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 he world is going through a very difficult time, fighting against the invisible enemy COVID-19, that's threatening to steal our lives, joy, and livelihood.  Make no mistake about it, there is a battle going on to takeout this invisible intruder before it destroys us all. As a result, we're poised to do battle by practicing social distancing, self-isolation and trying the best we can to help and encourage each other daily.  #Hello   
Couples are wondering if they should reduce their guest list to just two, or postpone their dream event until we (the world) get on the other side of this uninvited guest's fury. Well, at this time I don't have a definitive, etched in stone answer for you. Although, I can say without a doubt that if it was me, I would probably delay my wedding, or honeymoon because I would definitely want to share that spectacular event (wedding specifically) with close friends and family.  I would aspire to be the queen of the day, all dressed up in the dress of my choice,  take that first dance as a married couple, and have video coverage and lots of photos taken of loved ones enjoying that moment with us.  Yes, I would especially want to remember that life-changing moment when we looked into each other's eyes with smiles of love in total agreement that we're starting a new life journey together. 
I'm hoping you will consider getting married and or honeymooning on one of 16 'island destinations' in The Bahamas. It is a fantastic country to bring friends and family together to celebrate and have lots of fun on any of our powder white or pink sand beaches, gardens or a venue of your choice. Honeymooners, you are also going to have fun and share in lots of memorable moments together.
Stop for a moment and smell the Seabreeze  (I meant roses) and enjoy our delicious food, indulge in a few tours, dance and sip on your favorite drink (Lol!).  Just take time to relax and mentally recover. With that said, I would suggest that you thinking about getting married or honeymooning in The Bahamas. Take the time to browse through our website for ideas and make a plan while your self isolating, or send us an email if you have any questions at - Email:[email protected] or [email protected]

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