Do you absolutely love the outdoors? Well then I can relate. I’ve always admired the fresh air, the sweet fall aromas, the soft breeze and the gorgeous scenery’s. However, with the dropping temperatures coming into play, I’m sure that your guests will not be sharing the same vision as you do on your wedding day. So how are you going to be able to get your dream outdoor wedding while also keeping your guests happy? By being considerate and finding the perfect balance between the two!


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Consider only having an outdoor ceremony. The temperature drops as the sun starts to set. So consider having your ceremony during the beautiful sunset, and then move the party inside for the reception. The sunset will illuminate you and your husband perfectly, creating the perfect lighting for your wedding photos for you and your husband to look back on. To help ease your guests worries, offer blankets and warm refreshments as the guests walk into the ceremony area. This will make them feel warm and toasty during the ceremony, easing negative thoughts and replacing them with passionate and loving feelings towards the love you and your fiance share. Your guests are there to celebrate the love between you and your fiance, and would rather give their full attention to you rather than their cold hands.

Say No To Cold Hands

Why not offer your wedding favors early? An easy and creative way to make your wedding favors perfectly handy would be to offer gloves and hand warmers as people walk into the ceremony space. Gloves and hand warmers are fairly cheap, and getting gloves matching your wedding colors would fall perfectly with the theme you are going for.

Set a Reminder

Remind your guests in the wedding invitations, social media and in any other way of communication that you have chosen to have an outdoor ceremony. This gives them a heads up for whats happening during the wedding and gives them plenty of time to decide what to bring with them and time to check the weather for the night.

Warm & Toasty Beverages

Offer warm and toasty beverages before and after the ceremony. Some simple and classic beverages that would be perfect for this season is warm apple cider, coffee, hot cocoa, tea and eggnog.

Something fun that I have commonly heard of is having your table placement cards be small liquor bottles in perfect shot quantities. One couple I know of did this for their wedding as a joke to say “Thanks for freezing your butt off, you deserve a shot, it’s on us!”A lot of guests found this to be amusing, and almost immediately forgot that they were just outside in cold temperatures watching a forty minute ceremony.

Though you love the outdoors and can bear the temperatures for your perfect day, your guests may not be able too. So take their thoughts into consideration so their can be a balance between the two.

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