Remember Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

To Those We Have Lost But Never Forgotten

We all have loved ones that we have lost over the years. Some have lost grandparents, parents, cousins and even best friends. And though losing someone you love is sad, let there memory bring happiness on your big day.

It is a blessing to see how far we have come and grown individually, but how far could we really have gotten without the words, direction and encouragement of those around us, and from those that we have lost throughout the journey. Today is a day of happiness and love, a day to celebrate the unity of family and friends. But also keep in mind that though some people are not their to celebrate with you person, they are still there in spirit and wish to see you in your happiest of moments. If you wish to honor loved ones at your wedding that have passed, then here are a few ideas to guide your in the right direction.

Table of Honor

Have a separate table with photos and writings of those that have passed and left an impression in your life. You can have this display centered in the walk way as guests enter the ceremony area or in the cocktail area where guests can pay respect and remember the loved ones of the past.

Memories Passed Down

Do you have a piece of jewelry from a family member or friend that has passed and means the world to you? Honor them and their memory by wearing their jewelry that was given to you. This not only makes them part of the wedding, but also adds meaning to the ceremony as a whole. It reminds you that you are not alone, and this loved one I’m sure would be truly honored.

Mothers and grandmothers strive to raise the beautiful, young women you will grow to become. If she has passed away, but has safely stored away her wedding dress, then why not bring cherish able memories from the past into present time? Or literally step into the shoes of those you have looked up to? Any one of these ideas will hug you with feelings love and security, of comfort and stability. Because even though that specific loved one isn’t with you in person, their spirit is still there and their memory is visible in the heirlooms you present.

Letters to Heaven

There are 2 ways of doing this that are most common. One way would be writing a little message to each member you have lost, and tying the letters to the end of balloons to be sent to heaven. Another way to get your message sent to the angels is by using a flying lantern. Write the names of your loved ones on the outside of the lantern, and attach a letter you would like them all to read together. Let your loved ones know about what an amazing day it was and how your excited to be happily married to the love of your life.

Death doesn’t mean that life is over. Because as long as a persons memory lives on, then so does the person. I wish you luck on your incredible journey, and always remember that you are never alone. Thanks for reading!

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