Lake house with outdoor wedding ceremony/reception venue

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Lake Ontario Beach House

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Lake Ontario Beach House is one of the most famous houses on Lake Ontario for rent since 1996. We have had over 120+ guests to date, and the house is continually improved. View the beautiful lake with peace surrounded by your loved ones on your special day!

We provide:

[1] a full kitchen, wide living room

[2] Three sumptuous bedrooms with two baths

[3] Computer desk with Wi-Fi Internet and excellent entertainment center where you could play your iPod music.

Other equipment & utilities such as...

[1] Automatic Generator in case of power loss; [2] un-ending hot water; [3] new sewer system; [4] phone;

[5] efficient house heating system and the air conditioning effect from the lake for year-round comfort!

The best part is that the Cool Deep Lake provides an Air Conditioning effect that few houses in the US could match for outdoor comfort. 

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Expires: 06/30/2021

Lake Ontario Beach House

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