5 Things That You Can Do With Your Centerpieces After The Wedding

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You invest so much time and effort into planning every detail of your wedding that you don’t give much thought to what comes after. Most couples opt for some form of the traditional table centerpieces to decorate their reception. But, what happens to all those beautiful flowers once the party is over?

It’s a shame and a waste to imagine that all of your gorgeous blooms will end up in the trash bin. If you spend a bit of time planning for after your wedding, some of your flowers and arrangements could be repurposed.

You are already spending a big part of your budget on decorations and arrangements from the pros like Juniper Flowers. Why not come up with some creative ways to give your flowers a second life. Let’s take a look at a few things that you can do with your centerpieces after the wedding.

Give Them Away

Your centerpieces can be a beautiful addition to any home after you are finished using them. At the end of your reception, you can have your master of ceremonies announce that guests are welcome to take the centerpieces home with them on a first come, first serve basis. Make sure to transfer your centerpieces into alternative containers if you need to return your vases to your party rental company. 

You can also use your centerpieces as a gift. Your bridesmaids, ushers, and parents may enjoy taking this small piece of your special day home with them as a souvenir.

Donate Them

If you want to spread the joy beyond your wedding, you can donate your flowers. There are dozens of hospitals and retirement homes that would be thrilled to have the chance to display stunning donated flowers. Some organizations may even make arrangements to pick up your flowers. You can also assign a member of your wedding party to drop off your centerpieces at different locations.

Preserve Your Blooms

The best way to make your wedding day memories last is to preserve some of your flowers. After the reception, take some of your centerpiece flowers and set them aside to be preserved. You can press the blooms, coat them in wax or send them away to be professionally preserved for display.

Reuse Them

If you plan on hosting a post-wedding brunch or celebration, you can reuse many of your centerpieces to decorate the occasion. Make sure that your centerpieces are sufficiently watered and stored in a refrigerated environment to preserve them. Place them on tables at your brunch and save a bundle on your decorating costs.

Honor A Lost Loved One

If you have a precious family member that has departed and is not able to join you on your special day, you can use your centerpieces to help honor them. Take some time after your wedding to visit their resting place and leave a floral offering in memory and honor of your love. 

It’s easy to give up or give your wedding centerpieces a second life. After all the planning and expense, using these tips, you can keep a piece of your day alive, provide a precious gift for family and friends or give the gift of flowers to those who would most enjoy it. 

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