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If you are planning your 2020/2021 wedding, check out The Perfect Pic Photo Booth. We are the best, most professional photo booth in the area (our past clients believe so anyway)! Beyond the awesome, professional DSLR or Surface Pro with premium webcam pictures, lighting and printing, we have several other ways we up the photo booth bar.
1. We are a "real" business, EIN number, we pay business tax and sales tax. What does this mean for you? We take what we do seriously! This isn't just quick cash on the side. We are in this for the long haul, making you happy is in our own best interests.
2. We have insurance. This doesn't seem like a big thing at first but many venues will not allow an uninsured vendor to perform services on their property. This also protects you and your guests should something unforeseen happen.
3. Extremely professional but still fun event attendant(s). Our attendant(s) will never swear, make an off color joke, drink alcohol (unless we’re persuaded, haha), or smoke/smell of cigarette smoke at your event. We also don't just set the booth up and then disappear. You get friendly, classy, clean, attentive and professional service for the entirety of your event.
4. Premium props! Check out the pictures below. Unless you request no props, that is the quality of the selection we bring. Props are replaced continuously as they wear so you always have an amazing selection of great quality props.
5. Reviews!!! Go to our page and see how happy we have made other brides and clients. You don't have to gamble and hope it works out well. We are a sure thing.
6. Customization and variety! Look at the various backgrounds and templates shown below. Your day is about you, your pictures are part of that too! Every event gets a creative process so we deliver a custom look. We have thousands of options to choose from. You pick your colors, enhancements, template frame ideas.
7. Premium options! GIFs, custom props and backdrops and more!

There are so many reasons to choose The a Perfect Pic Photo Booth Selfie Station! Yes....some may be cheaper...but none will be better! (There's a reason you aren't serving fast food $1 burgers at your wedding! These are memories that you and your guests will look at forever!!!)

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