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Become the ultimate Campfire Brewmaster with the 1571°F Beer Caramelizer. Inspired by a centuries old tradition of heating cocktails with a hot poker, this incredible campfire device uses intense heat to create a completely new tasting experience.

Simply place the stainless steel rod into the center of the flames until it glows red, and dip the specially shaped gum-drop tip straight into your drink. This flash of heat ignites a reaction with the sugars in the beverage to create a smoother and richer flavor perfect for elevating the taste of your favorite dark beers, ales, ciders, and more.

The rod itself is made from food-grade stainless steel that's not only durable and weather resistant, but easy to clean. Long enough to help you keep your distance from the flame, it's finished with a branded tap handle that can be screwed off and easily replaced with a tap handle from your personal favorite beer brand.

And it's not just limited to beer either! Try it with a range of different drinks, including your favorite cocktail, hot chocolate, or apple cider. There's truly no end to the creative concoctions and unique flavors you can create.

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