Is a One-Day Elopement in Arizona’s Grand Canyon Possible?

According to, elopement means to leave home secretly to get married. 

Traditionally, couples went to locations such as Las Vegas in the United States and Gretna Green in the United Kingdom, where there was no waiting period. However, there are other places eloping couples can go for an intimate ceremony.

Elopement in Arizona’s Grand Canyon can be an uncomplicated but private ceremony for the marrying couple. With proper planning, couples can get married in one day. They can even invite a few of their friends or family. 

What to Consider for an Elopement in Arizona’s Grand Canyon?

People often envision elopement as a mad dash across borders for a thrown-together ceremony, but eloping couples do not have to forego the memory-making moments of a traditional wedding. With the help of a wedding planner, couples can be married with the Grand Canyon as a backdrop.

National Park

Because the Grand Canyon is a National Park, wedding parties must consider the following:

  • Marrying couples must have an approved Special Permit issued by the National Park Service.
  • All permit requests require a minimum of 30 days to process. No exceptions or expedited services are possible.
  • Permits are issued for two hours. An extra charge is added to the permit fee for each hour beyond the initial two-hour block. Shoshone Point has a maximum of six hours.
  • Some locations are only available from May 15 to October 15 because of road closures and winter conditions.
  • All sites must be cleaned after use.
  • Grounds with trash bins must be cleared of all debris, including organic matter such as flower petals.
  • Items such as flowers, archways, balloons, amplified sound, and chairs are prohibited in outdoor locations.

Wedding Ceremony and Marriage License

An Arizona marriage license is required for all ceremonies within the Grand Canyon National Park, and an authorized officiant such as clergy or district and municipal judges.

Wedding Planners

Experienced wedding planners understand the intricacies of Grand Canyon weddings. They can help couples plan, manage, and treasure their wedding day. For an elopement in Arizona’s Grand Canyon, couples should look for companies that offer the following.

  • Wedding Management. Managing budgets, timelines, and the wedding day.
  • Vendor Management. Recommending, negotiating, and reviewing contracts for third-party providers.
  • Event Management. Coordinating with the National Park Service, outside vendors, and wedding guests.
  • Travel and Lodging Assistance. Assisting with travel and lodging arrangements for the couple and guests.
  • Pre-and Post-EvenManagement. Helping to set up and clear the Grand Canyon location.

Working with wedding planners can reduce the stress that an elopement in Arizona’s Grand Canyon can create.

Why Choose the Grand Canyon?

A better question would be, why not? It is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is 217 miles long, one mile deep, and four to 18 miles wide. The Colorado River flows along the Canyon floor. 

The canyon changes color as the sun moves through the sky. The mixture of gold and purple makes a breathtaking backdrop for any wedding. The panoramic view creates memorable moments for guests and couples. 

The weather adds an element of surprise, making every wedding unique. Spring and fall are the best times for a Grand Canyon ceremony. Winters can be bitterly cold, and the summers sweltering. Distance is not a factor when looking at weather. The coldest and wettest location is on the North Rim and is separated from the driest and hottest location by only eight miles.

How Much Does an Elopement in Arizona’s Grand Canyon Cost?

Elopement packages can cost from a little over $1,000 to more than $7,000. Most packages do not include guests; however, guests can be added for a per-person charge.

Basic Packages

Basic packages that include an officiant, concierge services, and permit application assistance cost as little as $1,200. Photography services may be available for an added charge. Because of the Grand Canyon location, some dates may be restricted.

Standard Packages

Standard packages may include remote coordination, permit assistance, an officiant, and a photographer. Concierge services on the wedding day can make logistics run smoothly. Some standard packages may include additional items, such as a bouquet, wedding cupcakes, and a toast.

Luxurious Packages

Eloping couples can make their wedding day as memorable as a traditional “at-home” ceremony with elopement packages. These packages may include an elopement coordinator to help with permit assistance and vendor management. Couples may also select from various extras such as a musician, meals, hair and makeup, or a custom bridal bouquet. One of the most popular and trusted wedding companies in Arizona is Grand Canyon Wedding Packages, they can help answer all questions and plan accordingly with an experienced staff supporting permit applications, vendor selection, and travel arrangements.

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