10 Affordable Yet Bright Reception Décor Ideas for College Weddings

Everyone wants to remember the day when the princess becomes a queen, or a prince becomes a king with their loved ones. Your college love story deserves a stellar party celebrating your first step to the new life episode. Plus, many aesthetical photos are a MUST! And do not fear the budget challenges! Various details can make the plainest location look like a fairy tale. And here are the top décor details that will make your reception look expensive and boost your chosen aesthetics. 

1. Paper Lanterns of all Colors You Love 

A solid number of lanterns can replace a pavilion’s roof and be even prettier! Moreover, you are the prince(ss) who determines the color scheme. 

So, do you want your college wedding reception to be elegant and light? Combine smaller beige, white, and coffee shades lanterns for a neat look. Maybe you have an LGBTQ+ wedding? Boost the eccentrics with the colors of your flag! And, of course, dark-vibe wedding receptions can be extra fancy, combining Bordeaux and bitter chocolate tones. If your wedding has a solid theme (say, marine), you can create a roof of hued round lanterns. And when the night’s dome rises over your celebration, the lanterns will brighten your love meadow up in all senses! 

Who said you have to order them and spend the extra money? A bit of craft with your friends suffices to create the lanterns! And you may spend the saved stash on college help from essaysadvisor.com to free your schedule up and prepare more decorations! 

2. Photos on a LED String Lights 

LED string lights alone can contribute to the vibe. Yet, picture adding photos of the most cherished moments there! Of course, there can be your Instagram photos with your loved one, but you can also add pictures you like for an aesthetic boost. For instance: 

  • Add photos of the places you want to visit with your fiancée; 
  • Diversify the string with pictures that represent your shared favorite vibe; 
  • Get some pictures of flowers for more brightness; 
  • Add a couple of pictures that represent your shared hobbies;
  • Place group photos with your fiancée and friends — they will cherish that detail!

Yet again, the choice is 100% yours (and your fiancée’s)!

Printing and arranging those details is way easier than studying. And nursing essay writing services will save you from assignments when you have to ensure that your wedding is stellar. 

3. Paper Flowers Made of Tissues 

A pack of tissues rarely costs more than $10. The nice bright detail, though, is priceless. Afresh, the color is your choice! The form can be standard or elaborate, depending on your desires. And again, you can make them with your close friends to save on services and have quality time together! 

4. Table Numbers You Design

Creating cards with the table numbers is not only a décor but also a decorum part. No couple wants to see guests confused in their attempts to find a place to sit. Hence, you can spend an extra hour designing custom table numbers. And no, you do not have to be a designer to attain that! You might be a future economist seeking the best finance essay writing help. Still, some undemanding tools will let you create a template for the numbers. 

Canva is the first free visual design tool that pops into mind. There are ready-made pieces you can use or alter. Or you can take a blank and play with forms and shades to create 100% unique table numbers! The only expense here is printing them. 

5. A Table with Decorative Candle Lanterns 

As a rule, vintage lanterns are the choice. They are a wise fit for a French country, storybook, rustic, and traditional setting. But who cancels minimalism and modernity? Some long, thin, neat metal lanterns can be an affordable yet stylish detail. 

Moreover, your couple does not have to waste all the budget on that. Two lanterns suffice — one medium and one small. They will stand on a neat table, surrounded by floral decoration, which will be an eye-pleasing detail. 

6. Small Pearls for Tables 

A pack of plastic pearls without holes costs around $7. Nevertheless, the table will look richer and more dynamic with this tiny decoration. Also, you can choose the colors yet again! But ensure that your small guests will not gulp a pearl…

7. Napkins with a Themed Print 

Let us highlight that your wedding reception will need napkins. Why not make them a part of the whole concept? Moreover, modern technology allows the creation of special prints, including: 

  • Plain colored napkins (the sole color makes them look better than standard white ones); 
  • Minimalistic prints; 
  • Striped; 
  • Chain; 
  • Chevron; 
  • Geometric; 
  • Floral and any others! 

8. Decorated Flower Buckets 

Even if you are not into floral designs, simple yet stylish flower buckets with budget wildflower bouquets will not be odd. Such décor looks extra beautiful in closed locations. Moreover, maybe a guest will bring a bouquet as an addition to the wedding gift for you? You can then place the bouquet in a beautiful bucket and move it closer to the center to make a big compliment with a small move! 

9. Signs for Bar 

You may order or create those signs independently using a free design tool! We recommend the second option because your touch is super significant. And it would be nice if your loved one contributed their vision to this small project. 

10. An Original Cake Topper 

That might be the only decoration part that is challenging to create alone (unless you can carve wood or other materials). Still, this detail is never costly. Around $15 suffice to obtain a unique cake topper with your and your fiancée’s name. And you can pick a font that suits your wedding concept! 

Wrapping Up 

Getting married when you are a college student is brave. The whole Universe will celebrate your love story’s happy end that immediately leads to a new beginning! Some final touches that represent your character will make that magical day only more memorable. And those touches will not cost a fortune! So, take those tips as a checklist and enjoy wedding preparations to the maximum!

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