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Wedding Ideas

Cold Weather Approaches!

Do you absolutely love the outdoors? Well then I can relate. I’ve always admired the fresh air, the sweet fall aromas, the soft breeze and the gorgeous scenery’s. However, with the dropping temperatures coming into play, I’m sure that your guests will not be sharing the same vision as you do on your wedding day. So how are you going to be able to get your dream outdoor wedding while also keeping your guests happy? By being considerate and finding the perfect balance between the two!


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Consider only having an outdoor ceremony. The temperature drops as the sun starts to set. So consider having your ceremony during the beautiful sunset, and then move the party inside for the reception. The sunset will illuminate you and your husband perfectly, creating the perfect lighting for your wedding photos for you and your husband to look back on. To help ease your guests worries, offer blankets and warm refreshments as the guests walk into the ceremony area. This will make them feel warm and toasty during the ceremony, easing negative thoughts and replacing them with passionate and loving feelings towards the love you and your fiance share. Your guests are there to celebrate the love between you and your fiance, and would rather give their full attention to you rather than their cold hands.

Say No To Cold Hands

Why not offer your wedding favors early? An easy and creative way to make your wedding favors perfectly handy would be to offer gloves and hand warmers as people walk into the ceremony space. Gloves and hand warmers are fairly cheap, and getting gloves matching your wedding colors would fall perfectly with the theme you are going for.

Set a Reminder

Remind your guests in the wedding invitations, social media and in any other way of communication that you have chosen to have an outdoor ceremony. This gives them a heads up for whats happening during the wedding and gives them plenty of time to decide what to bring with them and time to check the weather for the night.

Warm & Toasty Beverages

Offer warm and toasty beverages before and after the ceremony. Some simple and classic beverages that would be perfect for this season is warm apple cider, coffee, hot cocoa, tea and eggnog.

Something fun that I have commonly heard of is having your table placement cards be small liquor bottles in perfect shot quantities. One couple I know of did this for their wedding as a joke to say “Thanks for freezing your butt off, you deserve a shot, it’s on us!”A lot of guests found this to be amusing, and almost immediately forgot that they were just outside in cold temperatures watching a forty minute ceremony.

Though you love the outdoors and can bear the temperatures for your perfect day, your guests may not be able too. So take their thoughts into consideration so their can be a balance between the two.

Dog Friendly Wedding Ideas

Are you an animal lover and can’t imagine celebrating your magically day without your furry friend at your side? Who ever said that your best man and/or maid of honor had to be human? Our dogs aren’t just pets, but family. They comfort us in times of need, are protectors, loving, and always have our back. So I understand why you wouldn’t want to celebrate your wedding day without your best friend.

Now a days, weddings can be however you choose for them to be. Sure, having dogs at your wedding is considered non traditional; however, styles are constantly changing and overall, this is you and your fiances wedding.  If the both of you love your dog with all your heart and can’t bear to have your wedding without him, then by all means let your dog be at the wedding! There are lot’s of couples that decide to do this risky move, but there has never been a time where I have heard it going south. Sometimes older guests have a harder time of accepting the idea, but once they see your dog in a cute bow tie and ready for the days celebration, your dogs cuteness clouds previous judgment from others.

One Dog or Two?

Something to think about when considering having your dog in the wedding is whether or not you want your guests to bring their dogs as well. It’s always cute to have your dog be present during the ceremony, however, what’s next? I used to have a pup named Prince. He was very loyal, a good listen and craved attention. I loved him to death, but I have to admit that it was bothersome when I had to get things done and he was always in the way. Not only that, but he loved to wander off. Normally I didn’t mind because he would always come when I called his name. But whenever we were in a crowd, it worried me because he wasn’t used to being around many people. Consider your dogs personality when deciding what to do with him and the wedding. Would you only want him during the ceremony and pictures, or would you like him to be with you all night? Another thing to consider is would your dog be okay the whole night, or would he need friends to play with?

Allowing Dogs at The Wedding

Having your guests bring their dogs to the wedding can be a fun little experience. Not only would you be marrying the love of your life and having a blast, but your dog would also have fun making new friends. Before making this decision, think about where your wedding is going to be held. If you’re planning on having an elegant wedding in an indoor location, then maybe pets aren’t the best choice. But if you decide to have a lay back, outdoor wedding with lots of space, then it may be a better idea.

Fun Ideas For Cocktail Hour!

After the ceremony, normally guests move on to cocktail hour where they start to get drinks and finger foods before the dinner. Something cute you can do is offer dog friendly treats during this time. One idea would be to have personalized dog treats with you and your husbands name on them.

Wedding Favor Ideas

One of the easiest and most usable ideas for a dog wedding is a Frisbee! You can easily have you and your husbands name and wedding date printed onto the frisbee and it would perfectly represent the theme you were going for.

Need Help Deciding?

A family friend of mine actually had a dog accepted wedding not to long ago. It was located at a park with an enclosed dog park nearby. Many guests brought their dogs to the wedding, and it was cute because she asked for guests to bring their dogs in their “best clothes.” People brought their dogs in bow ties, studded collars, ribbons and even hats! Once arriving at the wedding, guests dropped their dogs off at the dog park area, where they were greeted by a hired dog sitter for the day. At the end of the wedding when guests went back to retrieve their dogs, there was a basket full of wedding favors for the dogs! She had toys and bows in the colors of her wedding, personalized dog treat bags and frisbees with her and her husbands name and wedding date printed onto them.

There are many ways as to how to approach handling dogs at your wedding, but this was an example of how our family friend successfully pulled off a dog friendly wedding! So what did you decide? Is your wedding going to be something to bark about?

What to Do With Your Wedding Bouquet?

Toss it or Savor it?


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Whether the flowers you choose to use are real or fake, your wedding bouquet will definitely be exquisite. Carrying a bridal bouquet down the aisle has many different symbolic meanings to it’s background. In ancient Greece, it was believed that carrying a bridal bouquet symbolized new beginnings, fidelity and hope of fertility. However in the Middle Ages, bridal bouquets consisted of strong smelling herbs, in which was intended to ward off evil spirits, bad health and bad luck.

Carrying a bouquet didn’t become popular until the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria herself carried a beautiful bridal bouquet down the aisle with her to marry Prince Albert. During this time, each flower started to develop it’s own meaning, and the exchange of flowers symbolized different things depending upon the flowers chosen. But over all, the carrying of a bridal bouquet became the symbol for love and passion, and this tradition has carried on over the years into present time.

This exquisite arrangement is like an accent to your beauty, so why toss it out when you can savor the precious moments that illuminate from your bouquet?

Ideas For Fake Flowers

If you’ve decided to use fake flowers at your wedding, then here are a few ideas for you to use. For one, you can take the flowers apart and use them for a creative project. You can consider turning them into a string of flowers for a child’s room, making a DIY floral headband, or even gluing them to the boarder of a frame holding one of your wedding photos. The projects you can come up with are limitless! A couple of other small projects you can do with fake flowers is tape them to pens, make a floral garland and chandelier! Another thing is the floral centerpieces made for the wedding can be reused as a centerpiece in your own home! This beautiful arrangement can be centered on the kitchen counter, kitchen table, atop a shelf or even in the bathroom as decor.

Fake flowers can last a lifetime, so why not save them for when your daughter also begins her journey of wedding planning. If she decides to use your bouquet, then it will count as her “something old and something borrowed”.

Ideas For Real Flowers


There are a few creative ways that people preserve their wedding bouquets. One way that is most common for people to do is tightly sealing the flowers either in the original bouquet or in random order within a photo frame. Another thing people do is place the flowers in plastic or glass ornaments, glass mason jars or in glass figures so they can be incorporated into the homes decor.

There are so many tricks to preserving your wedding flowers and bouquet. Whether your flowers were real or fake, the love behind them share a story worth telling. So good luck finding creative ways on how to savor your bouquet, and hopefully you have fun during the process!

Say “I Do” to a Furry Friend!

Look at how far you have come! Working hard, planning a wedding, making all of these important decisions in which finally resulted in marrying the man of your dreams! How does it feel being called someones wife? This is an important mile stone in life. You’ve finally found a man to share your life with, and in reality your life has only just begun! There are so many adventures that await for you and your husband, but let me ask: Do you still feel like something is  missing?

Sometimes I like to refer to psychology. Today we’re going to talk about Abraham Maslow’s  theory of the “Hierarchy of Needs”.  Abraham Maslow was an American Psychologist whom in 1943 wrote a paper called : Theory of Human Motivation. To clarify, it’s a pyramid with 5 levels, the steps to reaching full satisfaction. It starts with basic needs, to safety, love, accomplishment, and then finally, self actualization. Self Actualization is basically when you realize what an amazing person you are. When you realize that you are a success and want to do more for the world and in your life. During this step, couples make life changing decisions like having kids, taking business risks, and adding new additions to their life. Some additions are major, others small, but either way an addition is an addition. Not many people are able to reach the top of Maslow’s pyramid. If you have any spare time, I highly suggest looking into his theory more. But anyways, lets get back to why this theory relates to the feeling that something is missing. What else is there to accomplish not that you have met all of your needs? Maybe it’s time to add a new addition? And what better addition to add to a growing family than a pet?

Steps of the Pyramid

Like Maslow’s pyramid for the Hierarchy of Needs, there is also a pyramid for when deciding on the right pet for your household. There are many things to consider when getting a pet, but for right now we’re going to focus on your home and backyard size, animal type, size capability, grooming, care, net income, work schedule and noise.

Animal Type

The first thing you and your husband should do is make a list of animals you wouldn’t mind having as a pet. Once you have your list down, then continue with the article to start the process of elimination.

Home & Backyard

Analyze your home and backyard size. Also, consider your homes location. If you live in an apartment with no backyard space, then maybe the perfect pet for you is something aquatic, a cat, bird, or maybe even a reptile. Your home and backyard space determines the type of animal you get, so make sure to talk with your husband and see which animals fit your living situation.

Size Capability

How much room do you have for your pet? Can you afford to have an animal wander around the home, or would you rather have it condensed to one area? Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of animal person are you? The best way to give an example is by relating size to dogs. Dogs come in many different sizes. Some people love big dogs and embrace them with open arms. Other people would refer smaller dogs because they feel less overwhelmed by the size.

Grooming & Care

Do you have time every week to groom and care for your pet? Are you willing to consistently clean a liter box, cage, and/or brush and bathe your pet? Also, shedding! Personally, I don’t mind a little shedding. But my mother absolutely can’t stand it! Make sure to do your research because even if you get a dog or a cat, not all breeds shed like crazy.

Net Income

Some animals come with a lot of care. For example: For a rabbit, you need a cage, bedding, water bottle, pellets, hay, toys, brush, clippers, etc. It’s a lot, even for a little pet such as a rabbit. Take your income into consider, and think about how much you are willing to spend on your pet monthly.

Work Schedule

Are you constantly working and never home? Then maybe get a pet that can be left alone for hours at a time. Take a look at your work schedule and approximate how often someone will be home to look after your pet.


Last but not least, noise! Lots of people overlook this step because they don’t even consider it until it’s too late. Can you handle a little noise? Every pet comes with its own package. Whether it’s a hamsters squeaking wheel at night, a fish tanks motor, a noisy dogs barking or a squawking bird, think about your noise capacity and how much you are able to handle.

Now that it’s all said and done, have you determined what pet is the right addition for your growing family?

Words of Advice for Military Brides

Home Sweet Home

Photo by Michelle E

Photo by Michelle E

Being a military bride is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Constantly worrying, wondering, and hoping for a safe return. I am currently going through the same experience that some of you may be going through as well. A Marine veteran told me that pain is weakness leaving the body. That every day will get better, love will get stronger and to remember that even though things get tough, you are each others strength. Not only that, but you are each others home. His home sweet home.

Previously, I had written an article about “How to Prepare When Your Fiance is Serving.” One of the best things to do when someone you love is away is to keep busy. It keeps your mind off things and helps the time fly by. If you’re looking for ideas on how to stay busy, then click here and check out one of our other helpful articles! Otherwise, this article is going to be about helping you mentally on this wild adventure.

Getting Through the Dark Times

There are going to be moments when he can’t talk to you for a long period of time. And believe me, it sucks. You might even have thoughts about your relationship and reconsider if maybe the military life isn’t right for you. I never thought that one day I would be head over heels for a Marine. I thought that after high school I would move out him, struggle through life and figure out how to adult together. We used to stay up all night and talk about our dreams. About finances, college and how we would study together in this coffee shop I always visit in my hometown. But things change, plans shift, and life keeps on moving whether you like it or not. It’s scary at times, realizing that while I’m figuring out life, he’s sacrificing his own to mold my future. During this journey, I have seen many couples break up because they have this mind set that they were abandoned. That they can’t handle being alone and don’t like the lack of communication. I’ll be honestly, at one point I had the same mindset. However, one thing that turned everything around was by taking a step into the past.

From Past to Present

Look back at all of your old photos, love letters, movie tickets and memories. Remember that the man who created all of those memories, loves you with all his heart. He didn’t leave to abandon you, or to make you feel alone. But to protect you and open up more opportunities to your future together. Before he left, him and I stood outside by my car and said our goodbyes. The sun was beaming and I could see the sadness in his eyes. During the time leading up, he never wanted to talk about the Marines. He wanted me to stay strong and know that he loves me. At first I was upset that he never wanted to talk. But then I realized that he was scared to. In that moment, the act went away. It was his passion to serve. But to live a dream means giving up something you love, but only for a little while. You see, you are his motivation, and what gets him through each and every day. Remember that him leaving wasn’t easy. It was probably the hardest thing he had ever had to do.

What to Think

The key to getting through this wild journey is keeping a positive mindset and attitude. For one, your fiance is a real life super hero. Sure, there are many fish in the sea, but doesn’t it feel good saying that your engaged to a man serving in the military? Another thing to think about is family. Every parent wants their child to date someone that can protect them, and you can’t get any higher up in the chain than an active military fiance.

Also, look at yourself. For you to be going through this is a huge step in life. Not only does is make your love stronger, but it makes you stronger as a women. You should be proud of your fiance, but also proud of yourself for staying so strong.

Family & Friends

There are going to be times when you feel lonely and depressed, so make sure to stay busy and surround yourself with family and friends. During the first week he left, I felt completely alone. I stayed at home, stayed up late and slept in when normally I am a early riser. But then I started to think about him, and realized that I wasn’t being strong. If I couldn’t be strong, then how could I make him proud? So I turned everything around. I started dressing up and going to the coffee house in town to work online every morning, made plans with his family and hung out with his niece and nephews. I started to clean every day and helped my mother out while she worked 3rd shift. I also started writing him lots of letters, taking pictures to send him and looking forward to the day he returns home.

Key to Success

The key to handling him being gone is you. You are the one that determines where the relationship goes and how it will end up. If you truly do love him and want this fairy tale to have a happy ending, then stay positive and know that this isn’t the end of the world. You’re going to get through this and no matter what, no matter how long it takes, his love for you isn’t going anywhere. As long as you keep showing him that there is a love to fight for, and a love to return home to.

“A Marine veteran told me that pain is weakness leaving the body. That every day will get better, love will get stronger and to remember that even though things get tough, you are each others strength. Not only that, but you are each others home. His home sweet home. ” Thank you for reading, and I am proud of you for being strong!


Things to Consider for an Outdoor Wedding

Say “I Do” to an Outdoor Wedding?

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When you think about an outdoor wedding, lots of brides imagine birds chirping, soft winds, beautiful flowers and magnificent scenery. Yes, outdoor weddings are beautiful, but a lot of times brides don’t even consider the negatives until they realize that it’s too late to change anything.

Here’s a little guide of things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding.


Depending on the month, where you live and the weeks forecast, remember that weather is always changing! Your wedding could be planned in June when the weather is normally warm and sunny. However, mother nature could change her mind out of nowhere and make it cold and rainy. Or the day can make a 180 degree turn and be hot a muggy. Make sure to plan for a days turn of events. Consider choosing a venue where if the weather shifts, the wedding can easily be relocated indoors. And if temperatures drop during the night, remember to pack a shawl or sweater in your “Wedding Day Emergency Box.” You never know what the day will turn into, so it’s always safe to be prepared.


Another thing to consider when it comes to weather and outdoor weddings is wind. You never know how strong the wind is going to be, so when it comes to decorations and hair, make sure that everything is secure and won’t fly away or get ruined if the day is a little windy.


Mosquito’s, or as I call them, “Outdoor Demons”, are definitely unwanted on your wedding day. If you are blessed to live in a state where there are no mosquito’s, then I can honestly say that I’m jealous. My aunt lives in Colorado, and one night we decided to go to an outdoor concert in an open field. Instantly, I was on guard because I was worried about being bitten like crazy. But then she told me that there were no mosquito’s in Colorado. At first I was extremely relieved, but then over ridden with jealousy because mosquito’s ARE NOT my forte. Anyways, if you live in an area where mosquito’s are existent, then make sure to have bug spray on hand! If you want to keep a bridal feel, there are also many DIY recipes for bug repellent candles that can be used as centerpieces at your outdoor wedding.

Foot Attire

Reconsider wearing heels at your outdoor wedding. If your wedding area is outdoors on a hard surface, then that is another story. However, if you love the woodsy feel and are going all out in an open field, then maybe reconsider your shoe options. Last thing a bride needs is getting her heels stuck in the ground while walking down the aisle.

Outdoor Distractions

With summer, one thing that normally causes the most distractions is construction. There are always construction projects going on during the early spring and through out summer. So make sure to plan well and keep construction sites in mind. Because no brides wants to be in the middle of reciting vows as the sound of a truck backing up interrupts the sentiment.

An outdoor wedding can be very beautiful, but make sure that while you are planning you consider all aspects before final decisions are made. If you are going to organize your outdoor wedding in south-east England, be sure that with these Essex marquees from Cap Marquees each and every aspect of your unique day will go to plan. Good luck planning and I hope that everything turns out perfect!

What Kind Of Bride Are You?

Are You a Rebellious or Traditional Bride?

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I have always fallen victim to online quizzes. “What kind of Disney princess are you?” “We can guess your dream job.” “Whats the perfect guy for you based on your personality.” Sure, most of these quizzes are over exaggerated, but you have to admit that they are fun to play. Well ladies, if you love to participate and answer quiz questions, then this article is perfect for you! Lets mix it up a bit and play a game.

The game is simple! If you answer yes to any of the questions, then give yourself a point. The higher your points are, the closest you are to a rebellious bride. The lower your points are, the most traditional you are. Every bride has her own unique personality, so today let’s figure out what that personality is!

Colored Dress

Do you love color and want to show it in your dress? Then give yourself a point, because a colored dress is not traditional, and considered a crime in the bridal world! The irony is, back in history colored dresses used to be considered traditional. Back then, white dresses were only worn by those who couldn’t afford to wear luxurious gowns made of colored material. Common folk married in their Sunday’s best, while the rich fashioned in vibrant jewels and color. It wasn’t until 1840 when Queen Victoria wore a beautiful white dress with elegant jewelry on her wedding day, making the white dress a new trademark in fashion. Now a days, like any other fashion trend, things are coming back into style, including colored wedding dresses. However, since it is tricky situation, color still is considered nontraditional. So if your rocking the aisle in a blush dress, give yourself a point!

Boots & Sneakers

If you are looking forward to walking down the aisle in glammed up converse and cowgirl boots, then you are not traditional so give yourself a point! This rebellious act is what normally starts a feud between the mother and bride. In my situation, it’s a feud between my grandmother and I. Though she always has the best intentions in mind and loves me with all her heart, she is DEAD set that dresses don’t mix with tennis shoes. I’m with you ladies, because in my opinion I say that comfort beats style. But hopefully when the day comes when I walk down the aisle, my grandmother can settle with glitter covered converse and silk, ribbon laces.

Themed Venue

Having a themed venue is a lot of fun. But sadly, it’s not traditional. If your theme is simple like having a certain color scheme, portraying love and yadi dah, then it’s traditional. But when it mixes with animal, theme parks and holidays, then your leaning towards non traditional. If you believe that your wedding is non traditional with the theme, then give yourself a point.


Using fake flowers, ferns, succulents or strictly floral greens is considered non traditional. There’s nothing wrong with using fake flowers, especially when its going to save you a lot of money. But it has always been tradition to use real flowers. So if you are thinking outside of the box and are leaning more towards all green or fake flowers, then give yourself a point.

So how did you think you did? Are you a rebellious bride, or are you a traditional, sweet pea? I hope you had fun participating in this quiz, and hopefully more are to come soon!

Saying Yes is the Easy Part

Planning your dream wedding

Planning your dream wedding

Photo by Unknown, Public Domain (CC0 1.0)

Deciding to get married is frankly, the easy part. Staying together while planning the wedding, well, is a different cup of tea! To survive the wedding preparations as a couple, make sure you focus on what’s important. And by important, I mean what’s important to you!

The obvious decisions include setting the date and budget, finding a venue and agreeing on the guest list as well as for most brides, finding the perfect dress. Also, to ensure the event is forever documented, many spend considerable time finding the right photographer. But these are only the tip of the iceberg.

To get a rough idea of what would be useful to do when, have a look at our article titled “Perfect Planning for Wonderful Weddings.”

What are your priorities?

There are so many decisions that to make, and it is hard to know where to start. As a couple, it is critical to sit down together to identify what is a must for each of you individually and as a unit.

What type of wedding would you like? What time of the year, weekend or weekday, morning or afternoon or evening? How many in the wedding party? Color scheme? What type of food? First dance or no dance at all? What type of cake? Who does the speeches? Gift registry? Where do the guests stay? Dinner party the night before? Breakfast or lunch the day after? What local traditions should you consider? The list can seem never-ending and daunting.

Selecting the perfect wedding dress.

Selecting the perfect wedding dress.

Photo by Unknown, Public Domain (CC0 1.0)

Help is on Hand

As with almost everything in life nowadays, there is an app to help you! Pinterest is excellent for collecting and sharing ideas while others will offer help with things like managing responses, creating seating plans and keeping on top of the budgeting. Many also take the help of apps like the Honeyfund wedding registry, which allows you to request gifts, including experiences or ask for cash for the honeymoon.  

There are also plenty of websites offering you handy online tools. Some are available for free once you sign up while others cost money. Many of these sites aim for the bride, assuming she’ll be the one in charge of all the planning. However, if you ignore the pink backgrounds, there are plenty of useful ideas for everyone.

But there is only so much that the apps and websites can do to help us. Hence, wedding planners are still called upon by many couples. The wedding planners became popular after celebrities and royals revealed that they used help to plan their big days. Also, Jennifer Lopez made the role popular in the romantic movie called “The Wedding Planner” where she plays a dedicated professional bridal consultant. And while your friends may have someone they can recommend or you can find plenty of reviews online, remember that even if you are using a wedding planner, you’ll still have to make all the wedding decisions, and there are a lot of them.

Finally, don’t forget that friends and family can be excellent sources of help. Do you know a great graphic designer who can help you with wedding stationery and produce, for example, invites, menus and thank-you cards? What about a hairdresser or a tailor in the family or among your friends and neighbors? A makeup artist or florist? Anyone playing in a band? Caterers or bar staff? Know anyone with a suitable venue or an elegant getaway car? Do you know any well-behaved children who could be your flower girls or page boys? The list can go on and on. You don’t necessarily need to use them at your wedding, but they can hopefully, help you with ideas or even to manage others for you.

On the Day

After months or even over a year of planning, the wedding day finally arrives. It is time for the big “I do,” the celebrations, the guests, the party, the presents and the honeymoon. It may feel like a whirlwind and be hard to remember it all the next day — for more than one reason — but during the day, remember to find time with your beloved to stop and enjoy the event.


Best Way to Book a Sandals Honeymoon?

Sandals Grenada Honeymoon

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What is a Preferred Sandals Specialist?

Definition from Sandals Website:
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WeddingVibe Honeymoons

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Remember Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

To Those We Have Lost But Never Forgotten

We all have loved ones that we have lost over the years. Some have lost grandparents, parents, cousins and even best friends. And though losing someone you love is sad, let there memory bring happiness on your big day.

It is a blessing to see how far we have come and grown individually, but how far could we really have gotten without the words, direction and encouragement of those around us, and from those that we have lost throughout the journey. Today is a day of happiness and love, a day to celebrate the unity of family and friends. But also keep in mind that though some people are not their to celebrate with you person, they are still there in spirit and wish to see you in your happiest of moments. If you wish to honor loved ones at your wedding that have passed, then here are a few ideas to guide your in the right direction.

Table of Honor

Have a separate table with photos and writings of those that have passed and left an impression in your life. You can have this display centered in the walk way as guests enter the ceremony area or in the cocktail area where guests can pay respect and remember the loved ones of the past.

Memories Passed Down

Do you have a piece of jewelry from a family member or friend that has passed and means the world to you? Honor them and their memory by wearing their jewelry that was given to you. This not only makes them part of the wedding, but also adds meaning to the ceremony as a whole. It reminds you that you are not alone, and this loved one I’m sure would be truly honored.

Mothers and grandmothers strive to raise the beautiful, young women you will grow to become. If she has passed away, but has safely stored away her wedding dress, then why not bring cherish able memories from the past into present time? Or literally step into the shoes of those you have looked up to? Any one of these ideas will hug you with feelings love and security, of comfort and stability. Because even though that specific loved one isn’t with you in person, their spirit is still there and their memory is visible in the heirlooms you present.

Letters to Heaven

There are 2 ways of doing this that are most common. One way would be writing a little message to each member you have lost, and tying the letters to the end of balloons to be sent to heaven. Another way to get your message sent to the angels is by using a flying lantern. Write the names of your loved ones on the outside of the lantern, and attach a letter you would like them all to read together. Let your loved ones know about what an amazing day it was and how your excited to be happily married to the love of your life.

Death doesn’t mean that life is over. Because as long as a persons memory lives on, then so does the person. I wish you luck on your incredible journey, and always remember that you are never alone. Thanks for reading!

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