Love, Plus A Musically High

Every Thursday night, there is an Open Mic at the coffee shop I frequently visit on Chestnut and Pine street. I never really used to come here. It was more where I wanted to come, but I was either too shy to come in or never found the time to. But then one day I decided to walked in here to get a coffee and took a seat. It had only taken 5 minutes for someone to walk up to me and say “Hey, I’ve never seen you around here before, do you sing?” His name is Rick, he is an older man. A grandfather and he is the sweetest man I have ever met. In fact, because of him I am now considered a regular here.

He always tried to get me to perform, and it was aggravating to him that I would always write music, but never want to perform it. But then one night I decided to just take a risk. I sang a song I wrote about love, and performed it A cappella. A cappella is when a vocalist sings a song without instrumental accompaniment.

When I finished performing, I sat down and he told me that it sounded amazing, and told me there was no better feeling than the feeling of love and a musically high. And honestly, I couldn’t agree more with him.

If you are a musician and are in love, then I’m sure you can agree that love alone is the greatest motivator for writing music. Show your loved one how much you appreciate them by incorporating your own music in the wedding.


“Here Comes the Bride” has always been a traditional trademark during the wedding ceremony. But don’t let tradition hold you back! Even if you don’t write a song for the beginning of the ceremony, it is just as heartwarming walking down the aisle to a song that takes you and your fiances breathe away.


During the exchanging of vows, you and your fiance claim your love for each other and announce the promises you wish to keep. Why not take this time to surprise your fiance with a beautiful song you wrote for them. Another thing you can do is if you are BOTH musicians, then write a song together and show your guests how much you both love and cherish each other.


The reception is all about celebration and the excitement of becoming husband and wife. Rock the night away with a song or two, because their is nothing better than the feeling of love and a musical high. Another thing you can do if you don’t want to perform, is hire a live band to perform the love songs you wrote. This is a great personal touch to add to your wedding since it shows off your personality, talent and love all in one.

Why is Music Key?

A lot of musicians would agree that music is the key that unlocks many hearts, but why is that? Music isn’t just a bunch of random sounds playing in unison, hoping to pass or fail as a tune. No, music is more than that. Real music can’t be faked. You figure that out real fast when your at an open mic. You see, it doesn’t matter if a person has a beautiful voice or not, because you can hear the passion and soul behind it. And when there is passion and soul behind a voice, it becomes beautiful, just like that. Music is a language that speaks truth. A language that moves you without a physical grasp. Music can start a war or move a movement. It can trigger sadness and create joy. It can motivate, inspire, and even make two people fall in love. All of these emotions, locked away with only 1 key to unlock them. And that is music.

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