Include Your Child in the Wedding Fun!

If you are a mother, then you know that your child is the light of your life. Children give you a purpose, and they will always look up to you no matter how old they get. Getting married is a moment in time that will always be remembered. It is so important and attentive that sometimes children feel like they have lost the spotlight in all of the planning. Yes, your wedding day is all about you, but when you have children it is important to remember that they want to be involved and included on your special day, and help during the planning of it all.

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Ask For Their Opinion

The final decision isn’t up to your child, but giving them the option to put in their input makes them feel special and important during these precious moments. If you have already decided on which kind of flowers you would like on your wedding day, then maybe ask your child what kind of flowers they like best, or which kind of floral arrangement they think their mom would look best with walking down the aisle. This is one of the best ways to tip toe around the feelings of a young child to compromise with both your feelings and there’s. With older children, it’s better to ask for more input; however, remember that in the end it is your wedding, not theirs.

Let Them Choose Their Outfit

Let your child rock the runway! A great way to make them feel special is by letting them pick their outfit. Whether she wants to look beautiful in a glamorous dress, or he wants to look dashing in a stylish hat, let your child show their unique style and personality on your wedding day.

Bring Them Along for Food Testing

Take a field trip with your child and have them help you with food testing. This would be a fun way to get them out of the house and make memories as a family. Have them give their input on how they like the dinner menu, let them try the cake and most importantly, DESSERT! You know what they say,”Food is the key to anyone’s heart.”

Arts & Crafts!

If your child is artsy and has creative hands, then why not recruit them for some DIY wedding projects! If you want to save money and incorporate DIY projects, then having your child be your helping hand is a great way of making them feel important and needed. Some things they can help with are center pieces for the tables, wedding favors,  decorations, homemade wedding cards and invitations! There are so many other DIY projects you can do for your wedding, however, here is a great way to get you started!

Here’s a fun fact: Supporting your child and motivating them to help with artsy projects actually helps their physical development and improve psychologically in their creativity, motor skills of co-ordination, control, manipulation, and movement. 🙂 To think, your being a super mom just by having fun with your child and making memories!

A Sweet Treat for Two

Do both you and your child have a sweet tooth? Then satisfy your cravings with a little treat! To make your child feel special, surprise them with their favorite candy at either the desert table, or as a center treat at all of the tables. When incorporating candy, remember to consider your wedding theme, colors, and textures. For example, if you’re considering a winter wedding, then you should consider incorporating rock candy or cotton candy to resembles crystals, ice, and snow. Keeping that in mind, lasting get the candy in the color of the wedding. 🙂 Sticking to the 3 ideals pleasures your satisfaction of a uniform wedding and a happy, sugar high child.

Children are so energetic and fun loving. They bring joy to even the sourest of people, and make the simplest of days more extraordinary than they could ever be. Most importantly, they love making their moms happy, and being included on her special day makes them feel important in every way possible. Include your child in the wedding fun, and I promise you that your wedding day will not only resemble you and your now husband, but also your child and family you have brought together as a whole, and have tied the knot to finally become.

Thanks for reading!

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