

Now, look at the man/women you married. Aren’t you happy that you were patient?

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