How To Attain Your Dream Physique Before Your Wedding

Getting the right dress or suit, the right shoes and the right makeup is important, but if your body isn’t in the right shape, the clothes just won’t look right. For some people, this can mean getting a bit bigger. For others, it could mean losing a few extra pounds. In either case, there are a few things you can do to help transform your body. Before you get started, it is a good idea to weigh yourself and get your measurements done.

This will give you a defined starting point and also give you a measurable objective to work towards. Simply losing weight is a vague goal. Knowing that you want to lose enough weight to reduce your waist by 3 inches is a much more achievable target. Here is what you need to achieve that perfect physique.


Weighing yourself and doing your measurements is a great start, but you can take this a step further by getting a proper body evaluation done by a fitness expert. They will help you understand your body composition better, which will help you come up with a fitness program that will get you the results as quickly as possible. You can also continue to monitor the condition of the body in terms of body composition throughout your training. If any adjustments are needed, you can do them during your training.


One of the most challenging parts of changing your physique is dieting. If you are losing weight, then you will be transitioning to cleaner food options. But if you are gaining weight, you will increase your portions. Both things are difficult to do because people have certain eating habits, they crave certain foods, and they aren’t used to eating the new amount. Many trainers and coaches are of the opinion that dieting is actually more important than training.

Dieting is also something that you do throughout your day and night, whereas the training is only an hour or two in the day. Understand whether you need to be in a caloric surplus or deficit to achieve your goals. Then figure out what kinds of foods you can eat and in what quantities, and then try to stick to that routine. Limit yourself to one cheat day per week where you can eat whatever you like.


The diet alone is not going to be enough. To get the best nutrition, you should use some dietary supplements to improve the quality of your food. If you are having difficulty eating enough protein, you could use some protein supplements, which give you the same amount of protein but is much easier to consume. Similarly, the trainers at suggest that you include some metabolism-boosting pills in your diet to help speed up your metabolism and burn some additional calories. This will also give you more energy during your workouts and throughout the day. Additionally, these supplements will also help suppress appetite and make it easier to stay within your calorie limit.


If you want to improve your body, then you not only need to eat right, but you also need to train right. Even if you just want to lose a few pounds, weight training can dramatically help you get better results faster. There are lots of different ways to weight train, and how you approach this task depends on what you prefer and what is possible given your physical condition.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to join a gym, there are a lot of calisthenics exercises that you can do to give your body the same kind of stimulation. You can get a very intense workout just using your own body weight. You don’t need any equipment, and you can do this anywhere, anytime. In any case, weight training whether that is in a gym, at home, or in any other way, should be a part of your fitness protocol.


Weight training is not a replacement for cardio but a complementary form of training. Cardio exercises have their own importance and are something that should be done on a regular basis. Whether you go cycling every day or just for a casual walk, make sure you get at least 20 minutes of cardio daily. Even on your rest days, cardio can be a great way to help your body recover.

If you are looking to get results as fast as possible, then you need to work on your diet, exercise, and cardio collectively. Ideally, you should be working with a trainer or a coach if you want results quickly or if you want to improve your body in the best fashion. You can change your body on your own, but it will take a bit more time to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

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