“The I Do’s & I Don’t’s With iPods.” Hire a Professional DJ.

Wedding DJ

With many wedding details and budget constraints, many brides & grooms are tempted to use and iPod to answer their wedding music wishes. However, the DJ category encompasses more than your personal play list. Here is a summary of risky problems with an iPod Wedding and why you should hire a professional disc jockey.

Reception Coordinator: In many cases, caterer or wedding planner, not the venue director, coordinates the event time-line with the DJ. Without the professional DJ, many time-line issues and formalities are left to chance.

Planning: Without a DJ, the song list is inflexible. The event time-line is coordinated with the DJ for a smooth flow
during the reception.

Song Selection: Random mix is a party stopper. The iPod can’t read the crowd. Requests? What if they are not dancing?

Speakers and Microphone Rental: Time wasted before and after the event.

Pro vs. Joe? Event scheduling changes happen. Practical options. Good judgment. Back-up equipment. All of these things are available with a pro DJ and absent without.

Cost: Good entertainment isn’t cheap and cheap entertainment isn’t good.

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Summary of my January 2009 “Mobile Beat” (#119) article.
Ed Mullen

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