10 Hilarious Bachelorette Party Games

This Bride ain't Solo

Bachelorette parties should be perfect fun with a little of the wacky, outrageous and hilarious blended in for variety. After all, who wants to play the same familiar, bordering-on-boring games everybody played at the last fashionable and risque-to-bawdy bash held in honor of the latest Bride-to-Be? Why not host a Hollywood-style, celebrity look-alike celebration, inviting your guests to arrive dressed as their favorite movie stars from the 1930s and 40s to the present? You, as the hostess, can supply everyone with the theatrical makeup and wigs, which the girls can make use of to finish their party-night get-ups after several drinks. When everyone is  completely outfitted and ready to Charleston, Lindy, Jitterbug, Hip-Hop, Rock-Out or simply Strut Their Stuff, the pure girls-only fun can finally begin.

Cheers to Good Times

When each of the guests replies to your bachelorette party invitation RSVP, request her to include a quirky or unusual habit of the Bride-to-Be. You can then launch your party with a game of Charades in which all the guests take turns acting out a specific habit. The winner who correctly guesses the most habitual actions of the bride gets a fresh drink of her choice, and everyone else gets half-a drink. At the end of the game, when all are limbered up, relaxed and with no inhibitions left to speak of, it’s time to really begin a night of frivolous fun and outrageous hilarity with a “City or Town Crawl.” For even more innovative fun and outrageous entertainment to follow this creative excursion, find more bachelorette party games on Weddingforward.

City or Town Crawl for Frivolous Improv, Heights of Hilarity and Harmless Bachelorette Fun!

Girls having a Good Time

After dividing up into two or more groups, depending on the number of guests attending the party, head out for a night or frivolity, hilarity and fun. Snap lots of photos or shoot short videos as the evidence of your tremendous success with the required antics at each stop along your party-crawling route.

Celebrity Mimic Improv. 

  • Each group goes to one of the popular local bars or clubs and enters the scene mimicking the celebs they are dressed as, becoming as outrageous and overt in their portrayals as necessary in order to elicit a passionate kiss and a free drink from the bartender. The group in which all members achieve this goal in the shortest amount of time wins this event. Another requirement for winning the top score is that someone at the bar must identify each celebrity imitated by name and be able to name at least one movie the star is known for.

Friends celebrating bachelorette party

Do a Sexy Dance in a Skimpy Lingerie Store. 

  • In a sexy lingerie shop, play-act a partial striptease dance as a Hollywood star chorus line until the bewitched owner or manager agrees to give each glamour-girl bachelorette a free item of sexy lingerie, or better yet, a complete outfit. If your group (or some members of it) are successful, be sure to don your new sexy items of under-attire over your costumes in ridiculous rock-star style to gain even more points for your team. By wearing your attention-getting undies as outer garments for the rest of this eye-popping night, you will most likely get additional notice and more of the coveted points that will get you closer to the prizes at the end of the night.

Decorate a Head with a Heart. 

  • Go to a fashionable club and dance away with a bald-headed man of your choice. Before the end of the dance, convince him to let you draw a large heart on his head with your lipstick as a souvenir. Autograph the drawing, of course, with your famous Hollywood name for the night. A distinct photo or video of this event and the finished, autographed drawing are essential to qualify to win in this category. Although you may think that this is a tough feat to accomplish, you may be surprised to discover just how many bald men will gladly comply with your request and enjoy this frivolous fun. After all, how many requests do they get to have their shiny pates decorated and photographed during a night out on your town or another attractive party venue?

Join an Unsuspecting Couple for Dinner. 

  • While at a respectable restaurant, join a couple having dinner as an unannounced and uninvited guest. Be as engaging and charming as your Hollywood persona will allow you to be, then hope for the best. The member (or members) of your team who last the longest or actually make it through the dinner without being asked to leave by the couple or the management wins top score for your competing bachelorette group. Never cease to flaunt your movie star name, personality and overbearing ambiance, and be sure to offer to autograph napkins, dinner checks and shirtsleeves in your attempt to stall for more time and larger point tallies before enjoying more party games for the night.

Solicit a Celebrity Piggy-Back Ride.

  • Charm a handsome dude into treating you to a relaxing, celebrity piggy-back ride at a busy intersection. If the timing is right, your good-looking steed may win celebrity notice and points for himself in the local paper, or at the very least among his fellow nightcrawlers. One of the other bachelorettes on your team will definitely need to catch a commemorative photo or video of this event for you, and other passersby may offer to email or text photos caught on their cell phones to you as well. Be sure to play the indulgent celeb, graciously accepting all photos and the points accrued, you’ll need them!

Take a Photo With Another Theatrical Performer of the Night. 

  • Pose for a comical photo with a professional stripper or female impersonator between their sets or performances. Ham it up a bit for the camera for a more dynamic, point-gaining photo session. After all, you never know when such antics may lead to a more serious stint at celebrity-mimicking than just one night out at a bachelorette party. You and your fellow fun-loving bachelorettes may enjoy your imitation-celeb night out so much that you may want to repeat it for future fun and frivolity. Or it may be a career-changing turn, for all you know – life does work in mysterious ways

Do an Impromptu Dance on a Bar Counter. 

Happy young people having fun to music

  • By performing an unexpected dance on the bar counter or tabletop at a classy club, you may be amazed at the positive response you receive. When dancing as a group, you and the other members of your bachelorette ensemble may bring the house down, or at least score some enthusiastic, encouraging shouts and remarks while racking up the points toward finishing the night’s competition as the winning team.

Get a Photo-Shoot with Another Bachelorette Group. 

  • Search for another merrymaking group of bachelorettes and pose for an all-inclusive group photo. Although this may require a bit of sleuthing, once sighted, these groups are never too difficult to recognize. Their fun-loving, ingenious and definitely out-of-the-ordinary antics and actions are easy to spot and join as they all attempt to win out over the other savvy female mischief-makers and evening entertainers in their respective team groups, which is basically the same that you’re attempting to achieve. Gaining impressive numbers of points is the name of the game, and comical competition is the format for a fun-filled frolic to celebrate and entertain the Bride-to-Be.

Return to the Home of Your Hostess for More Fun. 

  • After the multiple rounds of your citywide or around-town bachelorette antics and games, return to the home of your hostess for some final moments of celebratory fun with the Bride-to-Be, to cheer the winning team and to cheer up those who didn’t score enough points. After the team points are tallied up for a grand total by the hostess and her party service, the winning team is announced, and delicious party food and beverages are served. Winning bachelorettes get prizes ranging from gift certificates for their favorite stores to free tickets to concerts or shows to discounts on holiday weekend excursions. The Bride-to-Be opens all her fabulous gifts, and everyone continues to celebrate with glamorous movie star fashion and flair, or in any other manner that they see fit.

As the final event of the eventful evening, the last round or two of drinks are served, and then one more ultimate contest takes place. Whoever can successfully finish her last beverage and still walk a straight line across the room wearing 5-inch or higher heels wins the final guest prize. This treasured award may be anything from a day of luxurious leisure at an exclusive spa to a free flight to a distant and desirable vacation destination, according to the taste and preferences of the hostess. Whatever this exotic prize may be, its winner and the soon to be Bride will be cheered and showered with All Best Wishes as the bachelorettes make their stylish exits after an eventful night-staging of celebration and good fun. This is definitely a memorable way to prepare for one of the key events of your life, so don’t forego the chance to jumpstart the fun at your bachelorette party and make the best of it.

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