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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

We probably don’t need to tell you that planning a wedding is not exactly a walk in the park. And while it can be a whole lot of fun getting everything in place for your perfect day, it can also be a very stressful process. But of all the decisions you need to make and…

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Top Tips For Keeping On Top Of Your Wedding Budget


When you start to plan your wedding day, it starts to come clear that it would be easy to go over budget. You may think that you need to create a spreadsheet in order to keep on top of your spending, but, no need to panic you can still keep it under control without having…

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Make Your Big Day Bloom! What Your Favorite Flowers Say About You

Wedding Flowers

When it comes to weddings, flowers are not just something that the bride may have as part of the traditional bouquet, but they can be a key part of the day in so many ways. They can dictate the theme, provide a backdrop to the big day, and be a symbol of love and happiness.…

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The Best 7 Wedding Rings For a Long and Fruitful Marriage

There are few things in this world that are absolutely unstoppable — and love is definitely on that list. From wars to global pandemics, there’s absolutely nothing that will stop the pace of engagement and wedding seasons except the end of the world — and frankly, we’re not even sure about that. Still, if you…

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How To Style Rebellious Hair With Hairclips On Your Big Day

Your wedding could be the biggest day you’ll have in your life. It takes a lot of preparation to get the whole event perfect, down to the smallest detail. This is why a lot of people plan their weddings long before the actual date. From the venue, invitations, flowers, decorations, and even seating arrangements. But, the…

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8 Ideas For Wedding Ceremony Backdrops That Will Bring Pure Magic To Your Event

Gone are the days that you’ll see a simple piece of cloth as wedding ceremony backdrops. Today’s modern couples are elevating the wedding experience by flaunting their creativity and personalities throughout ALL of their wedding decors, starting with the ceremony backdrop.  Whether you’re saying “I Do” indoors or outdoors, a wedding ceremony backdrop simply elevates…

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Falling In Love… What It Means In Our Souls

Falling in love

Photo: Unsplash When couples manage to create a happy love life and marriage, there is no doubt that they have honestly earned it with a much more positive than negative attitude towards each other, and if spouses have formed a hostile relationship for themselves, there is no doubt that they have earned it respectfully with…

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5 Ways To Make Your Wedding For Him And Her

5 Ways To Make Your Wedding For Him And Her Perhaps most of you have had your fair share of weddings, or maybe you’ve seen a lot of wedding movies in the past. If you look through all of them, they’re all about the wedding trends that everyone already knows about. Thus, it’s inevitable that…

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3 Pieces of Advice For If You Are Marrying Someone From Abroad

Wedding Abroad

If you are engaged to be married to someone who isn’t a citizen of the US, this can make things a little more complicated. While this shouldn’t impact your loving relationship with one another, getting married means being legally bound – which, if you aren’t both from the same place originally, can cause issues of…

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4 Tips To Have A Stress-Free Wedding

Wedding Planner

A wedding is an unforgettable ceremony between you and your partner. The preparations can be filled with fun and excitement, but it can be exhausting and stressful as you have to organize a lot of things from the venue, invitations, catering, and up to the tiniest detail that may let you go through a roller…

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