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The Groom's tuxedo rental is FREE for any wedding party with 4 additional paying individuals. Up to a $169 value!

What's Included:

  • Tuxedo or Suit Jacket (70+ Styles Available)
  • Tuxedo or Suit Pants (30+ Styles Available)
  • A Formal Dress Shirt (20+ Styles Available)
  • Vest or Cummerbund (400+ Styles Available)
  • Choice of Neckwear (1,500+ Styles Available)
  • Shirt Studs & Cufflinks (4 Styles Available)
  • Travel Garment Bag for Storage & Transport
  • Free Shipping Both Ways
  • Guaranteed Fit & Free Exchanges

How It Works:

  1. Register Your Wedding / Group (It's Free)
  2. Add Yourself & 4 Other Group Members
  3. Wait For Your Group Members To Pay
  4. Get Your Free Tuxedo Code & Checkout

Getting Your Free Tuxedo Code:

Your Free Tuxedo code will be instantly and automatically generated by our Wedding Group Manager system as soon as 4 members from your group have paid for their rentals. Alternatively you could pay for their rentals on their behalf, and still get the Free Tuxedo code for yourself.

Lock-In $40-OFF Pricing For Your Group Members!

When you register your wedding/group account, you'll lock in our current $40-OFF promotion forever! You'll guarantee that everyone in your group gets an amazing discount as well! You won't find a better price on a high-quality tuxedo rental!

The Free Tuxedo Deal Won't Expire

We are required to put an expiration date here - but this deal will not expire. You may safely ignore the expiration date below.

Expires: 02/19/2023

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