How to Create the Perfect Seating Chart for Your Wedding

Creating a seating chart for your family, VIPs, and guests at your wedding prevents a lot of conflicts on the big day.

Leaving your guests to choose where they sit doesn’t always end well and assigning seats brings order and organization to your wedding. For example, seating close family together can help table conversation carry on smoothly. 

Now, deciding on the best seating arrangement for your wedding guests might seem daunting but with the right tips and tools, you’ll get a hang of it in no time.

To help you create the perfect seating chart for your wedding, we’ve compiled an easy 7-step checklist: 

Get the Venue Layout

Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding should be one of the first things you check off on your wedding planning checklist. Afterward, get the full layout of the venue. You need this to create your perfect seating chart. 

Gather important details like space dimension, entryway, location of the dance floor, and table arrangements. How much space you have will determine where everything and everyone goes. 

Locate the Dance Floor 

This is one of the minute details that not many couples pay attention to. Whether at the center or in front, you should consider where the dance floor will be. This would determine where you set the DJ/band and also how your guests are seated. 

Decide on Table Sizes and Shapes 

The shape and size of your preferred wedding tables bring a distinct vibe and style to your wedding.

Deciding on the size and shape that best fits your wedding theme is essential to creating the perfect chart and seating your guests.

If you opt for a round table, seating family and friends on the tables closest to the couple’s seat is an ideal arrangement. 

With long rectangular tables, seating the most important people to you in the seats closest to the couple’s seat is ideal. 

Choose the Couple’s Seat 

Before placing your guests, choose where you would like to sit first.

Would you like a top table exclusive to you and your spouse or you don’t mind sitting with the rest of the guests? 

Most couples opt for a sweetheart table to enjoy an intimate moment. While some prefer to mingle with the guests.

Whatever you decide, the rule of thumb is that you are seated near the center where all your guests can see you. 

Use Wedding Planning Software to Easily Rearrange Guests’ Seats

Saved the best for the last. To make the planning process even easier, you should invest in an online wedding planning platform

This would help you create the perfect seating chart or easily rearrange guests’ seats before the wedding. 

Remember, not all your guests would be pleased with your wedding seating chart and while you may want to please everybody, you can’t.

So do your best to make them happy and create a beautiful, fun wedding experience for everyone.

Treat Your VIPs Right

Your VIPs for the day may comprise close family, your bridal party/ groomsmen, your close friends, or important guests. Either way, they deserve to be treated and seated right. 

Common practice is to save the second-best seats for close family and the next-best seats for other VIPs. Of course, the couple has the first.

Your wedding is a memorable day for them as well and they should be close to all the action. Seating your bridal party/ groomsmen is totally up to you. You can choose to put them together or apart.

Seat Your Remaining Guests

Grouping guests based on similar interests or relationships with the couple is always a good idea.

Groups like extended family, distant relatives, college pals, colleagues, family friends, and so on. You can also ask your parents where they would like their wedding invitees to sit.

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